Life of a travel blogger

Life of a travel blogger

Imagine yourself in the beaches of Bahamas, sitting with a laptop, watching the waves of the sea go up and down as you feel the vibe of the place. This is what a travel blogger experiences, that too, while he is working.

Travel blogging has grown as a potential career option for many because of the perks involved. Some of the perks include freedom to work from anywhere in the world, flexible work hours and amazing places to go. This job is a blessing for those who love to travel. Earning while traveling is quite fascinating an idea. A lot of people are doing it and earning a great deal of money.

However, it is not as easy as it may sound. You need to work. A lot. And most importantly, you need to have the skills for maintaining a blog and writing engaging content for your readers. You need to keep your readers hooked. Being knowledgeable about photography can be an added advantage.


Travel blogging involves two main activities – travelling and blogging. You need to good at both. Blogging is something you can learn. With enough experience, you should be able to create good content that can keep your readers engaged. Besides that, you also need to understand how you can promote your blog to reach out to the world. Your specific target audience will be travellers. You need to get yourself affiliated with one or more travel sites to help your blog reach the audience.

Building a good website is the first thing that needs to be done to start blogging. Once that is done, you can go to places and take pictures. Post a good article about the place with all the details. Give a detailed description about the routes used for travelling. Share your experiences with them. I say this because I remember going through an article of a travel blogger who went on to explain the tiniest details of travelling in Bangalore Metro. Here is a website that gives you insight on Bangalore metro timings

In addition to this, you can also link your YouTube channel to your blog and give the audience a visual treat. This will help you to gain more audience for your website as well as your channel.

There are so many places to travel and write in the world that your blog can grow to an extent that is unimaginable. Once your blog grows to a certain level, you can get offers from brands. You can become a social media influencer and make some extra earning.

When your following grows, you gain a lot of trust from them. People will like to listen to you and follow your suggestions. Thus your value will grow in the digital world.

You can earn a lot from the ads and affiliate programs linked to your blog. You can get paid to write guest posts on other people’s blogs. The possibilities are endless. But, you need to be diligent and keep your focus on writing good content that engages the audience.

Travel blogging can be a fun way to earn profit and make your mark in the online world. You just need to follow the right strategy to make the best use of your blogging skills.

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How to enjoy life as a blind person

How to enjoy life as a blind person

If you are here to develop a sense of sympathy for the visually impaired, you have come to the wrong place. Do you think blind people are different from people with eyesight? If yes, then this article will show you how wrong you are to think so. Here, you are doing to discover how awesome blind people are and how colorful their lives are.

I am actually a teacher in a blind school and I have been fortunate to observe blind people very closely. This made me realize the good things that happen in a blind person’s life. I have seen blind people live amazing lives and inspire many others to enjoy life and live it to the fullest. These observations have made me come up with the idea of compiling a list of things that blind people generally do to have fun in their day to day lives.


Here goes the list:

1. Listen to music

Blind people have a very keen sense of listening and love to listen. One of their favorite pastimes is listening to music. The best thing here is that they don’t get distracted by anything and they are able to listen to music with all their heart and mind. This is what I consider a really good advantage of being blind.

2. Play music

There are blind people I know who are really good musicians. From guitarists to drummers and flute players, there are blind musicians playing all kinds of instruments. Listen to them playing whenever you can. They are amazing musicians.

3. Go on blind dates

This is one of the things I found really amusing. Blind people going on blind dates.  That’s interesting, isn’t it?

4. Read books

One common thing between me and a blind person is that we both love to read. There are Braille books on possibly every subject in the world today. There are even tools like Braille translator which lets you translate English texts to Braille. This can help the blind read normal books.

5. Listen to the radio

There are many interesting programs you will find on the radio. Listening to the radio is one of the most common things that blind people love to do.

6. Go on walks

Blind people love to move around and feel the buzz of the world outside. They love to go on walks. Sometimes they do it all by themselves. This gives them a sense of independence and boosts their confidence.

7. Laugh out loud

Blind people never hesitate to laugh. Laughter is the best medicine for the soul. Blind people know this better than others.

8. Play with a pet

Dogs are amazing companions for the blind. They guide them on their walks, play with them and make them feel loved. They are the best animals for the blind.

There are as many opportunities for blind people to grow and prosper as for people with eyesight. Tools like braille translator have filled the gap that existed between the blind and the non-blind.

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Tips And Tricks To Develop Brain At Any Age

Tips And Tricks To Develop Brain At Any Age

Brain is said to be the nucleus of our body that governs the entire system and prevents it from collapsing. Brain does not remain the same throughout our lives, it too strolls down the corridor of reformations and changes. Brain is a miraculous gift to every creature dwelling on the earth.

