What is PayPal and how does it work

What is PayPal and how does it work

Today we’re going to take a quick look at a simple question. What exactly is PayPal and how does it work? The easy answer is it’s a way to send and receive payments, but there’s a little bit more than that. I’ll give you a little bit better knowledge of what exactly is happening here and see how it might help you out. 

Let’s first look at it from the buyer’s side. When you want to make payments with PayPal the first thing you do is to create your PayPal account and you’ll treat it as a wallet. You can have your debit card and credit cards in there from various banks or credit card providers. You can have multiple bank accounts, checking accounts or savings accounts from a local branch from online banks. You can put all these into that PayPal wallet and when you make payments you can choose whichever funding source you’d like to use. So, your PayPal balance would be your cash.  When you make payments with PayPal, every one of those financing sources are secured inside that PayPal wallet. So the vender will get your name, your email address, and a transportation address. 


If you are shopping on many websites and using one credit card for payment, there is a high possibility that they could be saving your card number in their database. I’m not supposed to be saying that but a lot of them do and you know if they get hacked all of that data gets stolen. Now your credit card numbers and bank account information is included in that hacked data. This isn’t a good thing. But again when you pay with PayPal none of that information is provided to the seller. So, it protects you. This is one of the biggest advantages of using PayPal.

Now take a look at the seller’s side or when you need to receive payments. When you’re selling any products and services online or in person, you really want to make sure that you at least include PayPal as an option. If you don’t, those people who prefer it are not going to want to buy from you. In case you’re following conversion rates with Google or anything like that for instance, you’ll see that when you include PayPal as an alternative the conversion rates are going to go up like a considerable amount, so it’s recommended to incorporate PayPal as a choice. When you have PayPal as the option you might as well use them for your direct credit cards – everything will drop into a single account, and that just makes it easy on your bookkeeper to save some time and some money.

Worldwide money transfers are done through PayPal as it supports overseas payment. Now, one more thing you should know about PayPal is that it charges an amount as transaction fees for international money transfers. The conversion rate can be calculated by using PayPal currency converter tools that are available on the internet. Here is an amazing tool you can use to find out the conversion rates of PayPal.

Exam Preparation Tools

Exam Preparation Tools

As we go through our lives, most of us pass through stages when we are required to achieve a certain level of knowledge or expertise. There are various ways to assess these attainments, the most popular being through taking an exam. We are examined on seemingly everything, at every step of the way.

At primary school we are examined weekly, termly and yearly for things like spelling and maths. At eleven many of us sit exams to determine our secondary education. At 16 and at 18 we are examined on core subjects. At University we are examined on our degree content and so it continues for many of us throughout our professional working lives.

Some people find exams easy, some don’t, but unless or until we reassess the way our attainments are evaluated, our challenge is to find the most effective ways of preparing for exams to guarantee the best results. So what are the best exam preparation tools you can use?


Here we take a look at some of the most popular techniques for enhancing exam success:

  1. Brain games

Brain games are a popular way of training your brain to work more effectively – to absorb more information, to retain it and to access it more quickly when you need to recall it. Brain training games work by stimulating the brain’s cortex to make it grow. Training the brain causes the formation of stronger synapses, which in turn produces more neurons. Research has shown that people who indulge in brain games on a regular basis demonstrate improved concentration and memory.

The ultimate brain-training game is probably chess. Chess is the perfect all-rounder thanks to the fact that it engages so many different parts of the brain all at once. Playing chess helps improve memory and stimulates all-round effective brain function. It demands that you use all your knowledge of strategies and your past experience before you make your move. So if your exams require problem-solving skills, playing chess regularly is a good way of training your brain to solve problems effectively

  1. Flashcards and electronic memory software

Flashcards are the perfect tool for memorizing large amounts of information. Anything that can be prepared in a question and answer format can be used for flashcards. Whether you are using them to learn mathematical formulae, scientific phenomena, geographical locations, historical facts and dates, or foreign language vocabulary, presenting your lists in flashcard format will help you memorize them quickly and remember them when you need to.

