Chicago Food Scares!

Chicago Food Scares!

Discovery channel planned to launch a show that focused on monitoring a family and their habits, to bring about a change in their lifestyle. The format of the show is as follows- A family, who is fed up from it’s daily routine and needs to bring a change to promote a healthier lifestyle will approach the show, then a team of nutritionists, pediatricians and dietitians will monitor a normal day in the lives of the family. After the monitoring stage, the team will analyse what was actually wrong and then the team will set certain rules for the family. Further, the channel will document the process of the changes and the impact of the rules for two weeks. Later, the channel will approach the same family after six months to check the progress of the family and if, the rules are still in order or not.

So, after the announcement of this show, a family from Chicago- The Millers approached the channel. The family consisted of four members- the father, Mr Hugh Miller, the mother, Mrs Emily Miller and their two kids- Lizzie Miller and Matt Miller. The channel was contacted by their parents as they realized that everyone in the family have become overweight, they are nothing but couch potatoes. The mother is thirty four years old and she felt breathless after walking for half a mile, that was her wake up call. She then decided that it was time to flip things over, she talked to her husband and contacted the show makers.

The show makers visited their house and firstly checked their weights, all of them were overweight according to their heights and ages. Secondly, their fridge was raided, all the crew members could find was soda, two days old pizza, a burger, bacon, etc. Not a single vegetable or fruit was found in the refrigerator. This was a cause of concern. The next day their routine was monitored, the Millers woke up on time for their jobs and school and before heading for school every one had sugary cereals, then headed the children headed to work and parents to their work. When all of them came back, they opened the fridge and took out the left over pizza, burger and sandwich. They drank sodas and ate chips from extra large packets. Later for dinner, they ordered in KFC chicken wings and ate in front of the television, in the process they fell asleep in front of the television. It was a no shocker that this family was overweight, their routine was extremely unhealthy.

The next day the family was told that they needed to change of lot of things, for starters, to get rid of the junk food, which they did(threw all of it in the trash), then they had to visit the best health food stores in Chicago to buy some healthy food supplies, which the whole family did(although Matt threw some tantrums as he couldn’t buy his favorite snack), then they had to change the habit of eating sugar filled cereals, they had to switch to high on fibre cereals, then they had to change the habit of eating in front of the television because being involved in television made them eat more than they are hungry for, also falling asleep in front of the television is a strict no. After several temper tantrums from the kids as well as the dad, the family got accustomed the rules in a week’s time.

By the end of the second week, the family felt a lot better, a lot more connected and a lot less lazy. The work of the team here was done as the family seemed to be in a better position and after following up six months later, the family was still following he rules laid by the team. They said that they felt better, lighter and happier. They also included exercise in their daily routine. This experiment conducted by the channel was an absolute success, they were later approached by many families.…

Omaze is Not a Scam!

Omaze is Not a Scam!

Online scamming has become an increased activity, mostly every one has been a prey of online scams in one way or another. Generally people who are in search of quick and easy money generate illegal or fraud ways to mint money from the general public.The interesting thing about scamming is that there are so many new innovative ways invented everyday now that it leaves me in awe of the brains behind the scam, in fact, giving it a thought that if so much of brain, logic and thinking was devoted towards something positive, that person might’ve achieved something better and that too, in a legal way.

The problem of the younger generation is that they find short cuts to earn a lot of money and one thing is for sure that no matter what, the illegal and fraud ways to earn money are surely meant to be exhausted, that is, these ways are not meant to be long lasting. For example, in India a man named Harshad Mehta got fed up with his crappy pay and cramped up apartment, so he decided to take up a job in Bombay Stock Exchange in the nineties. He kept on earning there by discovering loopholes and taking advantages of these shortcomings. In the year 1992, he was caught and was claimed to be a scammer of Rs. 500 Crore, it is the in famous Scam 1992 case.

Citing examples from my personal life, two years ago, my bank account showed a deduction of about eight thousand rupees, the transaction was done by neither me nor my family. It was highly suspicious and of course, a source of worry because I had lost so much of money, when I googled the details about the details and transactions, I found out that it is a scam on a very large scale, many people had lost thousands of rupees and they never received the money back and neither did I.Even my sister faced an online scam, a scammer called her asking to join a job portal(she was looking for a job) , he just demanded two thousand rupees so that he could register her name, she somehow agreed and gave him the money. After that, the man stopped picking my sister’s calls and hence, my sister got duped.Since then, I stopped believing in the internet and refrained myself from shopping or transferring funds online.

