All Diet Options For Your Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragons are omnivores, which implies that they eat the two insects and greens. In bondage, bearded dragons eat generally insects, flowers, vegetables, greens, and fruits. Bearded Dragons can’t eat calcium legitimately, if you wanna feed them calcium you need Vitamin D3 with it. There are certain fruits like watermelon which have no vitamin D3 except for containing calcium so can bearded dragons eat watermelon? Well, yes they can be taken care of by watermelons as well. There are so numerous different things like this that can be taken care of however individuals have no clue about what they ought to take care of their bearded dragons. Here you will investigate all such diet choices for your bearded dragons. 


Broccoli is a vegetable you can take care of your Bearded Dragon on an occasional basis simply like Figs. If you haven’t seen a subject here yet – Bearded Dragons need thorough, however, shifted diets. 

Broccoli with some restraint is great for your reptile, yet feed your pet an excess of Broccoli and the vegetable can smother thyroid capacity. Broccoli stalks and leaves can be taken care of by your Bearded Dragon as long as they are finely hacked and destroyed first. 

Additionally, broccoli and other green vegetables are powerhouses of nutrition and include significantly more protein than you may understand. 


Bearded Dragons are sound little eaters if you comprehend what to take care of them. Bearded dragons that are more than a year old ought to have a diet that comprises 80% fruits and veggies, 20% insects. 

Papaya is a fruit recommended to be an aspect of your reptile’s day by day diet since it is a decent wellspring of fiber. To plan papaya for your bearded dragon to eat, strip the papaya, eliminate the seeds and finely shred or leave the fruit. Your bearded dragon will eat up this basic extraordinary fruit. 

King Worms

King Worms should just be taken care of to Bearded Dragons after they’ve arrived at a length of 16 inches or longer from tip to tail. If your Bearded Dragon hasn’t arrived at this size yet and you feed them a King Worm they could experience issues digesting the insect. 

King Worms can be a staple insect in your reptile’s diet as they give a high measure of protein and fat. The number of you can take care of your Bearded Dragon lays on the size of your pet. Between two and five every day or each other day is the suggested sum. 


Crickets are an unchallenged staple in each Bearded Dragon’s dinner plan. Crickets are a unique treat for your pet as the Bearded Dragon is known to appreciate chasing crickets and eat them with energy. 

It’s recommended that when feeding your Bearded Dragon crickets – which you’ll likely do pretty regularly – that you let the crickets “gut load” before feeding them to your reptile. 

Some Bearded Dragon darlings additionally recommend dusting crickets with calcium before feeding them to your reptile to guarantee they’re getting as much nutrition as conceivable from the insect. 


Bearded Dragons can appreciate a decent crude fig about once per week and advantage from the fiber and calcium it gives. Figs are normally dried so when feeding them to your Bearded Dragon ensure that you cut them up into little pieces first.  Figs are viewed as another uncommon treat so they make a great nibble for your pet.

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