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Bulb-Magazine is an inspirational blog, willing to help readers through tough times. Bulb-Magazine isn’t another run of the Mills' blog, which would feel in tune with already existing dullness. Our blog would bristle its way through reader’s mundane lives. Readers can piggyback on our content to offer a great start to their day. You would feel spirited even on the cruelly mundane days. We are selective about our content to make Bulb Magazine, a gem of a motivational blog. We rely on the simple things to be effective with mind magic – will power, reception, and active mind.

What would we be doing?

We intend to let our visitors have a surreal experience here. Visitors would see motivational items like quotes, articles, and videos shared here. Gaining on productivity and positivity is a real prospect. The mind has the arsenal of tools, to help combat any situations. The pieces we share here would fine tune it to pull it off in style. In the internet realm, blogs simulate the newspaper reading experience, along with sipping tea. Bulb Magazine is such a prudent option, for mobile and desktop internet users. Brace yourselves for some illustrious positivity blog experience for years to come.

Inspirational blog Problems we target... In this era of competition infested industries, the primacy of staying positive deserves due diligence. Cut throat competition in most sectors today has its pros and cons. Competitive markets make people strive to give their best. Nevertheless, a healthy mind is essential to take advantage of such points. The importance of a strong will to solve day to day problems cannot be deemphasized. It makes us ponder what stops people from consistently staying positive? We have a few factors listed here:
  • Stress
  • Cynicism
  • Mundane life
  • Negative peers
  • Environmental factors
  • Lacking self-confidence
  • And much more...
These factors act as a deterrent to positivity in both work and personal life. It’s no secret why there is a surge in the number of psychiatrists, couples counselors, etc…

Which overlooked qualities shape you into being positive?

Our positivity blog is obliged to introduce you to some overlooked qualities that form people into being positive. Vaunted qualities like vision, intelligence and action are only secondary to unsung qualities we mentioned below. We are just discussing some of the overlooked ones, constructively suggest more qualities or vent your heated anger in comments. Positivity blog
  • Gratitude: Showing appreciation towards others, helps gain a statuesque image for you. It would be remiss of anyone to not work on their gratitude.
  • Compassion: It would be outright foolhardy to pursue positive mindset without showing compassion. The oldest rule in the book is to treat others, the way you treat yourself.
  • Resilience: Showing resilience in the face of bedlams makes good people great. Resilience turns problems that are staring right at you, into bated issues.
We look forward to your suggestions in every stage of this blog’s progress. The posts in first few weeks would be a harbinger of awesomeness, which you can expect in the long run. We promise to show due diligence to your constructive criticism.

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The Complete Guide to SEO and How It Affects Your Plumbing Company

Introduction: Why Your Plumbing Company Needs SEO

More and more plumbing companies are turning to SEO as a way to market their business. The plumbing industry is one of the most competitive industries, so it’s important to have SEO for your plumbing company.

The plumbing industry is one of the most competitive industries. One way to stand out is to invest in search engine optimization. This will help your business reach more customers and generate more revenue. Here are some tips to help you get started:

SEO is the process of optimizing websites so that they rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) for specific keywords. This is done by making sure that the site contains content that relates to those keywords, links back to other sites with relevant content, and that there are no technical issues on the site.

5 Ways You Can Improve Your Local SEO

The internet is a global marketplace that requires localized content to be successful. If you are in the plumbing industry, for example, you can improve your local SEO by making sure that your website is optimized for search engines in the country where you are operating.


  1. Optimize your website for search engines in the country where you are operating.
  2. Create a localized content marketing strategy.
  3. Create targeted landing pages by geo-targeting them to a specific location.
  4. Add location data to your business listings on Google My Business and other directories.
  5. Utilize social media to target specific countries with localized posts and ads

How to Write Content That Will Rank on the First Page of Google

In this article, we will explore the best practices for writing content that ranks on the first page of Google.

In order to rank on the first page of Google, you need to make sure that your content is relevant and of high quality. The more quality content you have, the higher you will rank. You also need to make sure that your keywords are in a natural way throughout your post.

Google is a search engine that ranks sites based on their relevance and quality. If you want to rank well, your content needs to be relevant and high quality. You can find out how Google ranks pages by reading this article!

Why Customizing Your Website For Mobile Users is So Important?

Mobile users are the fastest-growing segment of internet users. They are also the most demanding segment. Mobile-friendly websites are more than just a trend, they’re an absolute necessity for any business that wants to stay competitive.