A few days ago I came across Omaze, it raises funds for varied reasons and causes. However, for each fundraising, they give away high prize draws too. The winners gets a car or a house or a dinner with a celebrity or something that you wish to do in your lifetime. A small amount which is more than ten per cent of each donation goes to the charity. I thought to myself that this is such an exciting, fun opportunity and also investing in this will be a part of donations for the organization. But then I stopped myself and thought ” Is Omaze a scam?”, I was just worried and anxious at the same time, but eventually I took a leap of faith and invested and luckily, it was not a scam, in fact, I received a prize too and I was happy that a part of my money was donated.

Although there might be a lot of scammers online, but everyone is not there to scam you, is what I have learnt.…

Are Plastic Toys Safe for Babies

Are Plastic Toys Safe for Babies

Many of the commonly available plastic toys can be hazardous for babies. Babies often tend to chew their toys and doing so they might unknowingly consume some amount of chemicals that are present in their plastic toys. Plastic toys contain chemicals like BPA (Bisphenol A) that can cause cancer, premature puberty, or dullness later in their life. However, there are companies that have come up with BPA free toys, but still I would not recommend those because plastic toys have other drawbacks too.

Every parent wants their children to have their favorite toys. As parents, more often we do not think much before buying a toy for our kids and babies. But, it is very important to look into the quality and composition of the toy that we will be fetching our beloved ones. It is commonly seen that parents buy toys made of plastic as they are easily available and affordable, but we have to check beforehand whether these plastic toys are safe for our babies.


If babies are allowed to play with plastic toys made of assembled parts, there are chances that the baby might choke itself by swallowing any of the small assembled parts of the toy. If somehow the baby manages to swallow the plastic toy part, still you have to rush to a doctor as the plastic part will cause serious problems in the intestine of the baby. If the plastic toy does not come with assembled parts, still there are chances that the baby might break the toy while playing and eventually swallow a broken piece. Plastic toys are less durable compared to other toys. Plastic toys break easily and babies can hurt themselves with the broken parts. Plastic toys are also harmful to the environment if not disposed of with care.

Since plastic toys have a lot of disadvantages, you might be wondering what kind of toys will be good for babies. So, I would suggest using soft toys as an alternative. Soft toys are found in all sizes, shapes, and types. There are Barbie figurines, cartoon figurines, action figurines, dolls, teddy bears, funko pops, etc. available as soft toys. You can buy any of these for your baby.

Apart from your nearby supermarket, soft toys are also available online. Many websites sell soft toys online. Websites like Amazon, Toycart, Funcorp, Hamleys, etc. are some popular websites selling toys online. You can also go for a pop in a box option to get various types of figurines in a bunch at a time. Pop in a box is also an affordable option too. You can also see pop in a box reviews online. A lot of review websites provide genuine and trustworthy pop in a box reviews that can be helpful to you for buying funko pops for your baby.

I hope this post will be helpful for you to select the best toy for your baby. Always avoid plastic toys and go for soft toys. If you want to find out more about soft toys please let me know in the comment section below.…

Tech Savvy Generation!

Tech Savvy Generation!

I am twenty eight years young(I choose to believe that being in late twenties qualifies me as a young adult-for me at least), I am totally up to mark with the generation I live in, for example, I mean I can use Instagram well-I am pretty much acquainted with the algorithm of the social media platform, so much so, that I can gather a decent amount of likes and views on my posts. I am well aware about the lingo my younger generation uses, although I can barely tolerate it(I rather prefer using the classic language because I do not enjoy butchering languages), I am quite up-to-date about the current technologies , their uses and pros and cons. I  enjoy the current generation music (some of it might be just noise, but a lot of it quite enjoyable and soothing), I admire artists of this generation and appreciate their art. So, all in all I am up to speed with the current generation, so I got an experimentation idea. I took upon the responsibility of teaching my parents how to Instagram.

