Health Benefits Of Using Snowflake Obsidian Gemstone

Health Benefits Of Using Snowflake Obsidian Gemstone

Snowflake Obsidian Gem improves us mindful of the truth in our own reality, providing more light in our lives and activities; we perceive that obstacles must be taken to arrive at the light; It drives us profound into our lives and permits us to see what we have encountered more intentionally; we along these lines gain from our slip-ups and consequently perceive the way that is ideal for us; he secures as a defensive stone against negative influences, bogus companions and coming risks. 

Healing consequences for the body calm diseases and infections brought about by unfamiliar bodies and infections, for example, growths, inflammation of the intestine and cecum, as well as diseases of hepatitis, chickenpox, herpes, influenza, and measles; the safe framework is reinforced, he ought to have a strengthening impact on the spine, bone marrow, and bone; People with a low pulse, successive shivering and cold feet are orchestrated by the healing stone.

In stone science regularly the purported snowflake obsidian healing stones are utilized. In principle, it doesn’t make a difference in which structures the healing stone has. It doesn’t make a difference whether it is the crude snowflake obsidian mineral or snowflake obsidian tumbled stone. Conclusive is the skin contact and a pleasant feeling. Since crude snowflake obsidian mineral as a rule has sharp broken edges, it must be utilized partially for a stone shilling and in crystal healing. 

The Snowflake Obsidian Tumbled Stone is ideal on the grounds that the Snowflake Obsidian Tumbled Stone has a pleasing surface. The following enormous preferred position of the snowflake obsidian tumbled stone as a healing stone is its cost. Since the snowflake obsidian tumbled stone, in readiness, requires truth to be told, almost no manpower, it is the ideal healing stone in stone science. 

In the meditation, the snowflake obsidian is once in a while found. However, there is no genuine reason for that. Snowflake obsidian is a decent assistant in meditating. In stone circles, the snowflake obsidian finds nearly nothing, until no utilization. For the stone circle shows up the snowflake obsidian, excessively dominant for some. 

Specifically, snowflake obsidian is considered a stone that invigorates blood dissemination and is in this way well appropriate for issues such. Cold hands and cold feet. It is said that the snowflake obsidian is a large pain-relieving and relaxing stone. The physical impact requires skin contact in any case. 

They are significant allies for those individuals who experience the ill effects of low circulatory strain or who over and over complain of cold hands and feet. Indeed, even with back pain or circulatory issues, Obsidian is viable. Moreover, it quickens wound healing and assists with relieving muscle inflammation. Especially well-known is the hemostatic impact. Cut injuries close rapidly, which is because of the way that obsidians have extremely high iron substance. 

Eventually, the Obsidian additionally offers, particularly the Snowflake Obsidian, to reduce the torture of a headache after unreasonable liquor utilization. Asthma and muscle cramps are lightened and the connective tissue is reinforced. The intake of vitamins C and D are upheld and stomach and intestinal complaints become more endurable by wearing or laying on the gemstone. 

The obsidian in its variety is ideal for meditating. Simply looking at it prompts a positive, clairvoyant impact. Direct skin contact brings the best physical outcomes. So it very well may be worn in the type of jewelry or an ornament. Obsidians are accessible with different carat weights as pendants, rings, earrings, and so forth.

Brief Information About The Beautiful Blue Diamond

A blue diamond is a certifiable diamond that has not been dealt with or upgraded so as to get its color. Verify that the stone is normal by taking a gander at the GIA certificate where it says birthplace. If it is a genuine blue diamond the beginning will say “characteristic.” Blue diamonds come in a few shades including straight blue, grayish blue, violet-blue, and greenish-blue. 


Where are regular blue diamonds found? 

Just a couple of areas on the planet produce blue diamonds. The Cullinan mine in South Africa and the Argyle mine in Australia are right now the main mines where blue diamonds can be found. However, in the past, these stones were likewise known to have been created in the Golconda mine in India. 

