This Calculator Shows Your Earning From YouTube

This Calculator Shows Your Earning From YouTube

In this article, we are going to be talking about money that you can make on YouTube. It’s good to track your earnings on YouTube even if you only make a quarter a month. All that matters at the end of the day is that you’re making money doing something that you love. Now when it comes to making money on YouTube there are two terms you have probably heard before – CPM and RPM. Before understanding how to calculate YouTube earnings, you might want to know the difference between CPM and RPM. Your YouTube earnings are generated by ads that are placed on your videos.  CPM and RPM describe how much it cost a company to run ads versus how much money you actually make from these ads.

Alternative to the manual calculation of YouTube earnings

While the process of calculation of your earnings from YouTube needs a little bit of digging, there is a calculator that makes things really simple for you. If you are a YouTuber or you aspire to be one, this tool is a must-have for you. It lets you calculate the earnings for your YouTube videos and you can use it to figure out how much money you actually make from your YouTube channel. This tool is loaded with features that let you calculate your potential earnings based on your video views and your CTR rate. The best thing about this tool is that it is free to use.

Who is it for?

Whether you are a budding YouTuber or you have established yourself in the field of YouTube, this tool is useful for you in both the cases. From tracking your video performance in terms of monetary gain to knowing the overall potential of the videos on your channel, this tool lets you do all that and more. Another feature of this tool that makes it stand out is that you get to calculate the estimated total earnings by your channel. All in all, this tool is one of the best tools that you can have in your journey as a YouTube video creator.

How does this work?

The YouTube earning calculator works on some basic features. The user-friendly interface makes it quite simple to understand. Here is how you can use the YouTube earning calculator:

Step 1: Drag the YouTube View Count slider left or right in accordance with your daily video views.
Step 2: Set your Estimated CTR taking into account your channel’s previous performance.
Step 3: Track the estimated daily, weekly and yearly earnings from your videos.

These were the steps that you need to follow to make the best use of this calculator. This is one of the best tools to make use of as a YouTuber to keep track of your videos’ earning potential.

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How To Calculate HST

How To Calculate HST

GST/HST calculation in Canada depends on the province where you are doing the business. There are provinces which have combined provincial taxes with the Goods and Services Tax. These provinces charge a Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) on goods and services. There are some provinces which have no provincial sales tax. These provinces charge a separate Provincial Sales Tax (PST).

Provinces which charge HST

The provinces which charge HST are Ontario, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland/Labrador. The HST rates for these provinces are:

Ontario – 13%

New Brunswick – 13%

Prince Edward Island -14%

Nova Scotia – 15%

Newfoundland & Labrador – 15%

Provinces which charge PST

If you have your business where PST is applicable, you have to charge both GST and PST. The GST on the price of the goods has to be applied before you apply PST.

These are the provinces were PST is applicable – Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. The PST rates for these provinces are:

Saskatchewan – 6%

British Columbia – 7%

Manitoba – 8%

Quebec – 9.975%

Provinces which do not have PST

The provinces which do not have PST (Provincial Sales Tax) are the Northwest Territories, Alberta, Nunavut and Yukon. The GST in these provinces is calculated by adding 5% of the product’s sale price and adding it to the bill.

Are the exceptions from GST/HST?

In case your business garners annual revenue of $30,000 or less, you are considered to be a small business and are exempted from registering to collect and remit GST/HST. For provinces which charge PST you can qualify for the small supplier exception for the federal GST but in the provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, you will still have to charge PST/RST.

There are some goods which are exempt or zero-rated. This means that you do not charge HST on the customer invoice.

Is GST/HST applicable on sale of goods and services to another province?

When you wish to sell goods or services to another province, you have to charge GST/HST based on the rate charged in the destination province.

Is GST/HST applicable on sale of goods and service out of Canada?

When you ship goods to another country, you do not have to charge GST/HST. However, there might be export/excise taxes involved in the transaction.

This is how you charge GST/HST on your goods and services in different provinces of Canada. We have seen that the tax rates differ based on the provinces. The use of HST calculator can help you do the calculation according to the province. Doing calculations on HST calculator is fast and accurate. However, it is important to learn about the tax rates applicable in different provinces so that you have the idea as to how much tax you need to collect from your customers.

