Top 3 inventions of the 19th century

Top 3 inventions of the 19th century

There’s no doubt in the fact that the world as we know it was not the same in the 19th century. However, there were things invented during that period that has had a huge impact on the way we are living today. The 19th century was the period that laid the foundation for the technology we have today. While we now have the potential and the resources to go far ahead in terms of technological advancement, it is important to look back and recognize the sources and the aspirations that led to the inventions of things in the 19th century. With this objective in mind, I have compiled this list of the best inventions of humankind in the 19th century.


1. The Telephone

The telephone is one of those discoveries that changed the way people communicate. Patented by Alexander Graham Bell, the telephone was a marvelous device that laid the foundation of long-distance communication through voice. The modern-day phones are built with superior technology. These devices are not just for communication. They serve a lot of other purposes too. The best thing about the modern day phones is that you can get these for cheap. There are smartphones under 25000 which come with a lot of interesting features. These smartphones under 25000 are ideal for people who want to experience the joy of technology with the least expense.

2. The Telegraph

The telegram was another revolutionary invention of the 19th century. It was discovered by Samuel Morse and his assistant, Alfred Vail, in 1837. It was primarily used for transmitting messages to long distances and was particularly useful during wars. These messages were sent in Morse Code. While the use of the telegraph is not much relevant in the modern age of the internet, it was certainly an invention that has added to the trajectory of innovations of the modern day.

3. Steam Engine

The invention of the steam engine was an invention that deserved a cult status for many reasons. Although the experimental steam engines were in existence for long, it was only in the 19th century that it got into practical use. It was because of the steam engine that the industrial revolution became a huge turning point in the history of mankind. The modern trains are very advanced and come with sophisticated technology. But, there is something about the steam engine that makes it unique. It is the first of the trains.

These were the top three inventions of the 19th century.

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Benefits of getting a motorcycle

Benefits of getting a motorcycle

Have you finally made the decision to get that new bike you have been looking forward to buying for a  long time? Well, if you have really made your decision, it is good for you. But, if you still feel that you need to know a little more about bikes before you get one, this is the right article for you. In this article, you will figure out the various advantages of getting a motorcycle. We have listed the pros of getting a bike and if you want to know exactly what the benefits of getting a bike are, do give it a read.

Benefits of getting a motorcycle


1. Makes you feel good

There is something about riding a bike that you can only feel and not express. There is a cool factor that gets added to your personality when you glide the streets with a bike. You get the attention of people and in some cases, you gain their respect too.

2. Lower price

The average price of a bike is comparatively lower than that of a car. You can find bikes under 1 lakh in India that are as comfortable as any other high-end bikes. Most people in India are used to riding a bike than driving a car. The low-cost factor just helps in taking the decision to get a bike over a car instantly. There are very cool bikes under 1 lakh in India that you will be amazed to know.

3. Lower maintenance cost

When you compare the cost of maintaining a car with the cost of maintaining a bike, you will find that it is much cheaper to have a bike as a means of transportation. You get better mileage with your bike than with your car.

4. Good resale value

Bikes have a great resale value. I have talked to a lot of people who have sold their first bike. From those conversations, I have come to realize that selling a bike in India is really profitable. You can find buyers for your bike easily and they are ready to pay a decent value for your bike.

5. Easy to clean

Another major advantage of having a bike and not a car is that bikes are easier to clean than cars.

6. Easy to park

Talking about more advantages, parking a car is real trouble whereas parking a bike is really simple. Bikes take up less space and you can easily park it anywhere.

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Emotional Turmoils Hamper Human Growth

Emotional Turmoils Hamper Human Growth

Life is not as easy as we think of it as. There are too much of complications that keep pestering us throughout our life. We all have some issues in our life. Some are sad, some are angry, some are depressed and some are sick. What possibly could be the reason behind all these intricacies that we keep on facing on a daily basis? What exactly is the main motto of a person’s existence? Why is it necessary to have these traumas and mental anxiety? Did this question ever occur to you? Am I the only one suffering?

The issues in our lives are in abundance which can never be proved wrong no matter how hard we try. We can only learn to live with it. There will always be ups and downs and we are sure to go through thick and thin.

