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Bulb-Magazine is an inspirational blog, willing to help readers through tough times. Bulb-Magazine isn’t another run of the Mills' blog, which would feel in tune with already existing dullness. Our blog would bristle its way through reader’s mundane lives. Readers can piggyback on our content to offer a great start to their day. You would feel spirited even on the cruelly mundane days. We are selective about our content to make Bulb Magazine, a gem of a motivational blog. We rely on the simple things to be effective with mind magic – will power, reception, and active mind.

What would we be doing?

We intend to let our visitors have a surreal experience here. Visitors would see motivational items like quotes, articles, and videos shared here. Gaining on productivity and positivity is a real prospect. The mind has the arsenal of tools, to help combat any situations. The pieces we share here would fine tune it to pull it off in style. In the internet realm, blogs simulate the newspaper reading experience, along with sipping tea. Bulb Magazine is such a prudent option, for mobile and desktop internet users. Brace yourselves for some illustrious positivity blog experience for years to come.

Inspirational blog Problems we target... In this era of competition infested industries, the primacy of staying positive deserves due diligence. Cut throat competition in most sectors today has its pros and cons. Competitive markets make people strive to give their best. Nevertheless, a healthy mind is essential to take advantage of such points. The importance of a strong will to solve day to day problems cannot be deemphasized. It makes us ponder what stops people from consistently staying positive? We have a few factors listed here:
  • Stress
  • Cynicism
  • Mundane life
  • Negative peers
  • Environmental factors
  • Lacking self-confidence
  • And much more...
These factors act as a deterrent to positivity in both work and personal life. It’s no secret why there is a surge in the number of psychiatrists, couples counselors, etc…

Which overlooked qualities shape you into being positive?

Our positivity blog is obliged to introduce you to some overlooked qualities that form people into being positive. Vaunted qualities like vision, intelligence and action are only secondary to unsung qualities we mentioned below. We are just discussing some of the overlooked ones, constructively suggest more qualities or vent your heated anger in comments. Positivity blog
  • Gratitude: Showing appreciation towards others, helps gain a statuesque image for you. It would be remiss of anyone to not work on their gratitude.
  • Compassion: It would be outright foolhardy to pursue positive mindset without showing compassion. The oldest rule in the book is to treat others, the way you treat yourself.
  • Resilience: Showing resilience in the face of bedlams makes good people great. Resilience turns problems that are staring right at you, into bated issues.
We look forward to your suggestions in every stage of this blog’s progress. The posts in first few weeks would be a harbinger of awesomeness, which you can expect in the long run. We promise to show due diligence to your constructive criticism.

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How I Managed To Get A Perfect Air Compressor

How I Managed To Get A Perfect Air Compressor

I was looking for an air compressor for a very long time just for my house usage and to use it sometimes in my garage for small tasks. Going around and watching so many brands sta the same time got me confused and I was not able to make up my mind. I was really keen to buy an established brand just like Husky which is the in the market for a very long period and doing well since starting.

husky 6

Just like Husky, I even looked for more brands like Dewalt, California Air Tools, Campbell and Kobalt and getting so many choices really puzzled my mind. I had to choose one but how? I searched the internet and looked for some big brand reviews online on various sites but still there was a lot of chaos as I have to search individually for every single brand rather than comparing it upon the same platform with reviews, advantages, disadvantages and customers ratings but suddenly while I was searching for husky air compressor reviews I saw a website which has the review of almost all the best models from husky with proper ratings and reviews of every model.

As a fan of Husky brand for a long time, I was happy that my search has come to an end and I can decide easily which compressor will fulfill my need. Moreover, there were many other bards reviews in the same manner and I was able to make a choice quite comfortably within some time after reading the detailed information about all devices. You can also read out the review of all the best air compressors from husky at and make your decision wisely.

Here you will get the complete review of all best brands with ratings on the basis of their performance, their durability, their worthiness, and their price. You will see in the review that many devices are listed with their advantages and their disadvantages and after reading them you will get an idea about what is special in that particular device and what can be issues you will face in the future.

That’s how I managed to purchase a brand new air compressor from my residential purpose that fits my budget and worked fine according to its capacity. Reading the reviews before buying any product gives you an idea whether it is going to last in your working scenario or not. So, if you are purchasing an air compressor online or offline I would suggest you go online and search for some reviews online on amazon, eBay or on other websites providing information on different models.

