Advantages & Disadvantages Of CGPA/Grading System

Many countries use the grading system to evaluate the students based on several factors as it is accurate and focuses on many other aspects of the growth of the student as a whole and students on the other hand are less stressed about getting low marks. However there are many countries like India where the grading system is not very prevalent but many institutes, colleges, and schools have opted for it recently after looking at its efficiency.

Some time back the central board of secondary education which is the biggest body in India of student education introduced the CGPA pattern to the schools to focus more on the student as a whole rather than just looking at the academics or test results. But after some time the board examinations were restored like before for the 10th and 12the standards. But many colleges and institutes are still practicing this pattern and this is why it becomes important to convert CGPA to Marks and have a clearer picture of the percentage obtained by the student.

Like everything, there are certain advantages and certain advantages of practicing the CGPA or the grading system and here we are mentioning some very important pros and cons of this system.



It eases the heat off the understudies at each level 

Effectively the understudies are under a great deal of pressing factors to put forth a valiant effort as indicated by his or their capacity. As a rule, the degree system doesn’t zero in on the understudies’ genuine scores in an authority way along these lines, in this manner, every single understudy isn’t isolated on the basis of their imprints. 

Learning becomes fun 

The principle detriment of the rate strategy is that a large number of the understudies are isolated from the normal and less than ideal understudies yet it prompts extreme pressing factors among every single person who is contending with one another. The discovery that should be a great task, will stay a pleasant task in light of the CGPA system. 

Each aspect gets measured 

The CGPA system has had the option to present measuring the information on the understudies based on the task’s inner assignments and their answering capacity in class. This implies that the understudies are being made a decision just on the basis of their hypothetical information yet additionally on the basis of their general presentation. 

Examining the qualities and weaknesses 

This system gives the understudies a thought regarding their weaknesses and qualities as opposed to causing them to feel better second rate than different understudies. Knowing around which subject their weak spots are, the understudies can easily settle on what parts they should zero in on. The CGPA assists them with understanding the complete grades so they can know their strength and pick as needs be.


A decrease in the contest 

With the CGPA system, the understudies’ fundamental center begins at accomplishing the base grades. Sp they feel there is no contest to be the awesome something which may decrease the nature of learning. 


In the degree system, the understudy getting A has a score between 90 to 100%. Presently the understudy who has acquired 99 will be delivered equivalent to the person who has gotten 90 which is a piece demotivating. 

Exactness in execution 

The degree system has not had the option to show the exact checking of an individual and we can just pass judgment on the understudies on the basis of the grades that they have accomplished rather than the precise capacity.

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