Mobile devices have become an integral part of our lives and it’s not surprising that people would like to browse the web on them as well. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you can be sure that your customers will leave your site and look elsewhere for what they need.


How to Buy on Amazon Without Having Cash or Credit Cards

Introduction: Cashless Society and the Impact on the Economy

Many people are calling for an end to cash as a means of payment. They argue that the society should go cashless, like Sweden. Sweden has been hailed as an example of how to successfully move society towards a cashless economy. There are many arguments suggesting that the government should look into this matter and see if this is something they want for their country.

One argument is that, “cash-free societies will be more efficient and there will be less crime because cash can facilitate illegal activities, such as tax evasion or money laundering.” Another argument suggests that “cash-free societies will make life easier for the elderly who have trouble using credit cards or carrying around wallets full of credit cards”.

How to Buy from Amazon Without a Credit Card

Unlike most online retailers, Amazon does not require a credit card to purchase items.

Amazon offers many different ways for customers to pay for their purchases, including:

1) A debit card, issued by a bank like Bank of America or Wells Fargo.

2) An ATM card.

3) A prepaid card from the store; such as those found at Walmart and Target.

4) A gift card from the store; such as those found at Walmart and Target.

5) Pay with cash: All of Amazon’s retail locations accept cash as a form of payment. Or, purchase an Amazon gift certificate at your local grocery store; such as those found at Safeway and Albertsons.

Why Do People Prefer to Use Installment Plans for Purchases?

Installment plans make it possible for people to buy what they want and not worry about the money. They don’t have to save up for months just so they can purchase something that they need. Installment plans are a great way for people who don’t have a lot of money to get what they need at their own pace.


Installment plans allow people to buy items that are on their wish list without putting their financial future into jeopardy. Installment plans were designed with the intention of helping customers meet their goals by providing them with financial flexibility and convenience.

Installment plans give you more time and you can purchase the items while paying less than cash value on your monthly payment plan. You can also skip payments if needed without penalties or fees, while still being able to pay, Click here to know more.

The way we buy things is changing. With so many ways to buy online and in store, it can be hard to know what’s best for you. These installment plans give you more time and you can purchase items while paying less than cash value on your monthly payment plan. You can also skip payments if needed without penalties or fees, while still paying off the total cost of the product.

Summary – How to Buy from Amazon Without a Credit Card and Why It’s Great for You

Amazon is one of the most popular online retailers in the world. It has made it easier for people to buy what they want without having to worry about carrying cash or having a credit card on them at all times.

People who don’t have a credit card should not worry, because Amazon also offers alternative payment options. Amazon offers gift cards which are available in different amounts, so users can choose an option that will suit their needs best. Another option is to use Amazon’s Prime service, which allows users to pay with a bank account or debit card.

Amazon Prime memberships are the perfect gift for every type of music, video and book lover. With subscriptions to Amazon Prime Video, Prime Music, Kindle Unlimited and Audible Channels, you can explore award-winning movies and TV shows with Prime Video, take your pick of millions of songs with Prime Music or read any book in any genre on Kindle Unlimited.

Signs That Your Moral Values Are Declining

Moral values are the teachings that we get throughout our life but initially, we were taught these values by the elders who wanted us to grow in a good environment and make peace with everything around us. Moral values teach us to live our life with an ethical mindset and become better people every day. Moral values are there in every human but you need to look within yourself and try to bring them out yourself. Nobody will do this for you but surely they will motivate you to do so. These values bring appreciation and respect for humans.

Now at some point in life, you may see that your moral values are declining and you are getting negative about things. You get negative thoughts, and you talk in a manner that people get negative vibes from you which is never good for any person. Nobody wishes to have negativity around them and if you are bringing those negative vibes in someone’s life, they may restrict you or keep you away even though you knew each other for a very long time. 

Read the 10 lines short stories with moral values in them to develop positive thinking about life or do something that brings happiness in your life and remove the negativity. If you do so, slowly your mindset will start changing and you will get a positive attitude towards life. However, if you can’t really identify if your thoughts and attitude are positive or negative, you must look into the following signs that depict that your moral values are declining.


Bored To Easily

Everyone is working or doing something on a daily basis and you can find out that your moral values are declining when you lose interest in your daily activities very soon. Like if you are a regular employee who has been working for many years a starts losing interest in your favorite jobs is an indication that your moral values are declining and suppose you are a sports player who has been practicing a spot for years and suddenly you start losing interest in your game indicates that your moral values are declining. It means that you are getting bored too easily even if you are doing the things that you liked the most at a certain point in life.