So, first things first, I got my father an android phone because he still has a keypad phone because he refuses to use an android one, then I installed Instagram on my mom’s phone. Firstly, I taught my father how to use an android phone and told him about the uses of internet and social media, then I created a Gmail id for him and told him that whatever we mostly do on the internet, requires an id. I taught him how to use Whatsapp first and explained him about the algorithm. He seemed a little confused , but he was determined to catch up as he wanted to catch up with his old friends as now ,he had a lot of time on his sleeves(he is retired). I then created his Instagram handle and taught him how to follow people. I taught him that through this social media platform, we can know what our close ones are up to and also we can follow the lives of our favorite celebrity. I asked him that which celebrity he would like to follow, to which he replied that he wanted to follow Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra, Dilip Kumar, etc. I followed every account that he mentioned and gave the phone to him to see. I told him that he could post pictures too. He understood and then asked to wrap it up for the day and said the rest he will see himself.

My mother already had an id and she was better at handling technology as compared to my father, she was vaguely aware about Instagram because she has seen us (my siblings and I) using it. So I created her handle and I taught her how to follow people. I made her follow mine and my sibling’s accounts, we accepted the request and now she could see her posts, she got excited, we also followed her back. I then told her to follow her favorite celebrities , which she did herself(she is a quick learner). She asked me herself that how to post pictures and get many likes on them, so I told her that she could use good captions. She then posted a picture of our family and added a good caption for family with my help.

My parents kept on learning about Instagram, step by step, some from my help, some from my sibling’s help and some by themselves. I was happy to see their enthusiasm to be a part of this Instagram generation. Also, all of us were happy to help because after all, whatever we know about this world, this life and practically everything is majorly because of them!


Play FIFA in Your Blankets

Play FIFA in Your Blankets

India is a mostly a tropical country, that is, it has warm temperatures most of the times , India features as a land of multiple climatic conditions. The different territories of the country experience varying climates as per their locations, varied topography, and other physio graphic factors.India’s unique geography and geology strongly influence its climate, particularly in the Himalayas in the north and the Thar Desert in the northwest. The weather and climate in Delhi are characterized by extreme differences in summer and winter temperatures. Winters are chilly at night but pleasant during the daytime. Summers are long and scorching, with most days above 104 degrees F (40 degrees C) in May and June. The city only ever becomes humid during the rainy season, when moist monsoonal winds travel up from the west coast of India and penetrate it. Winters are a phenomena of merely four months and this season is enjoyed by almost every one and cozy winter days seem to be the best, with a cup of tea in your hand you can laze around in the blanket. As a layman, following are the best things about winters at least according to me and the people I know.

1. There is no sweating at all because of the low temperature. There is no stickiness and irritation.
2. You can laze around in the blanket and mom won’t come yelling about being an indolent idiot.
3. You can drink multiple number of cups of tea and coffee and no one would question it and without a doubt everyone would love to fritters along with it. (Okay, my mouth is full of saliva now)
4. The clothes we wear in winter season are more fashionable. For example, blazer, mufflers, caps and boots. (for me at least)
5. The fashionable clothes we wear have another benefit, of hiding the weight gained during the season.(Everyone’s point of view I guess)
6. There is a huge variety of vegetables which are healthy as well as tasty. For example, spinach, fenugreek, carrot, radish , etc.
7. You can devour the best sweet ever, that is, carrot pudding. (read: gajar ka halwa)
8. A special benefit for girls! No smudged makeup and it remains intact for a very long time.
9. Hair stays in place and does not become a bird’s nest at the end of the day. (For both boys and girls)
10. You can play FIFA all day long by logging into,which helps in generating coins in the game and dad will not yell to go out and play for a while because he himself sits in front of the room heater
11. Scientifically, winter season boosts your immunity and makes you healthier and happier.
12. Winter season boosts your immunity.
13. There are no bugs in this season and moreover, no creepy crawlers or rodents around your house.
14. Mostly all the festivals lie in this season and it is more enjoyable.
15. Picnic time is the best in winter season as it nice and sunny outside.
16. Bonfire nights and barbecue dinners are loved by all as it is a lovely way to mingle with your loved ones.
So, grab on your fuzzy sweaters and coats and get ready for the loveliest, happiest and the most beautiful time of the year.…
Clash Royale Galaxy