How They Are Made? 

Like all other extravagant colored diamonds, common blue diamonds are made ordinarily. Despite the fact that the procedure that diamonds experience including cutting and cleaning can affect a diamond’s color, blue diamonds are really found with their beautiful blue color tone. Pollution called boron, alongside nitrogen is the reason for the color. 

Common versus lab-made diamonds 

While blue diamonds can be normally found in nature, they can likewise be created in a lab. Obviously, lab-developed adaptations are less important than their common partner. The primary difference between these two sorts is color. 

Most importantly, the man made blue diamonds are really white diamonds that have been treated with heat. Subsequently, they are not really blue diamonds by any stretch of the imagination. Second, man made diamonds will in general have an observably different tone than blue diamonds found in nature. This difference in tone can promptly call attention to a fraud blue diamond to a gemstone proficient. 

What colors would they be able to come in? 

That being stated, however, blue diamonds can arrive in an assortment of colors and still be regarded as normal. Also, they can be found in straight blue, grayish blue, violet-blue, and greenish-blue. Yet, as referenced, the most profound, most extravagant blue diamonds are the most significant because of their irregularity. Alongside the range of tones, the diamonds can shift in power which will likewise eventually influence the estimation of the diamond. 

The fundamental difference between normal and lab blue diamonds 

The color isn’t the main difference between regular and synthetic blue diamonds. The boron in a characteristic blue diamond enables the stone to lead power, clearing denoting an unmistakable difference between the two stones. 

Well known jewelry pieces produced using blue diamonds 

Blue diamond wedding bands, hoops, and neckbands are among the absolute most mainstream decisions for blue diamond jewelry. However, a blue diamond’s irregularity has, thus, making the worth very high, making these jewelry alternatives rather expensive. While they are more important than most different diamonds, the estimation of a blue one is controlled by similar factors, for example, color, power, size, and cut. 

Most Popular Blue Diamond 

The most famous blue diamond is the Blue Moon Diamond. This huge extravagant colored stone is an incredible 12 carats of immaculate blue. This diamond has such a high irregularity, that when purchased by a very rich person in Hong Kong, its cost came to more than 48 million dollars. Strangely enough, the tycoon didn’t get it for himself, yet rather, he purchased the beautiful stone for his seven-year-old little girl.

Personality Traits Of A Person With Yellow Aura

An individual with a yellow aura has specific character qualities that reflect attunement to high energy vibration. Some character characteristics for yellow aura characters incorporate innovativeness, high knowledge, and a positive disposition. Here is a finished rundown of qualities that can be found in an individual with yellow aura. 


Inventive Expression 

You are exceptionally innovative and must have something going on constantly to draw in your inventive streak. As a yellow aura individual, you approach life from a position of inventiveness. If this expressive energy isn’t appropriately directed, you will become anxious and experience the ill effects of gloom or unexpected disease. When your circumstance is cured, your health rapidly recuperates. This requirement for opportunity is pervasive in all that you embrace in life. For example, you won’t remain in an occupation or relationship that stifles your imagination or opportunity of articulation. 

Never Suffer Fools 

You won’t endure whatever limits you, regardless of whether it is imaginatively, truly, or intellectually. The maxim, “Doesn’t put up with idiots,” effectively portrays how you connect with others when they don’t display the equivalent mental prowess. While you’re graced with acceptable social aptitudes, you won’t endure somebody who attempts to direct or educate you when they’re off-base. This quality regularly gets you in a tough situation and once in a while called pompous or more regrettable, an egotist. In your psyche, it’s truly straightforward, the individual was off-base, and you were essentially calling attention to their blunder while clarifying why they were wrong. You would need to be told if you were off-base regardless of whether you once in a while are. 

Positive Attitude 

One of the most relentless attributes of your yellow aura character is a positive mentality. Even with the absolute most significant difficulties, you proceed ahead until you’ve met the test. This tenacious demeanor brings you through life and pulls in positive things to you. Friends and bosses are constantly dazzled by your never-surrender mentality. 