When you feel exhausted after doing a simple task and do not feel like doing anything even after doing nothing but cleaning your own mess, it simply means that you are getting low on moral values. It is acceptable if you do exertion and then you get tired or exhausted after that but if you have done a little or nothing and you still feel exhausted then it is a clear indication that you are now productive and your values are declining. Make a good distraction after working for some time to cheer up your mood and then start working again.

Prefers Isolation

If you do not find yourself comfortable in a group of people and talking to them but prefer to stay alone and disconnected from the people then there are chances you are getting low on moral values. When you are alone and disconnected from people you are more likely to develop negative thoughts and those negative thoughts will only bring negative results in your life. So, it’s better that you keep yourself engaged with the people and talk to people, share your thoughts and see where you are going wrong to make it right.

Safest Hoverboards For Kids In 2021

The kids of the recent generation are more fond of technology rather than anything else and that is why no it has become a really difficult task for the parents to choose the best gift for their children. The younger generation has a more keen interest towards technology-based playing items like the mobile phones, playstations and like people from the previous generation loves to go out to play something physically or even went out for cycling, the current generation is more fond of hoverboards and other automatic stuff.

If you are thinking of buying your child a gift that would be appreciated by your child, then you can consider buying a hoverboard for your child. You can buy them online from websites or you can buy them physically by visiting stores near you. But just like our children, we like to use technology as well and order things more online rather than trying the traditional ways. So, here we present to you the Safest hoverboards that you can buy for your child online. 


Tomoloo Music-Rhythmed Hoverboard

If you are giving the first-ever hoverabord to your child then buying the Tomoloo hoverboard could be the best for your child in many aspects. The hoverboard is made of durable material and it has beautiful color-changing LED lights with 5b watt speakers. You can easily glide over rough surfaces and thanks to its powerful motor and race-level tires. The outside of the overboard is water-resistant and the battery has a range of 7.4 miles. Self-balancing technology even makes it better to ride comfortably without getting injured.

Sisigad Hoverboard Self-Balancing Scooter

The Sisigad Hoverboard is a very good option for girls as well and newbies who are trying it for the very first time. Thanks to its self-balancing technology, in most of the reviews we never heard any injuries due to the rider falling down. The hoverboard looks attractive with a metabolic finish, it has small but powerful and is capable of loading a person with 200 pounds. The hoverboard has a Bluetooth connectivity option, LED lights, and good overall suspension and tires to make it comfortable for the rider.

Gyroor Warrior Off-Road Hoverboard

The Gyroor Warrior hoverboard is well suited for any kind of surface, thanks to its big 8.5 inches tires that can glide over grass, roads, wet grounds, and rough turf very easily. The Hoverboard is powered by a 700-watt motor which makes it quite powerful to handle any terrain. The sturdy design aids to the durability of the hoverboard and it is approved by UL and ABS to sustain any condition and yet keep the rider safe from falling down. The built-in speakers and LED light provides a more fancy look but due to its large motorist creates noise while starting. Also as people use it off roads, the battery performance may reduce at that time. 

Lieagle Self-Balancing Scooter Hoverboard

The Lieagle hoverboard is the safest hoverboard on the list due to many factors. Teens, more than 13 years of age can also ride it very easily in any terrain. The motor is powerful enough to drag you in sand, grass, beaches, and wet ground. The self-balancing technology combined with the UL 2272 certification makes it safe from injuries and catching fire. There are 6.5 inches broad tires and lots of LED light to make it more appealing. However, you may face quick battery discharge issues.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of CGPA/Grading System

Many countries use the grading system to evaluate the students based on several factors as it is accurate and focuses on many other aspects of the growth of the student as a whole and students on the other hand are less stressed about getting low marks. However there are many countries like India where the grading system is not very prevalent but many institutes, colleges, and schools have opted for it recently after looking at its efficiency.

Some time back the central board of secondary education which is the biggest body in India of student education introduced the CGPA pattern to the schools to focus more on the student as a whole rather than just looking at the academics or test results. But after some time the board examinations were restored like before for the 10th and 12the standards. But many colleges and institutes are still practicing this pattern and this is why it becomes important to convert CGPA to Marks and have a clearer picture of the percentage obtained by the student.

Like everything, there are certain advantages and certain advantages of practicing the CGPA or the grading system and here we are mentioning some very important pros and cons of this system.