Review all the competitors, review what are they offering what are the special things or additional features offered from brands and most importantly what are they charging you for the product, do not get attracted towards their lucrative offers and stick to your basic needs that needs to be fulfilled from the device. For attracting customers every brand may offer some offers but if you are getting the right compressor as a considerably lower price than other and dif it is fulfilling your needs go for it without wasting any time on looking for some offers. Reviews price, features, durability, performance, and functionality that’s it.

How To Spoof In Pokemon Go Without  Rooting Your Device

How To Spoof In Pokemon Go Without Rooting Your Device

Ever since Pokemon GO was first published on Android, we’ve been covering various methods and techniques in order to help you cheat in Pokemon, spot it and capture Pokemon from almost the entire world, while you just sit on the sofa. Spoofing in Pokemon go is not at all a tough task but you need to know some basic things to use this Pokemon Go Hack.

  • If you are continuously jumping from one location to another you can be soft banned from the Pokemon go for some time.
  • Some devices do not require rooting and they can perform the hacking process as mentioned without rooting.
  • Some devices like the latest Samsung devices with the latest security patch may not work with this hack.
  • Rooting your device may result in loss of the warranty of your newly purchased device.

You might be keen to know how this method works for those of you who want to hack your Android devices. The technique we use here is, therefore, to downgrade Google Play Services to the particular version on your Android device, which allows you to use a fake location app using developer options without the Pokemon GO realizing that you have a location spot by using an application.


Follow these steps below and hack the pokemon go within minutes. Read carefully!!

Step 1: For the particular model of your Android phone, you can download an outdated version of Google Play Services. The suggested version here is 12.6.85 or older to be able to spoof without root. A list of versions will be displayed, and each version has a number set in the brackets. You have to find a version with the number already in place on your phone that suits the latest Google Play Services version.

Step 2: The location hacking application of your choice is downloaded and activated. There are a limited number of location hacking applications that currently allow you to target your Pokemon GO location without root permission. Some of the applications are FGL Pro, Fake GPS GO location spoofer and GPS joystick.

Step 3: You will need to disable Find My Device on your Android mobile device, as you can not uninstall or change Google Play Services if this function is allowed. Go to security or simply search in the search bar “Device Administrators”, click on this option and disable the “Find My Device” option.

Step 4: This move guides you through uninstalling your updates on Google Play Services and reverting them back to their default factory edition. This is also an easy task, go to settings, click on apps section, so to system apps and look for google play services, tap on it and uninstall all the updates.

Step 5: Install the version of Google Play services you have downloaded and from developer option choose the mock location application.

Step 6: Open the Mock Location App and insert the coordinates or search of some location and after that open Pokemon Go and start playing from the new location.

This trick is working on many devices and most importantly it is working without rooting the device so you can also use this simple trick to fake the location in your Pokemon go game and enjoy catching pokemons from different regions.

The Truth About Rural India

The Truth About Rural India

Howdy, dear reader! Hope you’re doing good. This article is the best resource you’ll find on the internet covering life in rural India. Here, you are going to find a lot of insights into the lifestyle of people living in the villages of India. At the end of this article, you’ll have a clear idea of what the Government of India is doing to improve the life of people in rural India. You’ll get some ideas about how you too can contribute to the well being of Indian villages and the people living there.

So, read on and discover all you need to know about life in rural India.

About 67% of the Indian population lives in rural areas.

When you’re talking about India, you can’t miss out rural India and its influence on the economy of the nation. About 67% of the Indian population lives in rural areas. This makes Indian villages a crucial part of India. While Indian villages are such important part of India, you must know that the condition of living here is not quite good.


There are a lot of problems to be solved in rural India

From education to employment, there are a lot of sectors which need improvement and there are a lot of issues which need to be solved in rural India. Most villages still lack basic facilities such as schools and hospitals. Lack of proper sanitation facilities and hospitals are also matters that need to be focussed on. 

What is the Government doing

While this is one side of the coin, there has actually been a lot of development in rural parts of India in the last few years. From job creation to housing schemes like Pradhan Mantri Gramin Awas Yojana, the Government of India has made a commitment to make the lives of people living in the remotest villages of India a little better. People living in rural India have now started receiving the benefits from the Government through various welfare schemes.

Apart from schemes like Pradhan Mantri Gramin Awas Yojana and Ujjwala Yojana, the Government of India has also done work towards making rural India connected with other parts of India and the world. The Government’s pioneering work towards Digital India also includes the efforts of letting people in rural India get access to high-speed internet.