Flashcards work by focusing on repetition and recall. So you use them to repeatedly view and recall the information they contain. The process of doing this commits the information to memory quickly and easily. How frequently you view a particular piece of information depends on how quickly you are learning it – i.e. how easy it is for you to recall the answer when presented with the question prompt. The easier recall becomes, the less frequently you view the question.  

  1. Practice test software

Training your brain regularly and improving memory is a good place to start preparing it for exams. But how do you prepare for the exam day itself? Practice test software is big business and there are many sites and applications that enable you to practice your technique in times conditions ready for the big day. Which software you choose will depend to some extent on the subject matter. Med students, language students, and maths students are well taken care of with dedicated sites set up to assist with exam testing and technique at many levels. They come with ready-made content to work through with timed testing that is designed to support your learning, improve your subject knowledge and generally give your confidence a boost in advance of the exam.

I am sure by using these methods you can crack any exam and come up with a good percentage or high grade. Better percentage can bring up better opportunities in your life. You can get a high paying job or you can get admission to the best colleges. Now here’s a little tip for you, many colleges and universities ask for your CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) for admission, if you got your

The Best Website for LOL gamers

The Best Website for LOL gamers

League of Legends is one of my favorite games. I have been playing this game for years now. There was a time when I used to compete with international players in LOL. I was becoming really good at the game and everything was going well until something happened and things changed. My dad decided to move to a new city.

I was not upset at leaving my school and friends as much as I was upset with facing internet issues in the new house we moved into. There was constant lag in the game and I was getting frustrated every time I started playing. I’m not able to express the frustration I had at the moment. Things were getting worse. My not being able to play the game well was having an impact on other things I was doing.

Things went on like that for quite some time. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know how to get rid of the lag issue. Days turned into months and months into years. I stopped playing LOL. In fact, I stopped playing other online games too. My complaints about the slow internet connection fell on deaf ears.

That was the sad part of the story.


Now, one fine day a friend came to visit me. A friend from my old school. As I was talking to him about experiences in the new school, we happened to talk about our favorite game League of Legends. I told him about my problem.

He instantly gave me a solution. He told me about this website –  www.leaguepingtest.com I was surprised about how I had not known about this for so long. This website makes life easy for League of Legends gamers who face latency issues. You can check the server region which has good ping from your location. You can use this information to connect to the nearest server and play with the minimum ping.

I didn’t waste another minute and quickly checked the tool. It showed me the server with the least ping from my location. It was amazing. I started playing the game once again. From then on, every time I would face latency issues, I would connect to the region with the best ping. Life has become much better after that.

That is the good part of the story.


As the title of this post suggests, the website I mentioned here is the best website for LOL gamers like me who get frustrated due to latency issues. Because of this website, I can now play the game without any problems. I am getting better at the game and soon I will get into international competition just like old times.

I recommend you to try this site. Let me know about your experience afterward. Also, do me a favor and share this post with other gamers like you who need help. Thanks a lot for reading this article. Have a great time!

Cursive writing and Calligraphy

Cursive writing and Calligraphy

In this article, I’m going to briefly explain about cursive writing and how it differs from calligraphy. After you go through this article, you will know the meaning of cursive writing and how you can practice and develop the habit of writing in cursive.

What is cursive writing?

Cursive is when all of the letters are connected in a flow. You don’t connect the words together but you connect all the letters together in a single word. Cursive writing is one of the many interesting things you can do with your pen, pencil, and paper. It is quite enjoyable if you are patient enough to sit and write.


What are the benefits of cursive writing?

Well, cursive can be a quick way to write because all of the letters are connected together and also it can be quite beautiful if you practice it. You can make beautifully crafted cursive writing and get the attention of anyone you know. There are a lot more benefits of cursive writing. Read about them here.

How do we do cursive writing?

With cursive, the whole point is that your writings are not in a straight line. It has movements. The way that you can practice cursive writing the best is to write a word but don’t take your pen off the paper while you’re writing the whole word. You can find a natural way for yourself to write cursive if all you do is focus on your pen or your pencil or your marker and it doesn’t come off the paper while you’re writing the word.

What is the difference between Calligraphy and Cursive writing?