The reason behind the turmoils in our life is our continuous subjection of the self to the extreme hot and extreme cold emotions that precipitate the roots of all sorrows and happiness. These emotions are something that can never be calculated on fixed deposit calculator. It’s a very natural phenomenon that occurs within ourselves which define our being susceptible to pain, pleasure, sadness, happiness and other similar emotions.


These emotions can never be gauzed and I wish we could have come up with something akin to a fixed deposit calculator that could fathom the intensity of our emotions that we keep experiencing on a daily basis. What is more important for us is the way that we handle this surge of emotion and constant fluctuations in it.

There are many diversions that keep taking place in the minds of the humans which ultimately lead to the rise of various emotions in them. The turmoils that exist into our lives makes it even worse for us to carry it out smoothly. The more types of emotions we experience on a daily basis, the more stable we get in life. So it’s very crucial to get mental and emotional stability by constantly training your brain to bear all sorts of emotions without breaking down the mental inertia.

Emotion is that mental state of a creature which could possibly be associated with the nervous system brought on by the different kinds of chemical changes which indeed is associated with thoughts that precipitate in the minds along with its complementary elements such as, feelings, behavioral responses, and a degree of pleasure or displeasure which may cause turmoils where the person associated with these above-depicted emotions can suffer  turmoils to a great extent. There is currently no scientific consensus on a definition. Emotion is often intertwined with mood, temperament, personality, disposition, and motivation.

When we think of making someone feels the pangs of sudden emotions we tend to make efforts in the direction that could possibly make it happen. So it is very important to take care of the emotion with utmost care in order to prevent any psychic injury that may hamper a breathing creature from experiencing the emotions that are good for his mental and physical health.

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Computers Invading The Office Tables

Computers Invading The Office Tables

The computer nowadays has invaded every office table replacing the piles of physical files and scattered pages that used to give a very scrambled look to the desks. But now the scenario has completely been morphed into a rather posh and elegant establishment from a dingy zone of outdated files that keeps pestering the contemporary owner of the table to whom it has been allotted for that span of time. If we ask the new generation to work on those sort of scattered and haphazard tables, they might commence avoiding facing the person who asked for it. The computer desktops have given a completely new face to the working stations which ultimately changed the ambiance of the offices for the employees.

But there are still some places that seem to have no effect of these upgradations on them. These are the government offices where the working stations can still be seen at sixes and sevens with dilapidated chairs aimlessly occupied by snoozing employees who hardly work. They seem to have no expectations from their current work and the stomach is perhaps the only reason behind their unnatural diligence towards work. The computer to them is the invention that hinders the mental ability of an individual by interfering with its critical and logical agility to make him or her dumb.


Every invention of creation that is literally meant to ease our lives does have some pros and cons indeed. They do make us dependant on them for most of our works but the scientist and inventors don’t do it because they wanted the users to go lame or redundant. The sole purpose of such creations is just to make the life of the people comfortable and easy. This increases productivity and makes you capable of performing multiple tasks at the same time. The result produced by these inventions are more accurate and can rely upon even without cross-checking it which I personally think is more efficient and quick than the tasks performed manually.

There are plenty of instances set can be cited to prove the importance of the computers in our day to day life. We have creations like binomial distribution calculator which makes the work of the professionals a cakewalk who deals with such calculations on a daily basis. Binomial distribution calculator creates a table of the binomial distribution for given parameters and displays graphs of the distribution functions and cumulative functions. It not only helps the professionals but also the students in upper grades pursuing specialization particularly in mathematics, physics and computer science.

I would rather prefer emphasizing on the pros rather than the cons that come glued to it. The computer has indeed made our life easier and has increased the efficiency of the work by increasing productivity.

So instead for cursing it for interfering with our critical and logical ability, we should try making the most out of it. Use it or lose it. It entirely depends on us how we see it. Do we see it as a bane or we see it as a boon?

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How to find a date when you are broke

How to find a date when you are broke

A common belief about dating is that it is a game for the rich. I believe that this is not entirely true. While being rich may help in getting a date quicker, it is more of a psychological game. I know people who live dirt cheap and have the luxury of dating rich women. Although, I have to say that they have the looks to their advantage. While good look is an important aspect of getting a date, there are other factors too which you will read ahead. In this article, I am going to walk you through the tips for finding a date when you are broke. This article is for men and the tips mentioned here are useful for men. However, some of these can be applicable for women too.