While the efforts of the Government deserve to be applauded, the fact of the matter is that there is a lot more that needs to be done here. So, what can you do about it? How can you contribute to making the Indian villages more progressive and prosperous?

How you can make a change

While the Government will continue its efforts to work for the betterment of rural India, you too have to make your contribution towards the cause. There is a lot that needs to be done to uplift the lives of people living in Indian villages. You can do this by connecting with people living in villages in India and inspiring them to become better citizens. You can even create job opportunities for them and make them more confident. This is how you can be a contributor to the development of rural India.

Who Needs A Low Fiber Diet?

Who Needs A Low Fiber Diet?

Fiber is a natural nutritional component that remains undigested when it passes through the intestine of the human body. A low-fiber diet includes quickly digested and processed foods. The Low Fiber Diet (also known as a Low Residue Diet, which decreases stool size and frequency) reduces the amount of undigested food passing through the small intestines.

This is especially important for people who experience inflammatory bowel illnesses (IBD). Colonoscopy preparers may also have to adopt a low-fiber diet, as advised by their doctor. All the necessary nutrients of a number of low fiber foods can still be obtained with careful planning. 


Who Need It?

Many adults need food rich in fiber to maintain a healthy digestive system. However, for some people with specific conditions, a high-fiber diet is not adequate to make a low-fiber diet a better alternative. Conditions that might require a bowel diet include 

  • An IBD flareup, including the disease of Crohn, ulcerative colitis or diverticulitis, 
  • Inflammation of bowel sections, 
  • Before or after bowel operations. 

A low-fiber diet can lower the risk of bowel obstruction or reduce symptoms like bloating or pain if the bowel is obstructed.

What To Eat

Appropriate diet and other conditions affecting bowel are key to better management of IBD. Many people use a low-fiber diet for short periods only, while others can use it as an on-going technique. Although it is still important to try to eat a variety of foods when you follow your diet only for a short period.

Depending on the specific symptoms and sensitivity, the following foods can be included in a low fiber diet:

  • Low residue foods include cornflakes and rice bubbles
  • Gluten-containing foods, such as pasta, naan bread, rolls, noodles, biscuits, cream crackers, and white flour.
  • Starchy, gluten-free food, for example, white rice, rice cakes.
  • Skins-removed cooked potatoes 
  • Small amounts of skin-removed fruits like ripe bananas, melons, and tinned fruit smooth juice. Smooth butter of peanut 
  • Vegetables without peel, seeds, and stalks, smooth tomato sauce, sewn soups or broth.
  • Small quantities of dairy products are only available if adverse symptoms are not caused 
  • Meat, chicken, pork, lamb, fish, eggs, or tofu.

What Not To Eat?

Many nutrient-rich foods are not included in your low residue diet like:

  • Whole-wheat pasta, brown bread, seeded loaves.
  • Breakfast cereals, including muesli, corn flakes, or cereals with added nuts and dried fruits.
  • Vegetable skins, peels, and seeds.
  • Cakes and pastries with fruits, seeds or nuts.
  • Seeded fruits and leaves, including raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, pulp, fruit of passion, kiwi, bananas, cocoa, and fresh figs.
  • Lenses, baked beans, kidney beans, and chickpeas are all pulses.
  • Seeds, including, flaxseeds and sunflower seeds. 
  • Nuts and crunchy Peanut Butter, like walnuts, brazil nuts, almonds, cashews. 
  • Fatty meat or Fish with or the skin are still on with bones.

If it is difficult or painful to eat or digest, it is necessary to contact a physician. Patients with IBD may need significant support from a nutritionist in order to control the disease during rehabilitation. While much evidence disputes the best dietary solution to avoiding or delaying IBD relapse, evidence exists supporting a semi-vegetarian diet and diets of exclusion. A varied diet containing all the nutrients and calories needed for maintaining energy levels is necessary.

Perfect Jawline By Just Chewing A Gum?

Perfect Jawline By Just Chewing A Gum?

You may have read that chewing a chewing gum is an easy way of improving your skin and jawline appearance of your overall face, but is that really so? “Does Chewing Gum Help Jawline”?

Chewing gum is an exercise for your reduced face muscles, as it works out. This makes it possible for chewing gum to assist you create a bigger and more male jawline.


Let’s Understand It Better 

You can exercise almost all of your body muscles so why are the facial muscles distinct? In fact, chewing recruits your bottom facial muscles so that you can create your enhanced facial muscles by eating gum to make your jawline much more strong.