One of the main differences between calligraphy and cursive writing is that you’re using different tools. If we’re just doing cursive you can just use any old regular pen. But, when it comes to calligraphy you will be using a brush pen which is flexible and you’ll be able to change the pressures on your up and down strokes to give you that calligraphy look. 

Another difference between cursive writing and calligraphy is that cursive is just a script that you learn usually when you’re young in school and it’s all about teaching you how to write each letter in a cursive style. It’s not really broken down into different pieces. It’s all just learning to put the letters together in a wavy manner.

Calligraphy is not just learning each letter and memorizing it and knowing how to put them together like it is with cursive. Calligraphy is broken down into a series of basic strokes that when you put them together they turn into your alphabet. 

In today’s internet age, people prefer to read and write online rather than traditional pen-paper ways. So for writers who want to include cursive in their writings, there are various online tools like Cursive Text Generator that can be handy for typing cursive fonts. Cursive Text Generator can also be used in your social media posts or for writing Gift Cards.

Educational Value of Online Games

Educational Value of Online Games

You may think most children’s online games are arcade and adventure challenges, but there are free online math games, puzzles, brain teasers and more, as well.  Educational games are fun to play and they will challenge your children, but educate them at the same time. Play a couple by yourself or with your child and you will see for yourself and understand just what your children can do online that helps them to learn more.

Educational online games like Tic tac toe game and Animal Crossing are a fun way for parents of young children to instil an interest in the learning process since computers fascinate most of the kids.  Most computer games are designed to be very entertaining as well as educational, so children are excited about getting to play on the computer and they don’t even feel like they are doing something that they are learning from. 


Not every child is created equal and some children show interest in colours and shapes, while others may be engrossed with numbers and letters and some only want to play online games with action!  There are hundreds of free computer games you can find that will fit your child’s current interests.  There are various types of fun games from animals to football and far beyond all that are created to both entertain and educate your child

Children can thrive at learning in a fun and pressure-free atmosphere.  One way to help them would be to find educational games that feature one of their favourite cartoon characters. Having somebody they will acknowledge and relate with will definitely hold their attention longer.  Games like Tic Tac Toe game can be played by multiplayer so if you have more than one child you can set it up for them to play together adding some light-hearted competition.  This will also allow you to teach them how to interact with others either when they win or lose.

There are free online computer games that introduce phonics, addition and subtraction are plentiful.  Parents need to find a game that will keep your child’s attention while focusing on the specific things she is having trouble with. Games that focus on matching the letters to make harder and harder words helps your child learn vocabulary and spelling techniques, and reaching a higher score with each level helps your child strive for more. There are many age-appropriate games you can choose from, that will benefit your child in more than one way.

Educational computer games might be good for children but they should still be used in moderation. Playing the same game for hours sitting in front of a computer on end will not benefit your child.  They must participate in physical activity and non-electronic educational activities as well. Educational online games are a fun way for your child to learn and grow every day of the year. Hope this article will be useful for you to select the appropriate online game for your child.…

How not to be a gamer

How not to be a gamer

You see your friends playing Xbox games for the whole Sunday. You remember the promise you made to yourself. You are going to avoid playing video games and focus on your study. You find it extremely difficult to not play the games you loved playing so much. There are hurdles and there are temptations. What do you do to stop gaming and become a non-gamer?

The answer to this question is subjective. While I may suggest various methods to give up gaming, you have to understand that some of these methods might not work for you completely. Another thing which I want to highlight before sharing these tips with you is that you do not have to give up gaming in the first place. You could try and reduce the time spent on playing. However, giving up gaming is no fun. At least, that’s what I like to believe.


So, without further ado, let’s get into the methods which can help you get rid of gaming addiction and make you more productive.

  1. Take breaks

While gaming is certainly a long session activity, you have to make sure to take breaks in between your sessions and do something else for some time. This will help you realize that there is a world outside the gaming world and it is not that bad. 

  1. Find adventure activities to do

Gaming is an adventure. But, there are various other adventure activities you can do besides gaming. You can go on trekking. You can play basketball in your backyard. You can go swimming. There is no limit to the things you can do to get a thrill of adventure.