Carpe Diem 

The phrase “carpe diem” (hold onto the day) could have been begotten only for you. Committed to carrying on with your life to the fullest conceivable, you’re a free soul. You value accepting the way things are as a rule with a laid-back demeanor until something challenges your opportunity or stands between you and your objective. When this occurs, you can turn out to be severe and angry until whatever is halting you is not, at this point a danger. This type of eagerness and absence of resilience is a life exercise that ought to be adapted rapidly so you can move past it. 

Profession And Life Purpose 

These character qualities bolster a lifelong decision as a specialist, craftsman, pioneer, or researcher. While you need to have the sponsorship and backing of an organization or foundation, you don’t function admirably under small scale overseeing conditions. You’re a free soul and need space and opportunity to investigate outside the bounds of expectedness. It’s an uncommon activity that can bolster this sort of model, however with your positive mentality, you’ll wind up finding that ideal vocation. You may choose it’s ideal to work for yourself, set your own work routine and work boundaries. 

Objective Oriented 

You can have a restricted decision center when it goes to a task. If your creative mind is locked in and captured by an idea, you can easily neglect to eat or even rest until you’ve arrived at the objective or at any rate a reasonable halting point.

Health Benefits Of Using Grounding Techniques

Syncing your uncovered toes into wet grass, dirt, sand, or water is the most recent pattern in wellness. Known as “earthing” or “grounding,” when the skin comes into contact with the ground, the human body turns into a wipe that absorbs negatively-charged electrons from the earth. 

Grounding has been practiced since the beginning of time when our precursors strolled around in exposed feet or conductive cowhide moccasins or shoes. Maybe this is one explanation for their longevity and great health. After the invention of elastic soled shoes, a non-conductive barrier was raised between mankind and our most prominent wellspring of electrons – the earth. As our direct contact with the earth blurs through the routine utilization of synthetic flooring and shoes, electromagnetic instability undermines our health. 

There are a portion of the benefits of earthing or grounding on human health and a portion of the significant health benefits are listed beneath yet separated from this brief information on grounding you can have detailed information from this website here – Peruse beneath a portion of the benefits of grounding on human health. 


Grounding Neutralizes Free Radicals 

Free radicals are produced through inflammation, infection, cell harm, injury, stress, and toxic environments. They power our immune framework to react to these dangers. An active immune framework creates all the more free radicals and soon our body is attempting to extinguish fires, yet it has insufficient assets to do as such. Additionally, industrialization and our increasingly technological world have tossed us into a labyrinth of electromagnetic fields, which disrupt the electrical parity of our cells. A wealth of free radicals, precarious charges, inflammation, and immune activation are responsible for a portion of our most threatening chronic conditions, for example, malignant growth, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic pain disorder, and autoimmunity. Grounding is a simple, inexpensive method by which a large portion of us can battle these destructive powers. The negative electrons retained from the earth extinguish the free radicals, underpin the immune framework, and extinguishes the fires. 

Grounding Improves Sleep, Pain Management, and Stress 

Grounding seems to improve rest, help oversee pain, and normalizes cortisol to diminish the pressure reaction. The sensory system is an electrical arrangement of the body and influences every one of these activities. An influx of negative electrons from the earth has appeared to quiet the sensory system by shifting the autonomic sensory system from the sympathetic, “fight-or-flight” branch toward the parasympathetic “rest-and-digest” branch. Rest and stress reduction are vital for managing pain, and decreasing the risks of numerous chronic health conditions. Grounding assists with establishing a typical cortisol level at night, which improves rest, pain, and stress. 