To know the Income tax rates in Canada, check out

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The Importance of having GST calculator In India

The Importance of having GST calculator In India

The implementation of GST in India was a revolutionary step towards making India economically powerful. The impact of GST can be seen today in the form of a unified Indian market and a progressing economy. While at the initial stage of GST implementation, businesses and people, in general, had doubts about the efficiency of the system, they have now realized that GST has the potential to be profitable for the country in the long run. They have shown tremendous support for this new taxation system. In spite of having troubles in understanding this new taxation system, they believed that it could make a difference in the economy of the country. While there are people who are still cynical about the system, it is mostly because they do not understand the system well. However, efforts are made to educate people about GST and its significance in their business and the overall economy of the nation. Tools and resources have been created to help people understand this new taxation system. Online tools like GST software and GST calculator in India have come to the rescue of Indian businesses who are having a tough time getting used to the GST taxation system.

This article shows you the importance of having a GST calculator in India. If you are a businessman in India or if you are planning to expand your business in India, you need to understand the importance of having a GST calculator. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the significance of a GST calculator.

  1. Fast Calculation

Calculation for GST can be time-consuming. An online GST Calculator does fast calculations on all goods and services inclusive and exclusive of GST prices. This saves you a lot of time so that you can focus primarily on your business operations.

  1. Flexibility

You can use an online GST calculator to calculate various tax liabilities such as SGST, CGST, IGST, and UTGST in accordance with the rates provided under the GST Law.

  1. Higher Accuracy

Most of the tax calculations in the previous tax regime were done by chartered accountants or accounting software. However, GST-related calculations are new and different. So, you need to use GST software and calculators to calculate GST tax rates and measure your business’s profits and losses with higher accuracy. This will help you do your business without the risk of going wrong with the figures.

GST calculator has become one of the most essential tools for business after the implementation of the GST law. This is one of the handiest tools for taxpayers as it can help them maintain their business accountability. GST calculators have made the process of GST calculation much efficient and reliable.

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Why You Need To Consider Investing In SIP Mutual Funds

Why You Need To Consider Investing In SIP Mutual Funds

Mutual fund investments are a way of earning money through your savings. Because of its flexible plans, more and more people are becoming a part of mutual fund investments. There are so many different mutual fund plans you can go ahead with. Among the many different mutual fund plans, the systematic investment plan or SIP has become the most popular choice. More and more people are now investing in SIP mutual funds wherein a fixed sum of money is invested on a regular basis.


There are lots of merits associated with SIP for the investors.

  • The systematic investment plan gives investors the freedom to buy units as per the given date of every month so as to go ahead with certain investment plans.
  • The investors have the choice to decide the amount that they wish to invest in these plans.
  • The SIP schemes make it very safe to invest in equity mutual funds and unit-linked insurance.


This is the best choice of investments for small investors. If you are a small investor and you wish to make your investments on a regular basis, SIP is the most suitable option for you. With such a plan, you receive the required discipline, easy management and tools for managing your investments. If you are willing to manage a certain amount of investments on a regular basis instead of managing a large amount at one go, Systematic investment plan will suit you the most.


If you are thinking about investments this year, you should consider systematic investment plans. This is one of those mutual fund schemes that make your investment experience seamless. With this type of investment, you can focus on managing your investment rather than focusing on the ups and downs in the markets. You can easily decide when to buy more and when to buy less as per the increase and decrease in the price. The two major advantages of a systematic investment plan are the rupee cost averaging and the power of compounding. The power of compounding greatly impact your investments, especially if you make an investment for long-term. Keep investing more in SIP investments and manage your money by keeping track of the markets. Calculate and compare the returns from various mutual fund schemes to find out the best option for you.


Mutual Funds are subjected to market risks. Yet a lot of people are willing to take the risk and go ahead with their investments. The key to successful investment is to figure out your financial goals and plan your investment accordingly. SIP investments are indeed a great way to help you fulfil your financial goals. This is truly one of the best among all mutual fund schemes. To reap the benefits out of this scheme, you just have to stop analyzing and start investing.

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5 Useful Tips To Get More Views And Subscribers On YouTube

5 Useful Tips To Get More Views And Subscribers On YouTube

Getting more subscribers for your videos requires you to deliver high-quality content for your audience on a consistent basis. Tracking your video reach through analytics is another factor that needs to be done. In case your videos are not getting enough views as expected, there are certain things that can be done to get more views on your videos. Let us take a closer look at the best practices that can be done to increase views on your YouTube videos.

  1. Create unique and appealing video titles

This is the first thing that gets noticed by your viewers. Getting an attractive title will do half of the job. It has been found that people tend to click on videos that have catchy titles. This makes it really important to have y catchy yet relevant titles for all your videos.