  1. Find alternatives to win a game

Getting stuck in a level within the game becomes frustrating after a certain point to time. To avoid such situations, look for alternatives to make progress in the game. I’m talking about cheat codes and hacks. I remember having used a robux generator to get free robux in the Roblox game. With the robux generator, I was able to generate instant robux and soon I got to a whole new level in the game. This helped me get to new levels sooner and after some time I realized that I have had enough of the game. I just gave up playing. 

  1. Get some support

When you have decided to not let gaming take over you, make sure to involve someone in the process who can help you stay committed to your decision and not fall back. Just like there are support groups for drug and alcohol addiction, there are groups dedicated to people who want to get rid of their gaming addiction. Join such a group and get help from your peers. Trust me, it really works.

Those were some of the best tips for people who want to get rid of their gaming addiction or at least reduce their gaming time to focus on other productive work. Hope you find this information useful.

Top 10 Things You Can Do In New York City At Night

Top 10 Things You Can Do In New York City At Night

New York City will be the second wind at sunset. After all, the city never sleeps. But where are the best places to experience New York nightlife?

We’ve put together the top 10 post things to do in NYC at night that include everything from the sky’s high viewing decks to the special Broadway Supper Club. So put on your clothes and storm the city…


Here are things to do in NYC at night:

  1. Catch The Ferry

The Staten Island Ferry runs 5 miles between Staten Island St. George and Whitehall Street in lower Manhattan. The views are stunning, centered on the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. The ferry goes through at night and is completely free. What better way to see the lower Manhattan skyline vividly?

  1. Friday Night Is An Evening Of Art

The best thing in life are for free. So come and enjoy the best entertainment in town on the first Friday of the Bronx Museum of Art. Every month there is something different, so gently turn to the wind and just take your chance. From DJ sets to live jazz bands, from video recording to Q&A, with experts who know what to find.

3 Spend One Night In The Museum

On the first Saturday, you will have the opportunity to explore the Brooklyn Museum until 11:00. On the first Saturday of every month, you can enjoy free art and entertainment or just walk around the current show. If there are movies or classes, be sure to check in early to try and get a ticket. There is also a Michelin-starred restaurant. But if the Saul restaurant is too extravagant, the bar is open all night and the Counter Café serves food. 

  1. Get Some Jazz Into Your Soul

Watch out for KT Friday at the Rubin Museum of Art, where the Naked Spirit and Jazz entertain Rubin, movies, and conversations. Staff regularly select favorites from the museum’s collection to speak. Grab a drink in the K2 Lounge, and maybe some special Pan-Asian tapas. If you arrive here between 6pm and 7pm, you’ll catch Happy Hour with 2-for-1 specials on many drinks.

  1. Be Bowled Over

The Brooklyn Bowl has a music venue, bowling alley, and restaurant. Then why go somewhere else? Enjoy the roast chicken on the blue ribbon and wash it with local beer. Try a lucky strike – the bowling alleys are right on the stage so you don’t have to go far to hear great music. Mention the Sunday night special to reduce bands by 50% after 8pm on a Sunday night.

  1. Find Your Observation

Top of the Rock is a 3 level observation deck at Rockefeller Center. Floor 67 is completely covered, glass 69 has a windshield and 70 is open to the batteries. So if you really want a 360-degree view of NYC at night, go straight to the top. Great shopping area and dining options when you return to the ground.

  1. Check Down NYC

The Empire State Building’s deck is on the 86th floor offers 360-degree views. Ask for a handheld device and it gives you an insight into the view from all directions. You can also rent a high-powered binocular. If you go to the 102nd floor with a hand-operated elevator, you can see up to 80 miles on clear days.

  1. Go For Indoor Rock Climbing

How high can you go? Brooklyn Boulders is a fun and challenging indoor rock climbing experience. The staff here can show you the ropes, whether new or old. And if you haven’t reached the height yet, don’t worry. There are also yoga, capoeira, and numerous fitness workshops.

  1. Cross the water

Imagine the full moon, the crystal clear sky, and all the lights of Manhattan reflected in the East River below you. Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge at night is magical. The pedestrian promenade is 1.6 km (1.6 miles) and takes an hour to cross (including photo stops).