Tip #1. Be confident

There is nothing as attractive as a man with a sense of confidence. This is probably the first trait in a man that women like. If you think you are confident enough to approach any woman for a date, you have a major advantage.

Tip#2. Dress sensibly


Once you have the confidence to approach women, you can go ahead with the next tip which is to dress sensibly. There is a sense of confidence that comes along with proper dressing. You become certain that women are not going to turn you down because of your dressing. This is a major advantage.

Tip#3. Look for online dates

The world of internet is huge. The online dating industry is huge too. You can find dating sites where you get to meet people of your choice. There are thousands of dating platforms out there. You have to decide for yourself which ones you are going to choose. You can find rich women online. There are sugar mummy online dating sites where you can meet women who are ready to look after your financial needs. Online dating is really something that you should try.

Tip#4. Be attentive

Being attentive and listening to the other person is a trait that really works well in dating. Make sure that you pay complete attention to the person you date. This is something that any woman will like in a man.

Tip#5. Develop a sense of humour

If you can make a woman laugh on the first date, it is an indication that the date was worth it. Having an amazing sense of humour is absolutely beneficial for men in dating. If you think that you lack the sense of humour to woo women, you can learn to develop it on your own. Believe me, it will be worth your time.


These were some of the best tips for finding a date when you are broke. Use these tips and you will have the fortune of getting that woman of your dreams by your side. In case you are not very confident about approaching a woman in person, you can always look for online dates. A sugar mummy online dating site will be the perfect place to start with.

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Building Relationship With Others

Building Relationship With Others

When we talk of compatibility in a relationship, we prefer talking of almost every single detail that may help us in going a long way in carrying out that relationship for a longer period of time. The relationship we are talking of in the article is in broader terms. This is all about staying intact to the person you love through the art of attraction which can be mastered using a few techniques and constant practice. So, how can we become more interesting to keep people adhered to oneself? No matter how well are you in GRE to GMAT conversion, relationship building matters in all walks of life.

The very first thing that comes in the list is investing in yourself if we are planning to commence working on improving upon our relationships with other so that they don’t lose interest in us and eventually end up avoiding our presence around them.

Investing in oneself is the biggest investment one makes in his or her life.

The investment is completely different from the one we normally talk of as in monetary terms. This is more like investing in improving your skills and developing an inner and outer personality. This makes you more interesting to people and makes them wander around you whenever they seek any company.

In this article, you are going to read about a few most common but effective investment options that can add to your overall charm and help you build relationships with the people around you.

1. Read Books:

Read as much as you can. Reading different books make you more interesting you increase your brain and knowledge every time you complete a book. Reading not only passes your time but also expands your brain for better prospects ahead in future.


Those who read are those who lead. Reading books is a direct way to communicate with the author who probably took years to compile these words and gave it a shape of a book.

2. Learn A new Instrument:

Learning a new instrument makes you even more interesting and attracts people towards you. You make them like you with the amazing skill that you have learned through hard work and rigorous practice.

3. Be a good communicator:

It is very important to express yourself in front of others in a way that attracts others. A good communicator always knows what and how to say a thing to anybody. The way you talk to others decides what will be the reaction of the listeners. The professionals who communicate better than those toppers who find themselves stuck in GRE to GMAT conversion are indeed coveted by the companies.

People love to be treated with the utmost respect irrespective of their social status.

If you can touch a person with your words, he will never ever think of running away from you. This art of communication, when nailed perfectly, can fetch you desirable results in building relationships with others. They do not only build good relationships but also ensures that it stays for an extended period of time.

Relationship making is an art and not everybody is good in the game. So it’s is indeed very crucial to keep upgrading yourself to keep people glued to you even if you have nothing apart from the Skeleton fully or partially stuffed with muscles floating on blood.