  1. Include Call for Action

This is something that you have to do as a YouTuber. Your subscribers are your source of motivation and having more of them will boost your video reach and get you more views on your videos. Include call for actions in each of your videos. This could be a request for subscription to your channel, likes, shares and comments on your videos or other similar actions from the user. Do not forget to give them a reason for subscribing to your channel.

  1. Organize your videos

Creating useful videos for your channel can bring in more viewers, however, if you want your viewers to become your subscribers you have to make sure that your videos and organized and easy to discover. Strategize your videos to make your audience hooked to your channel.

  1. Buy YouTube likes, dislikes and comments

To give your videos an uplift in viewership, buy likes, dislikes and comments for your videos. You might be wondering how buying dislikes can boost your video reach. Well, the truth is that it won’t. However, dislikes increase the credibility of your videos and make your likes, comments and shares seem legitimate. To start off, you can buy YouTube dislikes for cheap. You are very likely to see great results soon after you buy YouTube dislikes for cheap. Your videos will get more credibility and your video reach will boost up.

  1. Ask for likes, comments and shares

At the end of each video or even during the video, make sure to request your viewers for likes, comments and shares. Introduce things in your video that people can have an opinion on. Convince your audience to like and share the video if they agree with you. Ask them for comments if they do not agree with you. Ask for their opinions and suggestions. Engage them in a debate in the comment section. This will definitely increase the reach of your videos and help you gain more subscribers.

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Pros and Cons of Wi-Fi Hotspots

Pros and Cons of Wi-Fi Hotspots

There has been a huge increase is the use of WiFi hotspots over the last few years. These allow people to stay connected to the internet using laptops or other devices when they are away from their office or home. There are a lot of benefits to being able to connect to the internet via WiFi hotspots, but additionally, there are a number of disadvantages too.


  1. Easy availability

The primary advantage is the fact that you can access the internet from various different locations. Most of the time you are not very far from somewhere you can get internet access. If you have to catch up with your emails, for instance, you can. Cafes, airports and on trains are some of the places where you can get access to WiFi hotspots.

  1. On the go coverage

If you routinely travel to your job location, you can make use of the internet while on your commute. Even when you are out for a client meeting or something related to work, you can find access to the internet through WiFi hotspots. This makes you more productive.

  1. Mobile access

People nowadays want access to the internet not just through their computers or laptops. A lot of people use internet on their mobile devices. From reading their emails to checking their social network feeds, mobile devices are being used more than ever to get connected to the internet. WiFi hotspots serve the purpose of keeping you connected to the internet all the time through your mobile devices.

  1. Advertising tool

A lot of companies use WiFi as an advertising medium, offering customers free online access. These include McDonalds and Starbucks. Customers being able to use the internet while drinking their Coffee or having a meal has become one of their selling points. This attracts a lot of customers to visit them again and again.


  1. Limited access and coverage

Access could be restricted and coverage intermittent. You cannot expect to get unlimited access to the internet while on a free WiFi network.

  1. Not reliable

It’s not always as reliable and simple as accessing the internet from home. Public WiFi hotspots have a lot of connections. This makes the network slower compared to your office or home network.

  1. Security issues

There are security issues. Accessing the internet from a WiFi hotspot isn’t always secure, especially when you’re dealing with sensitive info like important passwords and bank details or working over a company network.

While security can be a significant issue with WiFi, there are things that you can do to decrease the risk. All WiFi networks must have security measures in place, like having a Network monitoring software. A Network monitoring software lets you monitor your WiFi network. It can be used it to track IP addresses, MAC addresses & the connected device names.

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WiFi Explained

WiFi Explained

WiFi stands for Wireless Fidelity.  It allows computers and other devices to connect with each other into a LAN network and the internet without the use of wires.

It has made it extremely easy for people to connect to the internet and more and more people are actually getting connected to the internet because of WiFi. One of the greatest usefulness of the WiFi technology is that people can easily switch between different networks without having to worry about wires or cables.

WiFi Hotspots

It is the area around a WiFi source that connects computers and devices to the WiFi network. WiFi hotspots can be found in places like offices, cafes and even at homes. You can create a WiFi hotspot by having a wireless router with your broadband line. The hotspot connects the devices to the network allowing you to use it when you stay within the range.

What do you need for WiFi

Having a WiFi at home or office doesn’t cost much as in most cases you get the router free with your broadband Internet service. To start using the service, you need to have WiFi enabled computers and devices. For computers and laptops, they need to have WiFi adapters and cards.