  1. Go Down Below

Experience the nightlife as the New Yorkers do. Feinstein / 54 Below is a selection of world-class dining, elegant ambience and unforgettable performances from the best of Broadway. Just down the street (and down the stairs) from Times Square, it is known as the

Gaming: My Passion

Gaming: My Passion

Hey Guys! This is Elvish Mark. I am a very good player; I used to play several games online and won all. Playing games is one of my favorite hobbies; I just love those hours that I spend on gaming. But there is something that disturbs me so much and that is the regular fluctuations that occur in data speed. I do not understand whether I am using it too much or it is being discriminatory towards me. It seems like data speed operators have some personal issues with me. I mean come on, why whenever I am at an important juncture in my game am I interrupted every time? I feel so frustrated. Do any of you, my fellow gamers, also face this issue?

Let me tell you what happened to me one day.

That was a happy day for me, I had no work to do and so I was free to play my current favorite game i.e. Mad Bullets, and as usual, I was playing superb and was about to win. But my happiness and my joy were not digestible to our dear data speed; it started its tantrums and did not let me play. Initially, I tried to handle the situation with patience, but then I reached my limit and finally out of frustration I left my game on the way which was all mine. 


Anyway, then my sad story ends, and I started to look for any solution to break this barrier between me and my favorite games. Guess what happened next! I got that, I got a perfect solution. I found a number of interesting war games that are offline at https://gamesnowifi.com/War-games-offline. Which I think is the best way to overpower the internet speed issue. I installed what I liked the most among those all, and played my game without any kind of obstruction. 

I am no more completely dependent on the internet to play my favorite games but need internet rarely and that is only for maintenance purposes (to update or install other games as well). 

I know you might be thinking that still online games are best and also not to shift your preference. So now I am going to tell you how Offline gaming is better than online one in different aspects. I have listed a few points, just take a look:

  • You are then safe from extra data charges.
  • You can pause and resume your game in case of an emergency.
  • You can pick your game from the same point where you left it, without any loss.
  • You don’t need to wait for other members to join you in the game can carry on with your game on your own.
  • Most importantly, you can play them anywhere and everywhere.

So, being a die-hard gamer, I suggest all game lovers to save your interest in games and to play joyfully without any interruption by switching to offline games. And if you are finding it difficult to choose among a lot of games then visit the link mentioned in this article and choose from the best ones only.

Thailand – Places to see during your visit

Thailand – Places to see during your visit


Thailand is a Southeast Asian country; known for its opulent Royal Palaces, Tropical beaches, ornate temples displaying statues of Budhha, and ancient ruins. Overall it is a very beautiful country with enrichment of different resources as well. Thailand and its many cities like Bangkok, Phuket amongst others are popular tourist destinations both for the culture and the natural beauty of the place.


Thailand offers variety to its tourists from huge attractive casinos, opulent hotels, clean, vast and varied beaches and all at affordable prices. The popular destinations in Thailand are many and here is a list of few of the many:


  • Bangkok
  • Phuket
  • Ko Samui
  • Phi Phi islands
  • Chiang Mai
  • Pattaya city
  • Krabi
  • Pa tong
  • Phra Nakhon Si Ayuthhaya
  • Ko Tao
  • Mueang Chiang Rai
  • Ko Pha Ngan
  • Phang Nga Bay
  • Ko Phi Phi Don
  • Ao Nang
  • Khao Lak
  • Kanchanaburi
  • Phuket Island
  • Ko Samet
  • Khao Yai National Park
  • Khao Sok National Park
  • Ko Lanta
  • Ko Chand District
  • Pai
  • Mu Koh Angthong National Marine Park
  • Thani
  • Hua Hin District
  • Hat Yai
  • Ko Yao yai
  • Erawan national Park
  • Ko Lan
  • Doi Inthanon National park


Thai food is also a delicacy enjoyed by many. So, if one is on a visit to Thailand one must take the full experience of enjoying the Thai delicacies. Different variety of food stuffs is found in Thailand. They prefer spicy food. Few traditional foods have been listed below:


  • Tom yum Goong: Spicy soup


Tom yum goong is a spicy soup typically made with mushroom, garlic, tomatoes, fish sauce, onions, kaffir lime leaves, cilantro, and lemongrass, with an amount of lime juice. It is sour and spicy yet tastes very good. Generally it is served in an aluminum pot with a charcoal burner or in a large clay bowl.