Grounding Improves Inflammation and Immunity 

New studies likewise show that grounding positively influences the inflammatory reaction and the immune framework, which could have broad health benefits. We definitely realize that grounding improves cortisol levels. Since high cortisol, associated with chronic pressure, prompts systemic inflammation in the body, grounding can certainly improve inflammation as it normalizes cortisol. The influx of free negative electrons from the earth likewise battles positively charged free radicals created by inflammatory elements as they react to injury, infection, injury, or stress. As grounding neutralizes free radicals, the immune reaction quiets. Healing continues at a faster rate without destructive free radicals. When the body is deficient in negative electrons, cells and tissue are helpless against destruction, leading to free radicals, systemic inflammation, and chronic immune activation.

Interesting Facts To Know About Topaz Gemstone

Interesting Facts To Know About Topaz Gemstone

Common topaz is frequently mistaken for different gemstones. The famous blue assortments of topaz are typically rewarded and passed off as less expensive adaptations of sea green/blue and Apatite. The more nonpartisan conditioned topaz gemstones are either overlooked or mistaken for smokey quartz or citrine. There is a wide scope of topaz examples that adversary even the most costly colored jewels and sapphires. The following are seven intriguing facts you presumably didn’t think about this searing and differing jewel. 

Topaz Used to Be Peridot 

Topaz has a long and as a rule contested history, principally in light of the fact that it has been mistaken for different minerals ordinarily. To start with, we should begin toward the starting when the word topaz initially hit the gems radar. 

Some accept that the term topaz follows back to a little island in the red ocean called Topazos. The Romans would gather brilliant stones here that they at that point named Topazos. So is this where topaz was found? Not actually. The gemstones that were gathered from this island weren’t topaz, yet rather cutting edge peridot! Today, the island is called Zabargad rather which is Arabic for the period. 

Topaz Isn’t the Same as Quartz 

For a huge number of years, before gemologists and geologists could differentiate between minerals, all brilliant colored gemstones were called topaz. For example, gems like brilliant citrine and smoky quartz and even peridot were considered to be topaz despite the fact that they are totally different minerals. It’s easy to comprehend why on the grounds that to the unaided eye, it is almost difficult to differentiate between brilliant citrine and an also colored topaz. 

Topaz Comes in a Rainbow of Colors 

When the vast majority consider topaz, they think about a gently colored brownstone that is plentiful and economical. In spite of the fact that this is incompletely evident, aside from Brown Topaz additionally offers some top-notch regular colored examples that can match top-quality colored sapphire in both magnificence and worth. Common topaz comes in numerous shades of yellow, orange, red, green, blue, pink, and purple. 

Imperial Topaz Is Rare 

The most important color of normal topaz is red. It is uncommon to the point that under 1% of all diamond grade topaz harsh displays this shade. These stones have a reddish-orange tone and are known as Imperial Topaz. The red coloring is generally predominant at the top and base of the stone. The focal point of the diamond ordinarily shows an orange body color with pink feelings. Imperial topaz was first discovered in Brazil as well as in the Ural Mountains of Russia. It was utilized in the Imperial Jewels of Russia and named after the Russian Czars of the eighteenth and nineteenth hundreds of years. 

Blue Topaz Is Not Naturally Blue 

There are a couple of different assortments of blue topaz that is showcased in the adornments business: swiss blue topaz, London blue topaz, and sky blue topaz. While blue topaz can happen normally, this is amazingly uncommon. The vast greater part of blue topaz is treated by messing with colorless or colored topaz and utilizing a blend of warmth and radiation. These monetarily accessible gems used to order a not too bad cost per carat, however, due to over manufacturing, the plenitude of material has made the expense of blue topaz go down significantly.

Effective Tricks To Spend A Positive Life

Negativity in your connections, antagonism inside yourself and pessimism inside your condition. To reduce these vibes and to carry on with a positive life without you ought to follow some extremely simple deceives that may get you out. Peruse out the focuses underneath and apply them in your life. 