The next thing you need is the right software. All popular operating systems have inbuilt WiFi connection management software. To get WiFi access on your mobile phones, you need to make sure that your device supports WiFi.

The benefits of WiFi

WiFi gives you a seamless internet connection to your offices and homes. Since WiFi hotspots are very common, staying connected to the internet has become a lot easier. Connecting to the internet for mobile users has become simpler and this has opened up a whole new world of opportunities.

This has allowed people from remote and rural areas to connect with the world in a better way. Places which were earlier deprived of communication are now getting the benefits of connectivity by using the internet through WiFi.

The limitations of WiFi

Like with every good thing in the world of technology, there are some disadvantages of the WiFi technology. One of the major limitations of the WiFi technology is that the connection radius of the network is not more than some dozens of feet. The intensity of the WiFi signal gets reduced when the device or computer is placed further away from the source of the network. Once you are beyond 20 to 25 meters, you are outside the coverage radius.

Another major disadvantage of using WiFi, especially in public places is the risk of your devices getting hacked. Using WiFi in such places can risk the leakage of your personal data and financial info such as online banking passwords.

Internet hogging is another version of internet fraud where the culprit uses the maximum bandwidth in a shared internet connection. However, with the use of tools like Wifikill, you can stop them from stealing your bandwidth. Wifikill lets you stop people from using your WiFi.


There is a lot to WiFi than this article. While this technology has brought about major changes in the way we use the internet and connect with the world, it has also become a cause of concern for many as to the consequences of using WiFi irresponsibly and for very long. Having said that, we are hopeful for a better technology in the near future that has fewer limitations compared to WiFi.

2 Entrepreneur Stories of Inspiration That Can Make You Hopeful

2 Entrepreneur Stories of Inspiration That Can Make You Hopeful

Samuel Walton (Founder, Walmart)

Samuel Walton was one of America’s most innovative entrepreneurs. His journey from building a small grocery store into a giant supermarket chain is quite inspiring. He grew up during the Great Depression. Like with most other families during that time, the financial situation of his family worsened.

To make their financial ends meet, he did a lot of chores. He milked the family cow and delivered the surplus milk to customers. He delivered Columbia Daily Tribune newspapers on a paper route. He also sold magazine subscriptions. Once he completed his graduation, he joined the Army. This was the time of World War II.

When the war got over, he left the military and decided to open a store. At the age of 26, he took a loan to buy his first store. Soon he garnered enough capital to open a second store. The next three years saw his sales volume reaching up to $225,000. This led to the opening of the first true Wal-Mart on July 2, 1962. This was in Rogers, Arkansas.

One of the reasons for his success in popularizing Walmart is that the stores are located in smaller towns. He started his own truck service so that he doesn’t have to be dependant on other transport services. The number of stores grew from 190 in 1977 to 800 in 1980. Samuel Walton was ranked by Forbes as the richest person in the world from 1982 to 1988. He died in the year 1992. At that time, Wal-Mart had an annual sales of about $50 billion and had 1,960 stores with an employee strength of 380,000.

This story has inspired people from all over the world and a lot of them have migrated to the US to try their luck with business. One of the best ways to move to the US without spending a lot of money is to apply for a Green Card lottery USA. Every year millions of people come to the US through the Green card lottery USA. You too can apply for it and try your luck.

Jan-Koum (Founder, Whatsapp)

The story of Jan Koum is one of the rags to riches entrepreneur stories of inspiration that can make you believe that no adversity is greater than your willpower. Jan Koum was born in a village in Kiev, Ukraine. He migrated to California with his mother when he was 16. He faced a lot of hardships during his childhood and teenage days. From sweeping the floor of a grocery store to standing in line to collect food stamps, he had done it all. In spite of so many hardships, he managed to become an expert computer hacker by the age of 18. He also joined a hacker group called w00w00 on the Efnet internet relay chat network.

Later, he got himself enrolled at San Jose State University and started working at Ernst & Young as a security tester. In 1997, he got a chance to work as an engineer at Yahoo. This was shortly after he met Brian Acton, a Yahoo employee. The two become close friends. Together, they left Yahoo in 2007 and took a year off. In 2009, both of them applied for a job on Facebook only to get rejected.

In the same year, Koum bought an iPhone. He soon realized that apps were the next big thing. He thought about the idea of creating an instant messaging service that would be hassle-free and user-friendly. On February 24, 2009, he, with Brian Acton launched Whatsapp Inc. in California.