The Top Subjects To Opt For After High School

The Top Subjects To Opt For After High School

The board exams of the students pursuing higher secondary education have almost been put an end after a long grueling month. There are students who eagerly wait for the exam to get over just to explore the opportunities that the future holds for them. There are some who are constantly pestered by the conventional education ideas hurled upon them by the societies and the parent while few students believe in making their own decisions to make sure that they don’t regret in future for blindly following others decisions as a part of their career.

We all have different interests and niches. There might be some student who would be interested in computers and would love to nail the concepts of XML to JSON converter while others find languages and science more interesting than coding and decoding the programming numbers. Some students prefer creative arts and music over the easy yet insipid concepts of XML to JSON converter.

These students are more into giving vent to their emotions in the form of creative and performing arts and language and literature. The subjects should be chosen entirely on personal preferences rather than being foisted upon by the parents or by the so-called high achiever relatives whom you hated like the Chinese hate democracy.

Today in this article I will be ushering you to the options that can be opted for as a subject according to your interest and niche for pursuing higher education. These subjects either fall in the professional courses or the general courses.


Top courses for commerce student that are mostly career oriented are depicted in the length.

Chartered Accountancy(CA)

Master of Business Administration(MBA)

Chartered Financial Analyst(CFA)

Company Secretary(CS)

Top subjects that can be opted for the students seeking to see a life ahead in the science stream are described in the length. The courses depicted here are mostly professional.

B.Sc. Nursing


MBBS(Bachelor Of Medicine And Bachelor Of Surgery)

BDS(Bachelor In Dental Science)Chemistry

B.Pharma(Bachelor In Pharmacy)


Bachelor in Physiotherapy


D.Pharma(Diploma In Pharmacy)

There are many other individual subjects that can be opted for as an option to pursue the career in a particular subject if you are interested like majors in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Computer Science and so on.

Those who are the enthusiasts of Arts and humanities can proceed with subjects like History, language, and literature, Law, Philosophy, Religion, Performing Arts, Anthropology, Communication, Sociology, Home Science, Psychology and the like subjects.

It is not that we have the paucity of information but craving that hinders us from exploring the options and we finally end up doing things that we never wanted to.

Students after completing their higher secondary education become more prone to confusions and dilemma and seek pieces of advice from others.

No one on the planet knows us the way we know ourselves, not even our parents and our closest friends. So it becomes our responsibility to wisely opt for the subject that interests us.

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How to enjoy life as a blind person

How to enjoy life as a blind person

If you are here to develop a sense of sympathy for the visually impaired, you have come to the wrong place. Do you think blind people are different from people with eyesight? If yes, then this article will show you how wrong you are to think so. Here, you are doing to discover how awesome blind people are and how colorful their lives are.

I am actually a teacher in a blind school and I have been fortunate to observe blind people very closely. This made me realize the good things that happen in a blind person’s life. I have seen blind people live amazing lives and inspire many others to enjoy life and live it to the fullest. These observations have made me come up with the idea of compiling a list of things that blind people generally do to have fun in their day to day lives.


Here goes the list:

1. Listen to music

Blind people have a very keen sense of listening and love to listen. One of their favorite pastimes is listening to music. The best thing here is that they don’t get distracted by anything and they are able to listen to music with all their heart and mind. This is what I consider a really good advantage of being blind.

2. Play music

There are blind people I know who are really good musicians. From guitarists to drummers and flute players, there are blind musicians playing all kinds of instruments. Listen to them playing whenever you can. They are amazing musicians.

3. Go on blind dates

This is one of the things I found really amusing. Blind people going on blind dates.  That’s interesting, isn’t it?

4. Read books

One common thing between me and a blind person is that we both love to read. There are Braille books on possibly every subject in the world today. There are even tools like Braille translator which lets you translate English texts to Braille. This can help the blind read normal books.

5. Listen to the radio

There are many interesting programs you will find on the radio. Listening to the radio is one of the most common things that blind people love to do.

6. Go on walks

Blind people love to move around and feel the buzz of the world outside. They love to go on walks. Sometimes they do it all by themselves. This gives them a sense of independence and boosts their confidence.

7. Laugh out loud

Blind people never hesitate to laugh. Laughter is the best medicine for the soul. Blind people know this better than others.

8. Play with a pet

Dogs are amazing companions for the blind. They guide them on their walks, play with them and make them feel loved. They are the best animals for the blind.

