7 Simple Tips To Increase YouTube Views

When you are a YouTuber and you have done everything on your part to perfect your videos, expecting a hike in the number of views is something that you can really expect. However, when you expect your YouTube views to grow on a regular basis, you need to try out these tips:

#1. Share as often as you can

Once you have made your video and uploaded it on your channel, the next thing that needs to be done is to share it on all your active social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. Sharing more increases the viewership not just on one platform, but on multiple platforms. You get the attention of your followers from other social media channels. If used cleverly, YouTube videos can make your other social channels popular too.

#2. Catchy words and thumbnails

When you wish to get an outstanding response from your audience, you need to add some eye-catching words that can hold the attention of viewers and make them view your video. Thumbnails do the same work and encourage viewers to view the video. Make sure that you always enable custom thumbnails and make it attractive and catchy.

#3. Detailed description

It has been found that YouTube favours those channels that have a detailed description of their content. From a viewer’s point of view, having a well-crafted description leaves a good impression and encourages the viewers to get engaged with the actual content.

#4. Get the right keywords and tags

Tagging your videos with the right keyword can take your videos to the targeted audience. This can help to improve the visibility of your videos and make it popular.

#5. Recreate something popular

This is one of the strategies many YouTubers use to make their channel popular. And it works quite well. The only thing that they do is recreate some content that has been already popular. It could be a song that has gone viral or a funny video. There are videos that are actually made on other YouTube videos and they are doing really well.

#6. Buy views on YouTube videos

One of the fastest ways to get more views is to buy views on YouTube videos. While it is not something you can be completely dependent on, it works quite well as a supportive tool to get some viewership and expand your channel’s reach.

#7. Ask for shares and comments

The key to having a successful channel is to engage with your audience. And so, you need to ask your viewers for comments and shares. The more shares you get, the more your video gets noticed by new potential viewers.


That was our list of the simple tips to increase YouTube views. Do you think we missed something that should have been on the list? If you think that you could add to this list, please do that in the comment section.

We hope you found this article useful and informative. Please let us know your thoughts about it. Thank you very much for reading!


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