Limit Toxic Relationships 

All of you have heard me state this previously: Remove toxicity from your life. Toxic connections regularly come hand-in-hand with cynicism. If an individual causes you to feel awful about yourself, what you do, how you are, at that point the individual is toxic. Toxic individuals regularly cause others to feel severely so as to rest easy thinking about themselves. Shockingly, these people can be family, making it difficult to totally expel them from your life. In these cases, limit the time you go through with them and work on developing healthier, more joyful connections. 

Setting Boundaries 

Set limits with the negative individuals in your life. If they cross a line and they go excessively far with their critique, at that point let them realize that in spite of the fact that you love them and care for them, their cynicism isn’t welcome. Disclose to them that if they can’t be positive or deferential, at that point you can’t associate with them. 

Discover Positive People 

The more you encircle yourself with positive, high energy individuals, the less room you have for the individuals who are negative. Have you at any point had a companion who caused you to feel uncommon, gave you more certainty, even caused you to feel empowered? This is the sort of individual who brings inspiration into your life. 


Contemplation can come in numerous structures. You can think through increasingly conventional configurations, for example, yoga or profound breathing, or just via cutting in some “alone” time without anyone else. The objective here is to invest some energy in a consistent schedule, clearing your psyche, freeing it of negative musings and pulling together it on those that are positive. 

Do What You Love To Do

In all actuality, when difficulties are out of hand, we might not have the advantage of being excessively meticulous here. In any case, when we work with individuals who are negative, it tends to be depleting. Further, if the assurance of the organization is truly low, your workplace can have a colossally negative effect on you and your general viewpoint. If this is the situation, search for a new position and search out an organization that is known for having a healthy, positive culture.

Utilize Healing Crystals 

The power of crystals has been concentrated since old civic establishments. These old societies utilized crystals and stones for healing an assortment of physical and mental diseases. If you need to have a progressively positive mindset, there are an enormous assortment of crystals to look over to help exile cynicism. Regardless of whether you wear them on your body or keep them around the home, these astounding stones are basic for by and large health and imperativeness. Healing crystals are utilized with orgonite and you can get them online through web based business destinations like amazon and eBay. It is generally excellent for individuals who are searching for orgonite uk and still not getting results for their inquiry on google. Go to these applications and purchase orgonite based gems effectively for healing.

Advantages Of Wearing Gemstones or Crystals In Your Life

Advantages Of Wearing Gemstones or Crystals In Your Life

Gone are where just clairvoyants and nonconformists were conscious of the bits of knowledge and spiritualists of gemstones. These days, the advantages of gemstones are broadly perceived and recognized. One of the most impressive approaches to encounter the advantages of gemstones is by wearing them around your neck. With the assortment of wearable’s accessible in numerous shops, accomplishing health has never been simpler. 

Since Times Immemorial Gemstones have captivated humankind for their magnificence and phenomenal powers. Numerous advantages have been credited to gemstones going from addition of affection, riches, assurance and passionate steadiness. Gemstones are accepted to have an ounce of heavenly nature in them. They structure in nature going from thousands to a huge number of years. From being worn as defensive talismans or as instruments of addition to fortune , individuals have referred to numerous focal points and advantages of wearing Gemstones. Here are some astonishing advantages of wearing gemstones in your day by day life. 


  1. Association 

Wearing one of our beautiful pieces interfaces you to the past. Generally, gemstones were utilized in an assortment of ways. In early occasions, jewels were utilized to encourage origination and instigate love and abhor. Presently, wearing gemstones isn’t associated with a specific culture or religion. Everybody can profit by the beautiful gift of history and association. 

  1. Healing Powers 

Every gemstone has remarkable healing powers. Each pearl speaks to a planet and can draw vitality from that planet and direct it to you. For instance, red or pink ruby speaks to the sun. Similarly as the sun offers life to the common world, ruby renews and empowers the wearer to assume liability and administration in their life. The vitality of gemstones kills the energetic blockages causing unforeseen weakness and sustains all parts of your being. 