We had a notion that brain cannot be developed after entering the threshold of a certain age. Scientist and psychologist have unflinchingly been working on this peculiar and the most complex sponge.

After performing various experiments based on previously propagated theories and researches, they came up with a theory about brain plasticity or neuroplasticity, refuting the old notion about brain development.

Brains are in fact the most complex and versatile organ of a body. The neuroplasticity theory proposed by scientists proves the everlasting development that it keeps on going through.

We also, by following few techniques and forming a few good habits can stretch the limits of our brain at any stage of life by solving aptitudes and giving maths online tests.

I would like to share 10 most important habits and techniques by virtue of which the brain power can be increased and memory can be tripled in a short span of time.



  1. Meditation

    Meditation is considered to have powers that expand your brain and eliminates restlessness by increasing concentration. This, if performed periodically, is sure to fetch positive results. People who meditate are more focused and productive.

  1. Exercises 

    Exercising regularly supplies an adequate amount of oxygen to your brain for the uninhibited functions of the brain. It improves brain and keeps the body healthy.

  1. Diet 

    Many foods help in keeping our brain healthy. Some foods, such as fruits and vegetables, as well as tea and coffee, have antioxidants that help protect your brain from injury. Others, such as nuts and eggs, contain nutrients and vital minerals that support memory and brain development.

  1. Memory Techniques 

    Memory techniques are the best exercise to improve the brain for retaining information. Chunking techniques, mnemonics, memory palace techniques, the major method and the alphabet list are the techniques that can be used for developing memory.

  1. Solving maths and aptitude  

    Solving mathematical problems and aptitude questions help you to improve attention and brain capacity. You can improve the ability by performing periodic maths online tests for free.

  1. Reading Books: Readers are leaders

     Reading books is a method to plunge inside the minds of the writers through reading their books. Reading books increases our information on various niche which develops our brain.

  1. Skill Acquisition 

    Learning new skills changes the order of your brain and hits its inertia, forcing it to form new nerve cells which ultimately expands our brain.

  1. Learn a New Language 

    When we learn a new language we start feeding our brain with completely different words and expressions. This forces the brain to adapt accordingly to get used to it.

  1. Play an Instrument 

    Playing any instrument improves our muscle memory and perceptual repetitions train our brain. Playing instruments that require both our hands activates both sides of the brain. This is the reason ambidextrous people are considered to be creative.

  1. Playing Brain Games and Solving Puzzles

    Solving puzzles and playing brain games increases the coordination between the body and the makes us more alert and conscious by replacing the old nerve cells with the new ones.

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How To Master Any Art Form

How To Master Any Art Form

What we know is just the ignorance of what really exists. There are plenty of things to learn and master in this short span of time that we are alloted with by the almighty for our personal and professional growth and for making this world a better place for the posterity. Every skill we learn and master benefits not only the person who practices the skill but also to those around us. So, every individual should have some sort of art or skill that aloofs him from the crowd and makes him unique.

It can be anything from composing a short poem to writing sonnets like Shakespeare, from stitching a torn pant to designing a beautiful dress, from playing a simple song on a guitar to playing the pieces composed by the musical prowess and so on. Every single skill matters. In the coming paragraphs, I will let you know how to pick, practice and master any skill and become a face in the crowd. It is easy to buy TikTok likes than to earn it.


You can not go to a place you do not know. You need to know where exactly you want to get by the end of the journey. Likewise,  it is very important to hand pick the skill you want to learn or master. The very first step towards mastering an art form is to be specific about it. Make your mind up for it Prepare it for frustration, mistakes and stagnancy. Suppose you want to play the guitar like Jimmy Hendrix or paint like Leonardo or act like Benedict Cumberbatch, or want to buy TikTok likes in abundance, get specific about your goal that you want to achieve.



After picking up the skill you need to delve deep inside it and pile up every tinge of useful information you need for carrying out the mastery drill. For instance, how would a guitarist research for his skill mastery? He would find the names of every record ever recorded, every micro skill, every technique ever invented and the genres that ruled and influenced during their times. Commence by gathering information and jotting down the micro skills for clarity.


It takes ten thousand hours of rigorous practice for achieving mastery of any art form, be it any. It can be drawing, playing an instrument, web designing, apparel designing or skills like public speaking and becoming a motivational speaker. The first step of practice is to practice like a child, completely blank and ignorant of the mistakes. Keep the following points in mind while practising:

  • Start slow in the beginning: speed kills
  • Complete one thoroughly: jumping destroys
  • Practice with patience
  • Put in  time
  • Practice deliberately
  • Analyse and practice again
  • Practice consistently

Deliberate practice is very important for those who seek excellence and become elite performers. Practising deliberately saves you time and pushes you forward in the right direction.