Chewing may actually trigger masseter hypertrophy, or muscle development. The masseter is the biting muscle on either part of your neck behind your cheekbone. You can effectively feel the muscular masseter tense up when you tighten your cheek, if you put your palms against your cheek, just before your ear. No doubt you will create a more strong jaw by exercising the masseter muscles. Of course, what this indicates has to be realistic. Your jaw will probably get larger, squarer and clearer. It probably won’t look slimmer, However.

How To Do It Effectively For A Strong Jawline?

As little study is carried out on the impacts of chewing gum on the jawline, it is difficult to understand precisely what you should be doing. Let’s begin with some of the main indicators you need to understand if you’ll attempt chewing gum to enhance your characteristics:

  • Chew your mouth equally on both ends. This stops the development of your jaw muscles and thus the facial asymmetry that occurs. 
  • Do not ever overdo it: over chewing has illustrated that temporomandibular joint instability. One or two hours of chewing is likely all right, but you should avoid chewing all day. 
  • Use solid, sugar-free chewing gum. The addition of the hardness guarantees excellent workouts of your jaw muscles and an absence of sugar avoids tooth failure.

Besides that, deciding what strategy to follow is your responsibility. Many people have seen achievement throughout several months, only by chewing gum for an hour each day. This appears in my view to be a reasonable strategy, it should certainly not be harmful.

So the next moment you’re at work, go someplace or just study at home, put a chewing gum into your mouth and practice for a stronger jawline for 30 minutes.

What’s The Last take On Chewing Gum?

Chewing gum as mentioned has contributed towards a more defined jawline but what you need to remember here is that you need a chewing gum that has two major qualities i.e., it should be hard to chew for your jaw and secondly it should be to protect your teeth from any kind of issues. Chewing a chewing gum can help you in a defined jawline if you do it regularly for some time regularly. Just like you need some time for your other muscle to grow, the same things happen here with your jawline muscles, it takes up sometimes you just need to be consistent with the routine.

Benefits Of Electric Scooters

Benefits Of Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are the future of two-wheeler vehicles. While the technology behind electric scooters is still at a budding stage, there has been significant growth in electric scooter ownership in the last couple of years. Considering this growth rate, it can be stated that there are considerable benefits of electric scooters which need to be analysed and understood.


So, here are some of the benefits of electric scooters:

  1. Cheap and affordable

Contrary to the belief that electric scooters are expensive, we’ve found that some of them are actually cheaper than regular scooters. There are scooters which you can buy for as low as INR 30,000. That is one good reason to get yourself an electric scooter today.

  1. No fuel costs

Electric scooters run on batteries. They do not use fuel in any form. This means that there are no fuel costs to bear when you have an electric scooter. You just have to keep your scooter charged to keep it running. It will add to your electricity bill but it won’t be as expensive as fuel prices.

  1. Eco-friendly

Since electric scooters do not run on fuel, it reduces the release of pollutants to the atmosphere. This makes the environment safe for plants and animals. This is one of the biggest advantages of using electric scooters.

  1. Stylish looks

Most of the electric scooters you see today have glamorous looks. If you’re style-conscious, an electric scooter might be the perfect vehicle for you. 

  1. Sustainability

Electric scooters can be used for a long time without the hassle of time to time maintenance. They are more sustainable than fuel-powered scooters.

  1. Long battery life

While there are some scooters which have poor battery life, there are others with remarkable battery life. To choose the perfect scooter, visit The most popular electric scooters have really good battery life. Make sure to figure out the best electric scooters before buying any scooter.

  1. Low maintenance costs

When it comes to maintaining an electric scooter, there is hardly any cost involved. You can use it for years without worrying about any kind of maintenance expenses.

  1. Durability

Electric scooters are durable. Some of the best ones can be used on rough terrains too. This is what makes electric scooters amazing.

Those were some of the benefits of electric scooters. There are a lot more benefits. However, these are the ones which are worth mentioning. 

I really hope you found this post useful and informative. Do you have any queries or suggestions related to this post? If you have any, feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below. I will try and answer all your questions and take your feedback into consideration. Also, let me know if you want to find out more about the electric scooters and their benefits. I will be glad to share more insights with you.

To show your support, share this post with your friends on social media and elsewhere. Thank you very much for reading!


Downloading Aadhar In The Simplest Way

There are many ways to your aadhar card with ease but do you know the simplest way to download it digitally from your smartphone? The simplest way is to download it by proving your aadhar number. When you take to visit UIDAI’s website you will see a “My Aadhaar” tab on the menu. From that menu, you go to the option of “Download aadhaar” and after that, you just have to put your aadhar number from downloading your aadhar card digitally. 