It eases the heat off the understudies at each level 

Effectively the understudies are under a great deal of pressing factors to put forth a valiant effort as indicated by his or their capacity. As a rule, the degree system doesn’t zero in on the understudies’ genuine scores in an authority way along these lines, in this manner, every single understudy isn’t isolated on the basis of their imprints. 

Learning becomes fun 

The principle detriment of the rate strategy is that a large number of the understudies are isolated from the normal and less than ideal understudies yet it prompts extreme pressing factors among every single person who is contending with one another. The discovery that should be a great task, will stay a pleasant task in light of the CGPA system. 

Each aspect gets measured 

The CGPA system has had the option to present measuring the information on the understudies based on the task’s inner assignments and their answering capacity in class. This implies that the understudies are being made a decision just on the basis of their hypothetical information yet additionally on the basis of their general presentation. 

Examining the qualities and weaknesses 

This system gives the understudies a thought regarding their weaknesses and qualities as opposed to causing them to feel better second rate than different understudies. Knowing around which subject their weak spots are, the understudies can easily settle on what parts they should zero in on. The CGPA assists them with understanding the complete grades so they can know their strength and pick as needs be.


A decrease in the contest 

With the CGPA system, the understudies’ fundamental center begins at accomplishing the base grades. Sp they feel there is no contest to be the awesome something which may decrease the nature of learning. 


In the degree system, the understudy getting A has a score between 90 to 100%. Presently the understudy who has acquired 99 will be delivered equivalent to the person who has gotten 90 which is a piece demotivating. 

Exactness in execution 

The degree system has not had the option to show the exact checking of an individual and we can just pass judgment on the understudies on the basis of the grades that they have accomplished rather than the precise capacity.…

Technology That Can Change Our Future Drastically

Technological advancements are happening everywhere in this world and every new technology that is coming to the market is made to provide more comfort, convenience, and fun to humans. Some countries like the US, Japan, and China are already ahead in the race of developing something more futuristic and worthy for their people and they are providing every country with those techs to improve their standard of living as well. 

But buying technology is not possible for every country and this is why every country should work with their resources to develop something new and purposeful for their people. However, there are certain technologies that can shape a better future for everyone on this planet and bring more convenience for the people living everywhere. To know more about tech and its uses you can visit Next Gen Hero and see the new technologies and their uses. Here are some great technologies that can be beneficial for mankind.


Space Tourism

Some rapid innovations are being made in the development of space tourism and some big companies like SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, etc, are working toward making space vehicles that can bring this thing into reality. Space tourism is a great way of understanding and exploring new opportunities which will definitely help our future generation to learn more things with a mature mindset. Although going to space is much easier today as compared to the previous times, still not everyone has the authority to travel and explore this unexplored universe.

Drone Technology

Drone technology is already in use nowadays and they are used by many people to shoot videos and take high-altitude shots but however, proper usage of this technology is not yet seen in the world that can help mankind to make everything easy. Drone technology is said to be used in taking views of inaccessible places like the underground mines. Drones can climb and reach those places, scan those places, and create a 3d map about the place to make things quick and easy for people. Drones are even used to deliver food easily with less time.


Nanobots are a kind of robot that is designed to do a particular work or task. Nanobots are going to be a reality soon and they will be very beneficial in the medicine and drugs department. These nanobots will be designed to get inside the human body and diagnose the disease in an early stage to help people recover from that disease. The development of Nanobots inside the body will impact the treatment of cancer which is indeed one of the deadliest diseases in the current world. These bots will move freely inside the body and detect the cancer cell and help you to cure the disease.   

Autonomous Things

Autonomous things or automatic things are becoming common and getting more hype every day. The future is dependent on these automatic things and the new generation would be the one to enjoy life without much load on themselves. AI technology is already here and with the advancement of this technology, companies can automate their work at a faster speed and there would be fewer chances of mistakes. And moreover, they are going to be more environmentally friendly and less manpower would be needed to do any sort of work. Some great examples of automated things could be UAVs, Robots, and Self-driving vehicles.…

My College Memories

My College Memories

As a grown up when I look back into my life to try and find out the most happy moments of my life, flashes of my school life, high school life, and college life comes to my mind. This happens not upstairs in my case but in most people’s case. Each of these phases of life has its own significance, but among them college life is the best. This is the period that almost every individual enjoys the  most. It is full of joy, excitement, anxiety, stress, and all sorts of thrill.