Identify your obstacles and win over it by staying glued to the practice session for better performance. You are sure to feel low and down at times. You may feel the redundancy of your practice but whosoever sticks to the end wins. In the words of the great painter Michelangelo



How To Buy Your First Motorbike

How To Buy Your First Motorbike

Bikes are one of the most popular medium of transportation in the world today. These two-wheeler machines are used, loved and adored by people all over the world. Sure. a lot of people prefer cars over bikes. But, there is something about bikes that makes them a different cult. We, at Bulb Magazine, are huge fans of bikes. We are crazy about these machines. So much so that we’ve decided to publish a series of articles about them on our blog. This is the first article in the series and we have decided to weave this into a guide for newbie bikers who are looking forward to buying their first motorbike.

So, let’s get started.

Things to know before buying your first motorbike:

There are 5 crucial things that you need to understand before you buy your first motorcycle.

1. Know what kind of biker you are

Before you make your choice of bike, you need to understand what kind of biker you are. Are you someone who loves to be adventurous or are you someone who just want to use the bike as a medium of commute? Figuring out the kind of biker you are will help you decide the ideal bike you should buy.

2. Don’t be overconfident

One of the things that you as a biker need to be careful about when buying a bike is to not overestimate your ability. Young people have the tendency to overestimate their abilities. Driven by this tendency, they buy a high-powered bike that is beyond their control. If you are a new rider, make sure to buy a bike that is not high-powered. Handling a high-performance bike requires expertise which comes with experience.

3. Go for a bike that suits your body

Ergonomics is a factor that has to be taken seriously when selecting a bike. You have to be very certain that your bike fits your body type. Take test rides or get bikes from bike rental services. Getting a bike from bike rental services is a better option than taking a test ride as you can use the bike for longer to understand if it is actually suitable for your body.

4. Know your needs


There is a certain type of bike for a certain kind of need. If you are a basic commuter, a standard bike will do fine for you. If you are someone who rides for an adrenaline rush, your needs can be fulfilled with a sportbike.

5. Review your options

Choosing the right bike can be a daunting task when there are so many options to choose from. Make sure you follow the best resource for bike reviews before you make a decision.


Buying a bike for the first time can be a task that needs some effort on your part. Sure, you want a bike that you can flaunt in front of your friends. But, make sure that what you get is actually what you need.

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Life hacks to always stay happy

Life hacks to always stay happy

How often do you see people who are always happy? We are talking about people who stay happy, no matter what’s happening in their lives. It’s not every day you see individuals who are like that. Nevertheless, all of us have come across someone like that. Do you wonder what they do to keep themselves happy? We don’t have every happy individual’s version of it. But, we present to you the top 6 life hacks to stay happy, while being yourself.

how to be happy

Open mind is the key

Keep your mind broad and open. Solitude alone can positively test your open mind. The more you explore yourself, the more you will realize your problems aren’t that unique. The goals of you and other individuals don’t differ that much. With such realization, the outside world would look a lot less hostile to you. You would feel more like being home. It would be easy to understand we are all connected to make the world, a happy place.

Show gratitude

The person with the least complaints is the happiest person. Learn to love what you have. Don’t take the facilities you have, for granted. Stay away from whining, even when life is harsh on you. Gratitude leads way to humbleness, politeness and respect. Gratitude and compassion helps see life in a more pleasant way.

Your pursuit of happiness begins with you

Ideally, you shouldn’t be searching for happiness externally. Every person needs have their own recipe of happiness. Casting a smile on strangers, goes a long way. Empty your mind of all negative thoughts. Replace it with injected positive thoughts of your own. Once you work on your inner self, your perception of the outer world would change for the better.

being aloneBe yourself

This tip should come as the classic. Just because, it keeps repeated everywhere, doesn’t mean it’s overrated. Stop trying hard to please someone. Moreover, stop pretending to be someone else. Pretending to be someone else works you out, too much. It bogs you down, thereby making the ‘happy you’ a distant possibility. Embrace your real and original identity. Catch a break often and keep returning to your real self.

Being alone and being happy

This would be the essential follow up to the last tip. Harmony is the key to living in cultural space. However, singling out occasionally, for the purpose of spending time with yourself, is essential. Being happy with someone else is trickier than being happy with yourself. Get to know you more and enjoy doing that. Balance solitude and harmony, to explore the real happy you.

Accept yourself

There is a thin line of difference between being you and accepting yourself. Being the judgemental people we are, the person that’s often judged by us is us. At times, we cannot tolerate our mistakes. Sometimes we hold ourselves a little more accountable for setbacks and failures in life. It’s time to give room for mistakes and appreciate ourselves a little more.

Bottomline: Willing to focus more on the positives is the key to happiness.