  1. Expulsion Of Planet’s Influence

They can be utilized to quiet down or start a specific body organ and even improve or balance the impact of any planet in an individual’s introduction to the world graph. Numerous individuals who worry upon things a great deal are encouraged to wear a Worry Stone to help them in evacuating or bringing down the impact of the planet making them think upon specific things for a drawn out time. Similarly there are numerous different stones accessible to reduce the impact of different planets in your life. 

  1. Noticeable Purpose

As indicated by specialists, conveying your aims with you, and consistently alluding to what you need and why you need it is a known method for accomplishing your motivation. The gemstone you are conveying with you encourages you in accomplishing your motivation and causes you in resisting the urge to panic. 

  1. Purging 

Jewels can purify anything from dread to self-uncertainty to wildness. It is significant you purify your gemstones normally to clear gathered energies. There are some shrewd powers also around you and to shield you from those you should rinse your gemstones and avoid those negative powers. 

It is conceivable to accomplish and keep up health in all aspects of your life with the beautiful complexities of diamonds. At the point when you buy a handmade piece, you are not just accepting a beautiful gift from an earlier time, yet you are focusing on putting resources into your prosperity now and later on.

Why Employment Is Essential For Everyone?

Why Employment Is Essential For Everyone?

Employment is an essential part of everyone’s life. Whether you are working for yourself or you are working under someone, is you are employed, you seem more confident. You become more stable in your life. You can handle issues and the time of crisis. Poor people who are not getting employed due to lack of education are facing severe problems in their life. They are becoming helpless to the extent that many of those people commit suicides. 

Lets breakdown this issue in some interesting points to understand why employment is necessary for everyone.

You Can Feed Yourself

The basic need of the human need that needs to be fulfilled on the first spot is an adequate amount of food for survival. Once you are independent and you are feeding yourself, you get relief in your body that at least you can take care of yourself even at the time of crisis. 

A Support For Your Family

Once you start getting paid in any work, you start saving money for your future usage. This is something that we all do in our lives to be secure. If you are earning a livelihood and saving money, you are capable of helping your family at times of emergency.

Fulfilling Your Desires

When you start earning a handsome amount every month, your desires expand. Once you can fulfill the basic needs and you can spend some extra bucks, you will want to achieve your ambitions. If you are employed in some work or under someone, you can satisfy your wishes. 

Investing In Something Beneficial

If you have money, you can always use that money to invest in something more fruitful for your future. Investing is the best thing you can do with your payment. This is the best option you have instead of spending it on something stupid. Not only it will secure your future, but investing in something makes your money safe, and you can liquify it anytime you need. 


Other than some primary advantages of employment, some benefits are enjoyed by only working professionals. Take a look below. 

Provident Fund

If you are working in a well-established company for years, you are going to get a provident fund at the time you will be leaving the organization. The provident fund is deducted from your salary every month, and the company makes the contribution on behalf of you, which will be transferred to your bank account when you leave the organization. 


The individual receives Gratuity In India at the time of his resignation or retirement from the company. It is given to the individual for his excellence in working with the organization. The minimum time for gratuity is five years with the same organization. A person is also entitled to gratuity if he/she is dead while working in the organization. 


While working for some organization, you receive additional gifts every year based on your performance. The amount can vary depending upon your return, but you get paid for your hard work accordingly. Even if there are some festivals, your company treats you with some bonus and other offerings.

How I Managed To Get A Perfect Air Compressor

How I Managed To Get A Perfect Air Compressor

I was looking for an air compressor for a very long time just for my house usage and to use it sometimes in my garage for small tasks. Going around and watching so many brands sta the same time got me confused and I was not able to make up my mind. I was really keen to buy an established brand just like Husky which is the in the market for a very long period and doing well since starting.

husky 6

Just like Husky, I even looked for more brands like Dewalt, California Air Tools, Campbell and Kobalt and getting so many choices really puzzled my mind. I had to choose one but how? I searched the internet and looked for some big brand reviews online on various sites but still there was a lot of chaos as I have to search individually for every single brand rather than comparing it upon the same platform with reviews, advantages, disadvantages and customers ratings but suddenly while I was searching for husky air compressor reviews I saw a website which has the review of almost all the best models from husky with proper ratings and reviews of every model.