Clash Royale Galaxy

Ronit is a bright and meritorious student of his college. He is an aspiring engineer striving to be on the top of his game, he is the perfect student, he studies well on time as well as he is enthusiastically involved with his friends when they play and hang out with each other. He is the most popular boy of his batch as he is adored equally by the teachers and the students. Ronit once saw a girl crying near the lab because she felt homesick, as some other girls were constantly bullying her. He wanted the students to only create love, not hate. So, Ronit writes a letter to the dean of his school proposing a wonderful idea. Following is the exchange of letters between the dean of the college and Ronit.

Dear Sir

I, the student of third year software engineering, Ronit would like to propose something exciting to you. As you know that the students and my fellow mates are really tensed about the ongoing examinations , they are not able to sleep or eat properly because they study all day and night. Moreover, I have seen some unfortunate situations due to the hostility of some students to the others. So, after these examinations are over I would suggest you to organize an online gaming tournament. We could do a survey of what all the students like. The competition can start with intra-class competitions and move onto inter-class competition, that too, year-wise and lastly all the winners with compete to win the final round. My friends and I would be honored to organize this competition and bring about a refreshing change in the monotonous life of the students. This competition is also valid for our teachers, professors, cleaning staff, and of course you. I am well aware of the fact that you are fond of the online gaming, just like me. If the footfall of this competitions turns out to be fairly good, I would like to form a club for online gamers on the campus, so that they can bond over similar interests and avoid hurting the sentiments of each other. The specialty of this group is that it is open for everyone, be it staff members, professors, teachers or the students. This club will enable the bonding of those students who prefer not to be in the limelight or the students who have no friends whatsoever can bond with each other, also, it is a relaxing place for stressed out professors and students who are away from their homes and might be homesick. Thanking you

Yours Sincerely,


The dean loved the idea and immediately approved what Ronit was asking for. He wrote back to Ronit:

Dear Ronit,

I am on board with your idea and you can go ahead with the preparations of the tournament after your term examinations. I would suggest you to organize  this tournament in the conference hall and it’s rather better to announce the game rather than surveying it, I would suggest the game should be clash royale. The students will log onto and play the game, it is highly enjoyable and relaxing. Also, I would surely visit the tournament and would ask the staff members to do the same. I appreciate your efforts to make your college a holistic place to live and study in.

Yours Faithfully

Principal Powers…

Best Chlorella Brands

0C02D0B7-87FD-457E-BF93-7AEEC0DF7040_1_201_aEating a variety of healthy foods is the best way to get the nutrients you need. However, some people don’t get enough vitamins and minerals from their daily diet, and their doctors may recommend supplements. Dietary supplements may provide nutrients that might be missing from your daily diet. They contain different types of algae that are rich in minerals and helps improve mental acuity and concentration. Chlorella is one such dietary supplement that cures various health issues and maintains a healthy body. Although it has a tough, rigid cell wall that makes it hard to digest in its natural form so, processing makes its nutrients digestible. 

Why is it good for health ?

What’s all the craziness over chlorella about, exactly? Here’s a look at how you might benefit from taking it .

  • Chlorella’s a whopping 60 percent protein, and unlike most plant foods, it contains all nine essential amino acids. 
  • It contains immunostimulators, which stimulate the immune system and help keep it in fighting form.
  • It plays a key role in nourishing the good bacteria in your gut and keeping your microbiome healthy.
  • It helps minimize the harm done by free radicals and may help lower chronic disease risk.

There are many reasons why chlorella is considered as a ”superfood ‘‘, including properties such as cancer fighting properties, boosting immune system, detoxification, maintaining levels of iron and cholesterol in body and anti inflammatory effects. 

How to take chlorella for those sweet health benefits?

Chlorella’s typically found as a fine powder, tablets or capsules, or an extract. The plant has a hard cell wall that our digestive tracts can’t break down, so the easiest way to reap all those impressive nutritional benefits is to take the algae as a supplement.

 As per recommendations, chlorella should be taken at least one hour before or after taking any other medications (such as birth control pills). Ideally, chlorella can be taken in the morning and other pills at night. If it is more convenient, chlorella can be taken in two or three doses throughout the day rather than all at once. 