My college life started with a boom. I was a teenager full of enthusiasm and excitement. I wanted to make new friends, enjoy the hostel life far from home and above all build up my career option. The first day of my college was full of nervousness and anxiety. Being from a small town, I was a bit scared of my seniors and teachers. But as a few days passed, I came out of my fears and started to make new friends and adjusted very well with the college environment. 

The first year of college was very exciting as I started to feel free from any rules that were bound to me during school days. There was no specific dress code and we were allowed to wear any type of dress for college, this made me even more excited. I could bunk classes and go to malls or watch a movie with friends. The college campus was beautiful and plenty of options were available to enjoy my time. So everything was going really well. 

In my second year of college, I realised that it was time to focus on my studies and choose a career. It was the period when I shifted my mind from enjoy mode to study mode. I started to attend lectures regularly and wasted less time on unnecessary things. But there was always leisure time to enjoy with friends. Because my friends won’t let me alone. In fact, college is the time when we build friendships for a lifetime. So, there was always time to spend with friends no matter how busy I was in studies.

Finally there was my graduation day. I passed the exams in flying colours and was ready to get my graduation certificate along with my friends on the graduation day. This day is a special day for every college student as it’s memory remains for the rest of their lives. You are happy to be a graduate but also sad that it is your last day in college.


To keep memories of that special day, I clicked photos of everyone who passed out with me. I also took group photos of my friends with our professors. But later, I realised that a funny mistake had happened to me. I took group photos of everyone except myself.

However, I have rectified my mistake and inserted face into graduation picture. I found a tool on the Internet that solved my problem. Using this tool anyone can insert face into graduation picture. There are simple instructions that you have to follow to upload your photo and edit it as per your needs, and simply insert it into the picture by a double click on the mouse.

Brief Guide To The Golf Clash Boss Game

Golf Clash Boss is an extremely simple yet challenging game and that is why people keep coming back to this game after uninstalling the game due to their hard luck in this game. The game is very simple and only two people compete witty each other in a 1 vs 1 match online and the winner of the match gets chests and coins in return that help them in getting more upgrades like the golf stick, balls, and other basic and advanced things in the game. 

golf clash guide

Coins are also used in the tours to enter and compete against the other players and once you are out of coins you have to wait for the free coins to resume your tour matches. Golf clash tournament happen every week and for that you again need coins but in return, if you win the tournament you will be rewarded with more coins and chests that can bring gems, coins, and other upgrades for you.

Some people even use coin generators and other bot hacks to hack into the game servers and get whatever they need to upgrade their character. If you want to cheat in this game, you can use the ethical ways to cheat the game servers besides using such game hacks and generator tools. You might end up getting banned from the game servers if you are caught cheating through these third-party applications for websites. 

The game has different tours and different levels just like any other game, the golf clash game has five tiers which are; Beginner, Rookie, Professional, Expert, and Master. Each tier is further subdivided into three tiers and the player has to compete in all the tiers to move further. The good news is you only compete with the people who come in your tier only and no other player from your upper tier is placed with you for a match. 

The other major things which are the currency of the game include coins, gold, and gems. You can get all these currencies by winning your games and by other free in-game tricks. The game coins are very important for you as you have to use them for paying your matches in each tour. The coins can be obtained from free ads and you can get the free coins from the daily chests as well. Apart from that, the friends that you make in this game helps you in getting more coins every day. 

Some other terms like the clubs, balls, tournaments, and other game essentials are another important aspect of the game. The golf clubs and balls need to be upgraded every now and then to increase your winning chances against the players who are competing with you worldwide and you never know what sort of club or ball they have got with them. You need to enter tournaments to get a push in your tier and move further with more coins, gems, and gold to your account.

There are some in-game techniques like the overlaying technique and sandbagging techniques that many players use in the game against the weaker players and you should know about those techniques as well so that you can make a counter for that. Some people even use bots in the game to shoot and play the game to get more accuracy in their shots. Make use of all the benefits that the game gives you like the bankroll trick and the 3- stake tip to avoid spending too much money and gems on things.

The Best Cloth Fabrics You Can Wear In Summers

As you all must know that there are many different kinds of fabrics in the world. You may have clothes made out of common fabrics but you may not know about the kind of fabric that you have in your closet. There are two kinds of fabrics; the first one is the natural fabric which is grown naturally and has no the addition of chemicals while they are manufactured, the other one is man-made or artificial fabric which is made by utilizing the natural fabric and some solutions or chemicals. Both the fabrics are very common and now more man-made fabrics are in the market as they are cheaper and give you a luxury feel at a low price as compared to natural fibers. If you live in a country where the temperature stays on the mid to high side mostly, you need clothes that are breathable, cheap, easy to wash, and dry. To know about such cloth fabrics you can keep on reading the article below.