A few years down the line, Facebook was finally able to make a deal with Whatsapp. On February 19, 2014, Facebook announced that it was acquiring Whatsapp for US$19 billion.


Entrepreneur stories of inspiration are always a great way to unleash that entrepreneurial spirit within you. Hope these stories make an impact on you and make you braver and wiser.

Weight Watchers Recipes – A Tasty Way To Lose Weight

Weight Watchers Recipes – A Tasty Way To Lose Weight


For most people, weight loss means having to give up on all their favourite foods forever. While you cannot deny the fact that you have to give up snacking up the unhealthy junk food, there are ways to make your weight loss journey filled with delicious food that can excite your taste buds. Weight Watchers program is one such way to help you enjoy your food while shedding those extra kilos. For those of you who haven’t heard about the Weight Watchers program, it is a diet and healthy eating program characterized by its point system which assigns a certain number of points to meals and food items. It is a means to track your weight loss journey and keep you motivated along the way.

Different meal plans are given different point values. The meals are given different point values based on their calorific value, fat content, carb content and various other nutritional values. A person following the Weight Watchers meal plan gets certain ideal point range for each day. The objective is to stay under that range in order to lose weight.

The Weight Watchers program relies on its unique point system. This makes it crucial for the followers of this system to make sure that they know the exact point values of their meals. There are a lot of resources that can give you access to a wide variety of Weight Watchers recipes. Each recipe comes with a list of ingredients and a set of instructions. You also get to know about the number of points for each serving of the recipe.

The recipes are generally easy to make at home. There are recipes for just about any food taste. There are salads, fruits, vegetables, low-fat meals among others. The program doesn’t limit users to boring or bland foods. You get a lot of choices to choose from. Each point value has a variety of recipes. You can choose the ones that are suitable for your weight loss goals.

The recipes are customized keeping in mind the low point value suitable for users. Besides, these recipes are highly nutritious and fulfilling. All these factors when combined makes a diet that improves the health of those who follow the recipes and point system. The food prepared from Weight Watchers recipes are absolutely useful for dieters who are willing to lose weight and gain control on their appetite.

When compared to other weight loss recipes, these recipes are healthier and tastier. So, if you are on a mission to lose weight without punishing your taste buds, give this a try. Apart from enjoying your meals, you will get to know about a whole new world of recipes that are tasty and healthy.

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Plan A Fitness Date This Valentine’s Day

Plan A Fitness Date This Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you must be anticipating some special moments with your loved one. If you are someone who is serious about fitness, you can plan your valentine’s day keeping your fitness goal in mind. A romantic fitness date with your other half could be just the thing for you. The idea is to mix fitness with love. It can be a very creative way to spend time with your sweetheart without compromising your fitness routine. Here are a few things that you might want to consider for your fitness date:

Gym session

couple gyming

Sweating it out in the gym together can actually increase proximity level between couples and help in spicing up relationships. Let this valentine’s day witness the love you hold for fitness just like you do for your lover.

Ice Skating  


This is a fun activity that is quite romantic. The athletic feat involves holding of hands that fulfils the need to be together and makes the couple feel like being on a real date.

Dance classes

Tango, Zumba, Salsa or Bhangra, dance lessons of any form can be romantic and educational at the same time. It involves a lot of exercises and helps you get into shape. So, join a dance class and burn some calories. What better way to be on a date?

Snowball fight  


Snowball fighting is one of the most amazing activities for bonding.  It gives you a  lot of exercises while you enjoy the feeling of being close to your loved one.


Bowling can be a fun competition between couples. Have fun together while burning those extra calories. According to, an hour of bowling can burn up to 300 calories depending on the intensity of activity during the game.



Look for a forest, lake, hill or mountain nearby. Plan a trip to the place with your partner and head out for an interaction with mother nature. You will definitely enjoy each other’s company more on such a date.



Get your own bikes or rent a pair for the day and head out to a new town, a riverside or a protected nature reserve. It can be a lot more fun than just driving. It will definitely make your day a memorable one.

Horseback ride 

horse riding

The idea of a date on horseback may seem clichéd but it makes for a great exercise and gives you a sense of adventure. Horseback riding improves your posture and strengthens your cardiovascular health.

Let this Valentine’s day not just be a day of flowers, gifts and chocolates. Do something different. Do something that makes you fitter.  Do something that not just helps you build a better relationship but also build a better body. Let your active lifestyle light up the spark of romance in your life.

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