Several more ways are also there like you can generate a 16 digit virtual Id number and download it from the website but here you have to first generate that number, and after generating that number you will follow the steps of downloading it and if you have that you can simply go the same option of download aadhar and choose the option of Virtual ID number and download your E aadhaar online. But this process can be a little longer as compared to the other option so it is better to go for the aadhar number option.

Downloading your aadhar card with enrollment number is also easy and less time consuming but the problem here is that people do not even remember the enrollment number or by some mistake, they have lost their enrollment number. You can get that back easily on your mobile number, there is no issue with that but that process is also a little complicated as compared to the aadhar number process.

Remember that you need your registered mobile number in every other way you use to get your aadhar card online through UIDAI’s website, there is no such way where you can get the aadhar card online without a registered mobile number. 

यदि आपको न पता हो की आप अपना आधार कार्ड डाउनलोड कैसे कर सकते है सबसे आसान तरीके से तो आप दिए गए लिंक पर क्लिक करके यह सब तरीकों को देख सकते है जिससे की आप अपना आधार कार्ड आसानी से डाउनलोड कर पाएंगे और अपने फ़ोन मई अपने पास रख सकेंगे. यहाँ आपको आधार डाउनलोड का सबसे सरल तरीका दिए गया है और यही आपको वो तरीका पसंद न हो या कोई और तरीके की सहायता से आप आधार डाउनलोड करना चाहते हो तो आप और दिए गए तरीकों पे नज़र दाल सकते है.

As mentioned above by using your aadhar number is the simplest way of downloading you E Aadhar online but if you find other ways more convenient for yourself, there is no issue in trying those methods as long as the main purpose of downloading it online is served. 

You E aadhar is a valid document and a valid proof for you and it can be used anywhere anytime. So it is easy to carry this type of aadhaar card with you rather than carrying it in a physical form. Download it whenever you feel the need and if you have got your registered mobile with you it means you have your aadhar card with you always.

What Is An E Aadhar?

What Is An E Aadhar?

Aadhaar is a distinctive 12-digit identity code given to each person citizen of India by the Indian government. The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), which operates under India’s Planning Commission, is responsible for managing Aadhaar numbers and Aadhaar ID cards. 

E Aadhar is nothing but the digital version of your aadhar card which is available for you to download from the official website of the UIDAI. Earlier it was a bit difficult for everyone to download it from the website, but now the government has made it really simple for every individual to download it from its official website in various ways online. 


Downloading your “E aadhar” online is a very less time-consuming task and you can do it on your own without going out to some aadhar centers to print it for you. You can download it using your Aadhar Number, using your Enrolment Number, using your Virtual Id Number. These three ways are mentioned over UIDAI’s official websites to download your aadhar and you can choose any one of the given options to download your aadhar card online. The basic thing required here is your registered mobile number.

Without your registered mobile number you cannot download your electronic aadhar card online from the website as it is now mandatory for every individual resident of India to link their aadhar card to their mobile number. You will get an OTP once you go to the download aadhar option to authenticate your identity. Your one-time password is distinct and you should never share your One-time password with anyone for security purposes.

Once you download your “E aadhar” online from the official website you will see that your file is downloaded in a PDF format that is protected and you need not have to worry about the password because the password is the first four capital letters of your registered name and your year of birth. 

The government has made it clear that all your important documents and accounts will be linked to your aadhar card, so it is clear that how much important it is to have an aadhar card presently. It is a unique identity for every individual and it is served as the identity proof every place you go in India. 

If you do not have your aadhar card the government helped you there as well, you just need your registered mobile number with your and you can download your aadhar card anywhere and save it digitally on your smartphone and take a print out if it is needed. 

Virtual aadhar card will help you in many places, you can put the scanned copy of your aadhar card online at any place it is needed you need not have to go out and take a print always. Mostly every organization asking for the submission of aadhar card has an option of submitting it online and here your E aadhar will serve the purpose for you. 
So if you are reading this and you also do not have your aadhar card you can get it from the official website of the UIDAI.

Best Social Networking Apps in 2019

Best Social Networking Apps in 2019

The progress of smartphones in the last decade has been phenomenal. Smartphones have become so popular that it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that they are now a part and parcel of everyone’s life. Chances are that right now you’re reading this article on a smartphone.

