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Word-of-mouth has been believed to be the best strategy to market a product. While it is true in a conventional way, the ways and means of doing it have changed a bit. In the modern online marketing era, word of mouth extends beyond friends and family recommendations. We have now started looking towards influencer marketing. There are, in fact, people who organize all the content that goes across the internet. These are people who contribute to the growth of social media in ways that are commendable. These people are none other than the so-called Social media Influencers.

So, what exactly do Social Media Influencers do?

Their job profile basically involves connecting with people, informing them about various products and topics; and most importantly, shaping their opinions.

Most social media influencers are people who work in a specific niche. They help people to know about products, brands, and services. They give their opinion to people about the usefulness of a product.

Social media influencers are in fact masters of the content industry. They create content which is valuable for people and for brands. They have a huge fan base on social media. They endorse or promote brands for others. They talk about the products and help in creating brand awareness. Consumers who are fans of the influencers trust them. This leads to more conversions and helps the partners to gain profit.

Influencers have great SEO knowledge. They can contribute in getting genuine backlinks and driving traffic to a site. They can even optimize a website’s search engine ranking.

Social media influencers have their presence everywhere. They have a good amount of following in all the major social platforms. Business owners, especially those who have a Pinterest account and like to give their business a boost can really take the help of social media influencers.

Influencer marketing for Pinterest can be immensely beneficial for business owners. From optimizing your content to amplifying your pins, these people can do everything for you. You surely are to benefit from having their services. They can increase your Pinterest followers to a huge extent.

Like all other platforms, Pinterest too needs quality contents to get noticed. Once you have that, you can be sure to get more Pinterest followers. A Social Media influencer can really come to your help in getting good content and quality photos for your product. And with the massive reputation of the influencer, you can surely have the benefit of having your product marketed to a lot many people.

Social Media influencers are in fact a priority for every brand today. It is cost effective and the products can reach to a large number of consumers at the same time. The growing trend of online marketing has made Social Influencers very popular. They really do influence people by marketing products and brands. They make a brand’s online presence trustworthy.

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Buy Followers on Pinterest to get More Traffic to Your Site

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Pinterest is one of the best social networking sites out there. You can use it efficiently to expand your business. The modern-day business world has become extremely competitive. Having an online presence is a must if you want to expand your business. To do this you need to understand the techniques of expanding your reach to the potential customers. Taking the help of social media is a great idea.

Pinterest provides you a platform to market your product. When you have a good number of followers you will have a good reputation. This will naturally lead to more customers. With your popularity on Pinterest, your blog or website will have higher SEO ranking. This will lead to more traffic to your business website.

With the increase in traffic, you can expect more sales. More sales will lead to more growth. Your business will have the means to skyrocket to a new level and expand massively. People always look for profiles with more followers. When you have more followers you gain the trust of others. They start to think that you must have good products. Why else would you have so many followers?

When you buy followers on Pinterest you also need to take care that your products are ready to be promoted. The moment you have your followers you shouldn’t wait to bring out the products to them. A good product when brought up in the right way always sells.

Once you start gaining customers you can go on increasing your follower base by following other strategies. The best among them is to have your Pinterest account linked to all other Social Media platforms. This will help you divert your followers through all your social sites to your Pinterest account and thereafter to your business website. People get influenced by the number of followers on a Pinterest page. This is where having a great number of followers can come to your help.

Your followers can expand your fan base and help you to expand your target market. Your online presence will be increased and you will gain more authority. It will help you to have an influence on the market and promote your product on a wide scale.

All in all, when you buy followers on Pinterest, it can boost your business reach to a large extent and get you where you want to be. Whether you are a startup or an established business, you can always have the advantage of buying followers. You can get that extra motivation when followers bring more followers. The best part of having more followers is that you gain the trust of others which otherwise takes a lot of time to build. In our opinion, buying Pinterest followers is quite a good idea, considering the fact that you buy followers from a trusted source and not just from any website.

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Questioning knowledge

Questioning knowledge

As a self proclaimed nerd, I take pride in seeking and redistributing the knowledge I find a long the way.  This is not the case for all G.N.D.’s, as a future piece that will deal with the “Geekier than Thou” attitude shall address.  But as a seeker of knowledge, when I do speak, it is usually with some semblance of confidence that I at least have a base understanding of what I am speaking about.  So when G.N.D.’s are placed in a situation where their knowledge is called into question or simply dismissed, the first action taken is usually to do some research.  We hate being wrong, but if we are we at least want to know what we were wrong about so that it doesn’t happen again.

It was general break room conversation, the kind that goes on about the little non indepth, non descript, just enough information to keep down the dreaded silence that all but those trying to read hate.  On this day it just happened to be about the recent influx of winged pests into some co-workers homes. And so I, also having recently experienced this encroachment, commented on the “pumpkin” bug infestation.

“Oh, (awkward silence) no, they are lady bugs.  The news said so.”  was the reply.

The dork in me stopped talking about it.  I didn’t have the confidence to back up my thoughts.   I was pretty sure that the bugs crawling around my house and the run of the mill lady bugs, were in fact two different kinds of bugs.   Sometimes you can judge your audience, and know that no matter how much you try to persuade them otherwise, unless you have the credentials, they will believe the news over you to a fault.