It is best advised to take chlorella before meals with a large glass of water. 

It also has a slightly vegetal flavour, but it’s pretty easy to mask it with other ingredients, like sweet fruit in a smoothie or an acid or citrus juice in a salad dressing.

But chlorella comes with a contradiction that those affected with hemochromatosis should not take chlorella as it contains bioabsorbable iron.

Since there are more than 100 Chlorella brands in the health supplement market, each claiming to do wonders for your health, it becomes imperative to buy the right brand to get clean quality and a reasonable value.  The first step in judging the brands is to ask the right questions such as ,

  • Which brands of chlorella are reputed? 
  • Powdered or Tablet of chlorella? 
  • Whether the chlorella cell walls are cracked or not? 
  • What properties they consist of ?

Before buying a powder, pill, or extract, it is best advisable to go for some research to make sure the supplement is high-quality and verified .

To consider some best brands of chlorella , check out best-chlorella-brands


Benefit of living in the UAE

Benefit of living in the UAE

Everyone wants to live a luxurious life and to fulfil their dreams. Every country has its beauty and standard of living. When I am talking about luxurious life, the only country that comes to my mind is the UAE. The United Arab Emirates consist of its seven states i.e. Emirates of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah. You can fulfil your dreams in the UAE, as the living standard, education, and jobs are very high. You will find many benefits, living in the UAE. Here are some of the benefits listed:

1. Multinational country: UAE is a multinational country, so businessmen from all over the world come to set up their business. People from different continents, (i.e. from Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, America) come here to fulfil their Dubai dreams. You can set up a small business to live in and slowly make it bigger. You can learn different languages, culture, along with their way of living. Being an Islamic country most of the people speak English followed by Arabic, Urdu and so on. You can gain knowledge of different countries while staying in the UAE.

2. Oil Price: UAE is an oil-rich country and a great exporter of oil. Oil prices are very low. It is almost $0.5 per litre.

3. Tax-Free: One of the most interesting facts of UAE is that it is tax-free. You can earn unlimited amounts of money and all the money you earn is all yours, you should not have to pay for the government. Even if you buy any goods, electronic items, cars, it is all tax-free. To add to this, there are several insurance companies in the country which offer generous schemes for the Expats and locals. If you want to know more, there is a lot of information available on the internet.

4. Transportation: Travelling in the UAE is very easy because of the perfect transportation system. You won’t find it difficult to travel from one state to another state or within the state. Whether it is a metro, buses or taxis, all of its transport is facilitated with air-conditioning. So, you can travel without finding any problems. Transportation means noise pollution, what comes in your mind, but you will be surprised knowing that there is no noise pollution.

5. Food: Food is one of the things everyone likes. Since people from all over the world do live in UAE, you can find a variety of foods here. You will find western foods, Indian foods, Chinese foods, Japanese foods, African foods like hot dogs, pizza, burger, palak paneer, tandoori chicken, chow mein, rolls, Yassa chicken and many more.

6. Safety & Security: UAE is also known as one of the safest countries. You won’t even need to lock your car when you park. You won’t find any robbery or attack because of their perfect government security system.

7. Religion: UAE is an Islamic country, even though all religions are respected and allowed to practice. In Dubai, you will find temples, churches, gurudwara etc to worship in. Events and concerts are very common in Dubai. Every day there is one or other events to enjoy. You can enjoy events like rugby, football, boat show, a jazz concert etc.

Nights in Dubai are amazing, you can hang out at clubs, enjoy parties, enjoy the view from Burj Khalifa, take a long drive under street lights and do a lot more.

Moreover, if you are a person who thinks ‘sky is not the limit’ then this is the place you must visit to make your dream come true. These are some of the benefits of living in the UAE.


Reasons Why Marrying After 27 Is A Good Idea

Once you get out of your schooling and college life you will see many of your friends start getting married and some of your friends might get married at a very young age. For people who have a very strong family background, it is easy to get married even at the age of 22 but for a person coming from average family background, it is quite difficult. So, for people who want to get married, they can marry after a certain age in their life when they are capable of taking care of their family without any problems. 