As a fan of Husky brand for a long time, I was happy that my search has come to an end and I can decide easily which compressor will fulfill my need. Moreover, there were many other bards reviews in the same manner and I was able to make a choice quite comfortably within some time after reading the detailed information about all devices. You can also read out the review of all the best air compressors from husky at and make your decision wisely.

Here you will get the complete review of all best brands with ratings on the basis of their performance, their durability, their worthiness, and their price. You will see in the review that many devices are listed with their advantages and their disadvantages and after reading them you will get an idea about what is special in that particular device and what can be issues you will face in the future.

That’s how I managed to purchase a brand new air compressor from my residential purpose that fits my budget and worked fine according to its capacity. Reading the reviews before buying any product gives you an idea whether it is going to last in your working scenario or not. So, if you are purchasing an air compressor online or offline I would suggest you go online and search for some reviews online on amazon, eBay or on other websites providing information on different models.

Review all the competitors, review what are they offering what are the special things or additional features offered from brands and most importantly what are they charging you for the product, do not get attracted towards their lucrative offers and stick to your basic needs that needs to be fulfilled from the device. For attracting customers every brand may offer some offers but if you are getting the right compressor as a considerably lower price than other and dif it is fulfilling your needs go for it without wasting any time on looking for some offers. Reviews price, features, durability, performance, and functionality that’s it.

Downloading Aadhar In The Simplest Way

There are many ways to your aadhar card with ease but do you know the simplest way to download it digitally from your smartphone? The simplest way is to download it by proving your aadhar number. When you take to visit UIDAI’s website you will see a “My Aadhaar” tab on the menu. From that menu, you go to the option of “Download aadhaar” and after that, you just have to put your aadhar number from downloading your aadhar card digitally. 



Several more ways are also there like you can generate a 16 digit virtual Id number and download it from the website but here you have to first generate that number, and after generating that number you will follow the steps of downloading it and if you have that you can simply go the same option of download aadhar and choose the option of Virtual ID number and download your E aadhaar online. But this process can be a little longer as compared to the other option so it is better to go for the aadhar number option.

Downloading your aadhar card with enrollment number is also easy and less time consuming but the problem here is that people do not even remember the enrollment number or by some mistake, they have lost their enrollment number. You can get that back easily on your mobile number, there is no issue with that but that process is also a little complicated as compared to the aadhar number process.

Remember that you need your registered mobile number in every other way you use to get your aadhar card online through UIDAI’s website, there is no such way where you can get the aadhar card online without a registered mobile number. 

यदि आपको न पता हो की आप अपना आधार कार्ड डाउनलोड कैसे कर सकते है सबसे आसान तरीके से तो आप दिए गए लिंक पर क्लिक करके यह सब तरीकों को देख सकते है जिससे की आप अपना आधार कार्ड आसानी से डाउनलोड कर पाएंगे और अपने फ़ोन मई अपने पास रख सकेंगे. यहाँ आपको आधार डाउनलोड का सबसे सरल तरीका दिए गया है और यही आपको वो तरीका पसंद न हो या कोई और तरीके की सहायता से आप आधार डाउनलोड करना चाहते हो तो आप और दिए गए तरीकों पे नज़र दाल सकते है.

As mentioned above by using your aadhar number is the simplest way of downloading you E Aadhar online but if you find other ways more convenient for yourself, there is no issue in trying those methods as long as the main purpose of downloading it online is served. 

You E aadhar is a valid document and a valid proof for you and it can be used anywhere anytime. So it is easy to carry this type of aadhaar card with you rather than carrying it in a physical form. Download it whenever you feel the need and if you have got your registered mobile with you it means you have your aadhar card with you always.