So, when I arrived home, moping at having my added information to the conversation so lightly dismissed, I decided to research the little pests online.

Well, to my slight dismay, while there is a bug called a “pumpkin” bug (I can’t remember where I got the term pumpkin bug from but I was always told that they were not lady bugs)…it is not the kind of bug that is infesting the houses this time of year.  (If you do happen to have a pumpkin or squash patch though, it might be the cause of any current crop issues)  However, I did find out that the beetle that is finding its way through every nook and cranny, is occasionally called a “Halloween” bug due to it’s orange-red color and the time of year it chooses to make it’s way indoors.

So the specifics…

The beetle that is infesting mine and other’s houses is called the Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle.  So it is in fact a lady beetle. However, what we call a “Lady Bug” is what is known as a Convergent Lady Beetle and is a native species, where as the M.A.L.B. comes from Asia. The M.a.l.b. was introduced several times over the past 100 years in an effort to cut down on crop eating aphids and scales.

Our little pesky friends are actually quite harmless.  Once in our homes they do not reproduce as they are simply “overwintering”. They do not eat but instead live off of their fat stores…and if they do eat it’s only soft bodied insects, so they can be a beneficial little critter. The only real issue with them is the stink/stains they produce if they are squished or severely traumatized.  They do this unique thing where they release some of their blood in defense…which happens to smell and stain.

So I might not have been 100% accurate,*tear* but I was right about it not being the same as your average “ladybug”.  I, at least, was not willing to take the news at it’s word, just because it was the news, and I made sure that the next time I spoke of the subject I would at least have a better base understanding, so that I could be confident in my facts.  I also have the added benefit of having learned some interesting new facts I might not otherwise have known, had my knowledge not been questioned.  (Like the best way to rid your house …

Sometimes you cant write what you want : Assignments & work

Sometimes you cant write what you want : Assignments & work

I have a writing assignment a bit past due…but I have to get this out for the world to read…

Wednesday night, I packed up my 1999 Volkwagon Beetle with my laptop, camera, notebooks, writing utensils, legal releases, digital camera and my friend’s camcorder to proceed on my quest to interview Rhode Island’s very own Inner Self Lost- an up and coming metal/rock band that’s about to release their 3rd CD.

The band’s lineup has changed since the last time I saw them…the old skool group of band members has altered slowly over the past few years to include some of the most insane, young talent to come out of the Ocean State.  I couldn’t help but wonder what exactly I was getting myself into.  Were these new guys going to be worth my time and energy?  Why am I working for a cause that was relatively unknown to myself?  It all comes down to one word…friends.

Mike, the band’s frontman and lead singer, and I go back to the turn of the new millenium.  We worked together in one of those God-awful mall stores, completely reliant on the hearts of Corporate America.  The only problem? Corporate America doesn’t have a heart. Do I regret it?  Not at all, for if I got aboslutely nothing else out of this retail experience, I now have a great friend for an eternity who has the most interesting perspectives on every aspect of life.  I could sit and listen to him go on and on about how Metallica has no heart or about a white shirt that he wants to have in his wardrobe so that he can exit his future home through french doors that open to a vineyard…only he doesn’t actually leave the house, he just opens the two doors simulatenously while wearing this poet-sleeved, button down shirt…just to make a “whooshing” sound as the doors swing outward.  Yup…good times.

Kyle on bass guitar is another of my buds that came out of that work experience, but not in the same manner as Mike. While Kyle did work with me, that adventure didn’t take place until a few years later.  Kyle came into the store on its opening day and took the liberty of introducing himself to me as I sat on a bench in the back of the store. He extended his hand to shake mine… “Hi! I’m Kyle!”  His presence?  A young Val Kilmer (but with a personality), or as his mom told me, “He gets Brad Pitt a lot”.

So I met the remaining two members of this new lineup, as Mike is the only remaining original member.  It is, after all, his band.

AJ was there upon my arrival…oodles of personality pouring out of every tattoo and piercing on his body.  But could he play the drums?  Undoubtedly insane…He reminded me of someone, but I couldn’t put my finger on who this twenty-something drummer was sparking a memory of.  I still can’t actually…so I will have to spend some time later fiddling through clips of drum solos on YouTube-

But Georgie–Let me just start by saying that I now know how Ozzy Ozbourne felt when a then teen-aged Randy Rhoads walked into his studio to audition for the first solo Ozzy album…

In walks this long-limbed, teen-age boy…a boy…that I’ve heard nothing but amazing comments about.  I believe he was referred to as a ‘prodigy’.  Prodigy is an understatement, if that’s possible.  As this young man played his guitar, I sat in an armchair across the room…very thankful that it was in fact an armchair so that I could put my right elbow someplace to hold my chin up from hitting the floor.  Flashbacks on my teenage years poured through my mind.  The first time that I saw Randy Rhoads play the guitar…how he made it look so easy.  How pissed off I was that I was born with short, stubby fingers, left unable to play any sort of string instrument other than a violin…which I had no interest in learning.  How the day in March of 1982 when Randy was tragically killed in a small plane crash took a piece of my heart and soul that …