Furry blurry, eh?

furry friend

The world would be a nicer place if humans too had the ability to love unconditionally as dogs do. Dogs are known to be man’s best friend and a loyal  as well as faithful companion and hence, gelling along with the appropriate canine is an absolute must.  There is a large gene pool of selection of these adorable pets and choosing a furry mate for yourself must seem to be a total blur. Indeed it is. Having the suitable dog breed at your home and by your side is really important as these mates are a memory for life and become your best friend and a part of your family as soon as they enter your home and your life.

Before letting in a furry mate in your life, certain points needs to considered to make sure you , your family and your dog become bffs instantly!

  1. You need to carefully select the  breed according to weather conditions of the place you live in. For instance , a Siberian Husky needs to live in extreme cold climates to survive.
  2. The space you have at home, that is, a dog needs a lot of space to move around as they are energetic and full of life. A small dog is better suited for smaller homes as they need less space to move around, for instance, a lhasa apso is 10-11 inches tall, it needs a small place to live and sleep.
  3. You need to check up if any one in your family is allergic to dog hair or not.
  4. The upkeep of some dogs can prove to be a little more expensive as compared to other dogs , so, you need to think about the expenses you are ready to uphold according to the breed you select.
  5. If you choose a pup, you need someone around to train it.
  6. Someone should always be available to take the dog for a walk or make it exercise.
  7. The pet clinic should be around the corner in case of emergencies or your furry mate is sick.
  8. Select the breed according to purpose you are looking for. For instance, you need a dog to guard your house, so, german shepherd or a rottweiler is a more suitable option.

Selection of an appropriate breed can prove to be a head scratcher , specially for the people  who have little to no knowledge about dogs can be in an absolute fix while selecting the appropriate breed for themselves. Referring to the people who are already dog owners is a good option, whereas,  if you are not in contact with any dog owners, internet can come to the rescue-  https://knowthedogs.com/ or https://www.wikipedia.org/  , these websites can prove to be really helpful if you want to know more about different dog breeds -their origin , their availability in India, the kind of conditions they grow in , the kind of food they eat, their size, the vaccinations they require, their color, their appearance, their lifespan, the weight they can go up to, their temperament, the care they require, some grooming tips, the price they are available at (in INR) and so on.

So, get set go and choose a canine for yourself , as you will surely get a best friend, a companion and fondest memories for life.

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