Gaming: My Passion

Hey Guys! This is Elvish Mark. I am a very good player; I used to play several games online and won all. Playing games is one of my favorite hobbies; I just love those hours that I spend on gaming. But there is something that disturbs me so much and that is the regular fluctuations that occur in data speed. I do not understand whether I am using it too much or it is being discriminatory towards me. It seems like data speed operators have some personal issues with me. I mean come on, why whenever I am at an important juncture in my game am I interrupted every time? I feel so frustrated. Do any of you, my fellow gamers, also face this issue?

Let me tell you what happened to me one day.

That was a happy day for me, I had no work to do and so I was free to play my current favorite game i.e. Mad Bullets, and as usual, I was playing superb and was about to win. But my happiness and my joy were not digestible to our dear data speed; it started its tantrums and did not let me play. Initially, I tried to handle the situation with patience, but then I reached my limit and finally out of frustration I left my game on the way which was all mine. 


Anyway, then my sad story ends, and I started to look for any solution to break this barrier between me and my favorite games. Guess what happened next! I got that, I got a perfect solution. I found a number of interesting war games that are offline at Which I think is the best way to overpower the internet speed issue. I installed what I liked the most among those all, and played my game without any kind of obstruction. 

I am no more completely dependent on the internet to play my favorite games but need internet rarely and that is only for maintenance purposes (to update or install other games as well). 

I know you might be thinking that still online games are best and also not to shift your preference. So now I am going to tell you how Offline gaming is better than online one in different aspects. I have listed a few points, just take a look:

  • You are then safe from extra data charges.
  • You can pause and resume your game in case of an emergency.
  • You can pick your game from the same point where you left it, without any loss.
  • You don’t need to wait for other members to join you in the game can carry on with your game on your own.
  • Most importantly, you can play them anywhere and everywhere.

So, being a die-hard gamer, I suggest all game lovers to save your interest in games and to play joyfully without any interruption by switching to offline games. And if you are finding it difficult to choose among a lot of games then visit the link mentioned in this article and choose from the best ones only.

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