Brief Information About The Beautiful Blue Diamond

A blue diamond is a certifiable diamond that has not been dealt with or upgraded so as to get its color. Verify that the stone is normal by taking a gander at the GIA certificate where it says birthplace. If it is a genuine blue diamond the beginning will say “characteristic.” Blue diamonds come in a few shades including straight blue, grayish blue, violet-blue, and greenish-blue. 


Where are regular blue diamonds found? 

Just a couple of areas on the planet produce blue diamonds. The Cullinan mine in South Africa and the Argyle mine in Australia are right now the main mines where blue diamonds can be found. However, in the past, these stones were likewise known to have been created in the Golconda mine in India. 

How They Are Made? 

Like all other extravagant colored diamonds, common blue diamonds are made ordinarily. Despite the fact that the procedure that diamonds experience including cutting and cleaning can affect a diamond’s color, blue diamonds are really found with their beautiful blue color tone. Pollution called boron, alongside nitrogen is the reason for the color. 

Common versus lab-made diamonds 

While blue diamonds can be normally found in nature, they can likewise be created in a lab. Obviously, lab-developed adaptations are less important than their common partner. The primary difference between these two sorts is color. 

Most importantly, the man made blue diamonds are really white diamonds that have been treated with heat. Subsequently, they are not really blue diamonds by any stretch of the imagination. Second, man made diamonds will in general have an observably different tone than blue diamonds found in nature. This difference in tone can promptly call attention to a fraud blue diamond to a gemstone proficient. 

What colors would they be able to come in? 

That being stated, however, blue diamonds can arrive in an assortment of colors and still be regarded as normal. Also, they can be found in straight blue, grayish blue, violet-blue, and greenish-blue. Yet, as referenced, the most profound, most extravagant blue diamonds are the most significant because of their irregularity. Alongside the range of tones, the diamonds can shift in power which will likewise eventually influence the estimation of the diamond. 

The fundamental difference between normal and lab blue diamonds 

The color isn’t the main difference between regular and synthetic blue diamonds. The boron in a characteristic blue diamond enables the stone to lead power, clearing denoting an unmistakable difference between the two stones. 

Well known jewelry pieces produced using blue diamonds 

Blue diamond wedding bands, hoops, and neckbands are among the absolute most mainstream decisions for blue diamond jewelry. However, a blue diamond’s irregularity has, thus, making the worth very high, making these jewelry alternatives rather expensive. While they are more important than most different diamonds, the estimation of a blue one is controlled by similar factors, for example, color, power, size, and cut. 

Most Popular Blue Diamond 

The most famous blue diamond is the Blue Moon Diamond. This huge extravagant colored stone is an incredible 12 carats of immaculate blue. This diamond has such a high irregularity, that when purchased by a very rich person in Hong Kong, its cost came to more than 48 million dollars. Strangely enough, the tycoon didn’t get it for himself, yet rather, he purchased the beautiful stone for his seven-year-old little girl.

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