Cotton clothes are the most preferred clothes during summers and everyone loves wearing cotton because it is comfortable, it feels soft on the skin, it keeps you cool, it is breathable, and it does not absorb much heat. Cotton fabric is also a natural fabric and natural colors could be found very easily in cotton making it more environment friendly. Cotton clothes are also not very costly as compared to natural fiber silk which is very costly. 


Rayon is a half artificial and half natural fiber as it is made out of cellulose of the tree and then some chemicals are added with the cellulose to make the rayon fabric. Some people are confused between viscose and rayon and they are still unable to find the viscose vs rayon difference. The rayon fabric is made out of tree pulp and other substances whereas when it goes through the viscose process then the viscose fabric is formed. In brief, viscose is a kind of rayon fiber.


Linen fabric is another very good fabric for summertime and it is very common in areas with high humidity. Linen is a very breathable fabric and it is made out of natural sources. Lines are also very famous due to their evaporation quality, if you are sweaty or wet, you may not even notice when the water from your linen fabric evaporated. This happens as linen allows good airflow in the cloth and the water from the cloth evaporates very quickly. 


A lesser-known reality regarding chambray is that it truly is cotton, thus, shrinkage is not possible. For the individuals who can’t abandon their pants regardless of the weather, chambray makes an astounding option in contrast to traditional denim and is light enough that it tends to be utilized for summer clothing. It is incredible for shirt dresses and will permit you to add a tad of assortment to your late spring closet.


Jersey is an exceptional fabric and is one of the best fabrics for summer clothing. Regularly mixed with cotton to make a rough yet lightweight material, the shirt is an astounding decision for summer clothing as it won’t weigh the wearer down and is likewise very adaptable. This implies it very well may be worked into most plans in addition to offering amazing degrees of solace. The design of the material permits air to stream in and out; ideal in sweltering weather. Delicate, stretchy, and dampness wicking, all individuals utilize this stunning fabric in summers.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Following Ketogenic Diet

A Ketogenic diet is very helpful in curing many health problems and one of the major benefits of following a ketogenic diet is weight loss or fat loss. Gaining weight is now very common among people and the keto diet helps those people in getting rid of that fat layer from your body. There are many ketogenic diet boosting supplements and pills on the market that can make it easier for you to achieve this goal in less time. To get ultra fast keto results, you can add them to your diet.

Even if you are not comfortable using those supplements of pills, you can use the strict keto diet to get the results. As everything has its own perks and some limitations, this diet also has some drawbacks as well, if you are following it on a daily basis and for a long time period. To know more about the pros and cons of the ketogenic diet, you can take a look below.


Major Perks Of This Diet

  • Weight loss or fat loss is the major perk of this diet without any doubt. You can drop down your fat percentage easily by following this diet. There are many supplements that you can add to speed up the entire ketosis process but the normal diet can also do wonders if you are following it strictly with regular workout sessions every day.
  • A Keto diet can help you in fighting and overcoming many body diseases like some cancers, dementia, bipolar disorders, and many more diseases. They are usually helpful at the recovering stages but the diet can also help you in curing the disease if you are in a very early stage.
  • Who said you cannot gain muscle while you are following a ketogenic diet? The Keto diet is used for fat loss most of the time but if you increase your protein intake and fat consumption as well, you will get more good calories which will help you in gaining lean muscle mass while you will be on a leaner side.
  • You are allowing your body to get more good calories as you can see that your brain, muscles, nervous system, and tissues are majorly composed of fats and that is why it is important to get more fats from the diet so that they can function at their best at all times.

Major Limitations Of This Diet

  • When you are on a keto diet, your body uses fats to make energy for intense training which is less than the energy derived from the consumption of carbs. Athletes most of the time consume carbs before going for intense sessions to bring out the maximum potential from their body. If you are on a keto diet, you won’t be able to bring out your full potential.
  • People who are thinking that eating sugar is bad for your body then let me tell you just like any other nutrient, your body needs sugar in the bloodstream so that it can have the required amount of glucose levels throughout the day. If you have low glucose levels, you might faint during any intense sessions and you will not be able to focus properly on your work.
  • Foods that you consume in the keto diet are majorly fats, and during the consumption of more fats many people surpass the limit of saturated fats in their diet and end up spiking their cholesterol levels and risking their heart.