There are as many opportunities for blind people to grow and prosper as for people with eyesight. Tools like braille translator have filled the gap that existed between the blind and the non-blind.

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Which is the highest currency in the world?

Which is the highest currency in the world?

The top economists of the world are in a state of shock seeing the growth of the developing economies of the world, especially India. While there are reasons for the development of a nation in terms of economic prosperity and GDP growth, a lot of people search for the highest currency in the world.

So, which currency holds this status? Read on to find out.

There are more than 150 nations in the world which have their own currencies. Some of these nations are growing rapidly economically. People think that economic growth is the only factor for the growing value of the currency of a nation. While this is true to some extent, there are actually many other factors which add up to make a currency strong or weak.

According to a recent report, the Kuwaiti Dinar is the highest currency in the world. There are many reasons for the growth of this currency. The major reason for this is mentioned below:

One of the major reasons for the growth of the Kuwait Dinar is that ruling authority in the country has made it a rule that whichever country wants to buy oil from them has to buy in Kuwaiti Dinar. This way their currency remains in their country and buyers buy their currency in huge amounts. This is one of the main reasons behind such a high value of the Kuwaiti Dinar.


Most people think that the currency with the highest value is the US Dollar or the Euro. There is so less popularity of the most valued currency in the world that the general people have no idea about it. Ask any Tom, Dick or Harry about it and they will tell you that the US Dollar is undoubtedly the most valuable currency in the entire world. The reason for this kind of perception among the masses is because of the fact that the US Dollar has popularity all over the world, unlike any other currency. The US is a wealthy nation just confirms this theory in people’s minds.

This article has in a way busted a myth which has been believed to be true for so long. There is a lot that I could tell you about the Kuwaiti Dinar and the US Dollar. However, for the sake of keeping this article short, I have demonstrated the main point that serves as an answer to the question which is the topic of this article.

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Best Onine Games For Children

Best Onine Games For Children

The internet is a myriad of online games. There are games for every age group. You might be a kid or you might be an eighty-year-old, you will find games for any age. In this post, you will find the best online games for children. The list below has been compiled after careful examination of the games and their effects on the young minds. These games are approved by the appropriate authorities and are completely safe to play. So, without further ado, take a look at these online games that your child could play.


1. Movie Star Planet

This is a social game for kids and young teenagers. It is the coolest place to put a child’s creative skill to test. The game has pretty good features and ensures the safety of the kids from any kind of harmful elements of the internet world. Kids love to play this game while getting to learn social values. One drawback of the game is that players have to pay a subscription fee to get access to get more features which can help them with the game.

2. Dizzywood

Dizzywood is an online game. This virtual world game was developed by the entertainment company Rocket, Papers, and Scissors. It is safe and fun to play. It has smooth features with excellent graphics which gives it a really cool look. One of the coolest features of the game is that it enables you to change your look at any time during the game.  The sound effects of the game are awesome too.

3. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

This is one of the best xbox games for kids. Featuring all the famous characters of the Marvel world, this game tests and improves kids’ skills and abilities. This is such a game that you too can play with your kids and help them improve their game. There is one thing, however, that you need to let your kids decide for themselves – the username. This is something that can make them feel identified with the character and they can put their hearts into the game.  There are online tools like xbox gamertag generator which lets you choose a cool username instantly. I’m sure your kid will find this xbox gamertag generator tool interesting as it gives the user many names to choose from.

4. Fun Brain

Learning while playing is what every parent wants for their children. Keeping this in mind, Fun Brain has come up with its excellent features. It is an online educational game for kids of all ages. It has amazing features which enables a child to learn while having fun. It has a wide range of subjects that can keep a child busy while learning. The features of the game are quite good. The game developers have done an excellent job in developing the graphics of the entire game.

5. NASA’s Kid’s Club

It is a place to play and learn. The website offers games and knowledge about NASA in a way that keeps the kids engaged and brings out the learner from within. Everything is explained in an easy to understand manner and the kids love the games they get to play.

So, this is the list we have compiled for the best online games for children. We hope you found it useful. If you did find it useful, please don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comment section below. Thank you for your visit!