College Guy Gets Rich With Investments In Top Performing Mutual Funds In India

Raghu Verma was a regular college goer just like any other boy of his age. While most of his friends spend their money on their habits, Raghu was diligent in his practice of saving. He didn’t like the idea of wasting his pocket money on unnecessary things. He had this habit of saving a quarter of his pocket money right from his school days. Later during his college days, he had taken up another habit, the one that had a big impact on his life. This habit we are talking about is the habit of investing. He started putting a part of his pocket money into mutual funds. However, this decision of investing in mutual funds was not made in a day or two. He took his time in understanding the concept of mutual funds and figuring out the various mutual fund schemes that could bring him the desirable returns.

Early Beginnings

Raghu started his journey with mutual funds with short-term investments. He spent a lot of time in research and acquired some valuable information about mutual funds and other investment options. Being a beginner in the investment industry, he decided to start low and slowly build up his mutual fund investments. Therefore, he went ahead with SIP investments for short term. Soon, he realized the power of investment and started making more investments. He was clever enough to figure out the top performing mutual funds in India. Hence, there wasn’t any problem in investment.

Growing Passion

Within two years, his investments brought him good returns and he became passionate about this new income source. He started spending his time in understanding the world of investment in a better way. He started reading about the most successful investors in the world. He became familiar with the power of compounding. Having known a little more about the investment world, he eventually started adding more investment schemes to his portfolio. He even got a loan with some of the gold he got gifts from his relatives. He used tools like to calculate his EMI and made sure to pay back on time. This was another thing that helped him grow financially.

Career Option

By the time he was in the last year of his college, his net worth had grown immensely. He started looking at investment as a career option. His skills at picking investment options had become much better. He has plans to keep growing his investments regularly. He now looks forward towards a lucrative career as an investment analyst.

This was the mutual fund journey of Raghu Verma so far. This story comes with the lesson that the sooner you begin your investments in mutual funds, the better are your chances to get higher returns. There are so many more success stories about mutual fund investments. Read them here to get inspired and become a better investor.

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