There are people who are still not married even at the age of 32 even after they have settled down quite comfortably but they are still not ready to take any responsibility for some other person apart from their family. That’s a long time and at the time your body even starts getting old and you move towards the aging process. What year was I born if im 32 years old ? It is way too back now and it’s been a long time so it is always a wise decision to get married somewhere between 25 to 30 years of age and most of the people choose to get married after 27 as they feel secure and safe with their work and life. Here are some reasons to justify this statement.


Settled Career

Some severe head-down emphasis is required for the first five years of any profession. The inclusion of yet another human, entering your life, would eventually weaken the tunnel-foreseen ambition. After 27 years, you are more likely to have a stronghold on your skills and to excel with a bifocal attitude to life. You don’t ever want to be the one who has to confess that your job killed your marriage.

You Know Yourself Better

After you enter your work, you begin to realize your enthusiasm and dedication. When you hit 27, you will be a better judge in ordinary circumstances. In excitement, people get married in their early 20s, only to find that it doesn’t work out in the 30s. It still takes time to experience and pursue opportunities even though you have grasped them early, but it would be a good time by the age of 27 that you would have grasped both positive and bad things about the chance. 

Expand Family

When the marriage ring is on your finger, you don’t have a defense when relatives start confronting you over when you’re going to have children. And, very literally, this is the next move. When you believe you have a very stable career and a marriage life, both of you should have kids as well. When you’re 25, you’re not going to be able to take this financial burden on your head.

Healthy After Marriage Life 

If you’ve got the first wedding out of all your mates, you’ve set up a bar and anybody can replace it. Wedding after the 27th indicates that you’ve benefited from the errors of everyone else, and now you can give the blow-out wedding of a decade. Partners, who were married at the age of 20, have a possibility to get separated within 6-7 years of marriage. And you’d have ample time to cheer them up and explain what went horribly wrong. Not only are you optimistic, but you know how to save your relationship.

Furry blurry, eh?

furry friend

The world would be a nicer place if humans too had the ability to love unconditionally as dogs do. Dogs are known to be man’s best friend and a loyal  as well as faithful companion and hence, gelling along with the appropriate canine is an absolute must.  There is a large gene pool of selection of these adorable pets and choosing a furry mate for yourself must seem to be a total blur. Indeed it is. Having the suitable dog breed at your home and by your side is really important as these mates are a memory for life and become your best friend and a part of your family as soon as they enter your home and your life.

Before letting in a furry mate in your life, certain points needs to considered to make sure you , your family and your dog become bffs instantly!

  1. You need to carefully select the  breed according to weather conditions of the place you live in. For instance , a Siberian Husky needs to live in extreme cold climates to survive.
  2. The space you have at home, that is, a dog needs a lot of space to move around as they are energetic and full of life. A small dog is better suited for smaller homes as they need less space to move around, for instance, a lhasa apso is 10-11 inches tall, it needs a small place to live and sleep.
  3. You need to check up if any one in your family is allergic to dog hair or not.
  4. The upkeep of some dogs can prove to be a little more expensive as compared to other dogs , so, you need to think about the expenses you are ready to uphold according to the breed you select.
  5. If you choose a pup, you need someone around to train it.
  6. Someone should always be available to take the dog for a walk or make it exercise.
  7. The pet clinic should be around the corner in case of emergencies or your furry mate is sick.
  8. Select the breed according to purpose you are looking for. For instance, you need a dog to guard your house, so, german shepherd or a rottweiler is a more suitable option.

Selection of an appropriate breed can prove to be a head scratcher , specially for the people  who have little to no knowledge about dogs can be in an absolute fix while selecting the appropriate breed for themselves. Referring to the people who are already dog owners is a good option, whereas,  if you are not in contact with any dog owners, internet can come to the rescue- or  , these websites can prove to be really helpful if you want to know more about different dog breeds -their origin , their availability in India, the kind of conditions they grow in , the kind of food they eat, their size, the vaccinations they require, their color, their appearance, their lifespan, the weight they can go up to, their temperament, the care they require, some grooming tips, the price they are available at (in INR) and so on.

So, get set go and choose a canine for yourself , as you will surely get a best friend, a companion and fondest memories for life.…