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Ronit is a bright and meritorious student of his college. He is an aspiring engineer striving to be on the top of his game, he is the perfect student, he studies well on time as well as he is enthusiastically involved with his friends when they play and hang out with each other. He is the most popular boy of his batch as he is adored equally by the teachers and the students. Ronit once saw a girl crying near the lab because she felt homesick, as some other girls were constantly bullying her. He wanted the students to only create love, not hate. So, Ronit writes a letter to the dean of his school proposing a wonderful idea. Following is the exchange of letters between the dean of the college and Ronit.

Dear Sir

I, the student of third year software engineering, Ronit would like to propose something exciting to you. As you know that the students and my fellow mates are really tensed about the ongoing examinations , they are not able to sleep or eat properly because they study all day and night. Moreover, I have seen some unfortunate situations due to the hostility of some students to the others. So, after these examinations are over I would suggest you to organize an online gaming tournament. We could do a survey of what all the students like. The competition can start with intra-class competitions and move onto inter-class competition, that too, year-wise and lastly all the winners with compete to win the final round. My friends and I would be honored to organize this competition and bring about a refreshing change in the monotonous life of the students. This competition is also valid for our teachers, professors, cleaning staff, and of course you. I am well aware of the fact that you are fond of the online gaming, just like me. If the footfall of this competitions turns out to be fairly good, I would like to form a club for online gamers on the campus, so that they can bond over similar interests and avoid hurting the sentiments of each other. The specialty of this group is that it is open for everyone, be it staff members, professors, teachers or the students. This club will enable the bonding of those students who prefer not to be in the limelight or the students who have no friends whatsoever can bond with each other, also, it is a relaxing place for stressed out professors and students who are away from their homes and might be homesick. Thanking you

Yours Sincerely,


The dean loved the idea and immediately approved what Ronit was asking for. He wrote back to Ronit:

Dear Ronit,

I am on board with your idea and you can go ahead with the preparations of the tournament after your term examinations. I would suggest you to organize¬† this tournament in the conference hall and it’s rather better to announce the game rather than surveying it, I would suggest the game should be clash royale. The students will log onto and play the game, it is highly enjoyable and relaxing. Also, I would surely visit the tournament and would ask the staff members to do the same. I appreciate your efforts to make your college a holistic place to live and study in.

Yours Faithfully

Principal Powers

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