  • Laap: season minced meat

Basically it is made by minced meat with fish sauce, fresh herbs, lime juice and roasted rice powder.

  • Phat Kaphrao: stir – fried meat with basil and chili

It is a combination of meat flash fried with holy basil and doused in a generous amount of chili and garlic.

  • Khao Soi: noodle soup

It is a famous traditional noodle dish.

  • Pad Thai: stir- fried rice noodle fish

This is made up with garlic, chili, tofu and eggs with shrimp and chicken, lime juice, peanuts, sprouts and spring onions.

  • Gaeng Keow Wan Gai – Thai green curry and chicken

Coconut milk, green curry paste and chicken are the main ingredients of this dish. Green curry paste is made up of garlic, green chilies and shallots.


  • Pad Grapao: minced pork with Thai basil and fried eggs


This dish is prepared by minced pork in a hot pan with Thai basil leaves, soy sauce, chilies, garlic, and oyster sauce.


  • Homok Talay: Seafood mousse


This dish is cooked with assortment of fish, delicious curry spices, and vegetables. 

  • Massaman curry: Rich Thai sauce

It is a mixture of curry paste, coconut milk and strong peanut flavors. It is a signature dish of Thailand.


  • Gang Jued: Thai vegetable soup


It is the healthiest dish found in Thailand; basically it is a bowl of vegetable soup. It contains tofu, minced pork, onions, glass noodles, cabbage, and carrots.

Make sure you plan your Thai visit well and advance and also check the visa on arrival Thailand requirements. There are a few things which you must prepare in advance before you decide to get a visa on arrival in Thailand. Get these things ready and enjoy your trip!!

The Truth About Rural India

The Truth About Rural India

Howdy, dear reader! Hope you’re doing good. This article is the best resource you’ll find on the internet covering life in rural India. Here, you are going to find a lot of insights into the lifestyle of people living in the villages of India. At the end of this article, you’ll have a clear idea of what the Government of India is doing to improve the life of people in rural India. You’ll get some ideas about how you too can contribute to the well being of Indian villages and the people living there.

So, read on and discover all you need to know about life in rural India.

About 67% of the Indian population lives in rural areas.

When you’re talking about India, you can’t miss out rural India and its influence on the economy of the nation. About 67% of the Indian population lives in rural areas. This makes Indian villages a crucial part of India. While Indian villages are such important part of India, you must know that the condition of living here is not quite good.


There are a lot of problems to be solved in rural India

From education to employment, there are a lot of sectors which need improvement and there are a lot of issues which need to be solved in rural India. Most villages still lack basic facilities such as schools and hospitals. Lack of proper sanitation facilities and hospitals are also matters that need to be focussed on. 

What is the Government doing

While this is one side of the coin, there has actually been a lot of development in rural parts of India in the last few years. From job creation to housing schemes like Pradhan Mantri Gramin Awas Yojana, the Government of India has made a commitment to make the lives of people living in the remotest villages of India a little better. People living in rural India have now started receiving the benefits from the Government through various welfare schemes.

Apart from schemes like Pradhan Mantri Gramin Awas Yojana and Ujjwala Yojana, the Government of India has also done work towards making rural India connected with other parts of India and the world. The Government’s pioneering work towards Digital India also includes the efforts of letting people in rural India get access to high-speed internet.

While the efforts of the Government deserve to be applauded, the fact of the matter is that there is a lot more that needs to be done here. So, what can you do about it? How can you contribute to making the Indian villages more progressive and prosperous?

How you can make a change

While the Government will continue its efforts to work for the betterment of rural India, you too have to make your contribution towards the cause. There is a lot that needs to be done to uplift the lives of people living in Indian villages. You can do this by connecting with people living in villages in India and inspiring them to become better citizens. You can even create job opportunities for them and make them more confident. This is how you can be a contributor to the development of rural India.