When talking about smartphones, we can’t not talk about social media apps. They are a major part of the revolution of the internet industry and they greatly influence the behaviour of smartphone users. Apps have made it simpler for you to stay connected on your social media accounts 24×7.

In this article, you’re going to read about some of the most popular smartphone apps which are changing the way people connect and interact with each other. Some of these are messenger apps and others are video and photo sharing apps which most of you use on a daily basis.


1. WhatsApp Messenger

The first one in our list is WhatsApp Messenger. This is a cross-platform messenger app which works on almost all smartphone OS. This is used by people almost everyday to interact with other people and send pictures, videos and documents. Businesses have started using it to give a boost to their reach out and it is working great for them. This is definitely one of the best social networking apps in 2019.

2. Telegram

The next one on our list is Telegram. This is a social media platform much like WhatsApp Messenger. You can use this to get in touch with your friends and colleagues. This is one of the best platforms for you if you want to take advantage of networking. You can create Telegram channels on any topic and share files and links with others. I’ve recently joined a Telegram movie channel where I get the latest movie download links to watch and download. This is the reason why I consider Telegram to be one of my favourite social networking apps.

3. Instagram

Photographs are the most trendy things on the internet, thanks to Instagram. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Instagram was the pioneer in promoting the term “selfie”. For the uninitiated, Instagram is a photo and video sharing social networking app which is quite fast and simple to use. It has features similar to other social networking apps. The pictures that you share on Instagram are visible to your friends and followers on their Instagram feed. You can follow others on Instagram and you can get followed by others. You can even DM (Direct Message) people on Instagram just like you do on Facebook Messenger.

4. Facebook

Almost everyone who is online has a Facebook account or at least had an account once. This is one of the most downloaded social networking apps on the PlayStore and App Store. With this app, while you can upload images, share your location, comment on other people’s photos, tag people on your photos and do a lot more. This was one of the best photo sharing apps on the internet before Instagram took over.


Those were some of the best social networking apps that you can use to connect with people and do a lot more. From creating your family WhatsApp group to sharing movie files on your Telegram movie channel, you can use these apps to make your life a little more interesting and fun. Do you have any or all of these apps on your smartphone? Which one of these is your favourite? Let me know in the comments.

Online Money Making Tricks in 2019

Online Money Making Tricks in 2019

There are many ways by which a person can make money just sitting at home. You can all do it with a little time investment and nothing else. There are many tricks which will help you in earning a good amount of money at home if you are a student or an unemployed person. If you are a working professional you can add some extra perks over your regular monthly income. Let’s see some of the examples which can help you out.



Well, this is the best way to earn some extra income over your regular income and if you are a student you can do this as a full-timer. Take a niche of your choice and start writing an article on it. You can even turn your blogging into your profession after some time if you are getting a good passive income from your blogging network.

Earn from PBNs

If you are from a digital marketing background you can understand this easily and for those who do not know about PBNs here is the basic info. PB means private blog network which mainly have high authority ranking websites. You can buy a PBN website and start selling other PBN links over it. You can easily make money from this technique. If you do not know where you can buy PBN you can simply search PBN for sale and you will get your desired results.

Start Selling Online

Become an online seller and start selling your services and products online. If you have access to some kind of products you can sell them online using social media or you can sell them through a website of your own. If you have skill and knowledge of something you can use it to sell your services like if you are nutritionist you can sell your diet plans online to get some additional income.

Become a Freelance Writer

If you are a person who loves to write about anything, start earning from your hobby. You can easily write an article for 500-600 words for some organization and on average you will be paid $5-$15. This is a great way to start earning online and learns something new every day. This type of work is easily available online and many companies also outsource content writing work to freelance writers.


You can earn some income by doing some surveys of big organizations and places. You will be paid for giving feedback for these organizations and this is a very easy task which usually takes 5-10 minutes per survey.

Digital marketing services

With many people going online to start up their business many of them really do not know how to go on top of the Google searches here a person who know the concept and who has the practical knowledge of digital marketing can work for them in SEO and ranking their website.  This profession has a very wide scope and it is going to create many more opportunities in the future like this.

 Become a Youtuber

YouTube has given a platform to many people to showcase their talent in front of all worlds and it is a good way to earn money online. YouTube is the most viewed platform right now and every other person knows about it and reach to maximum number of people you can display your talent and knowledge and earn money from it.

Here are some of the tricks which can help you in 2019 to earn some extra income or start your career in any of the field. You can work in any of these platforms as a part-timer but there is always an option to opt any of this platform and work on a full-time basis.