How does it feel like living in the mountains?

I’ve always wondered how it feels like to live in the mountains. To satiate my curiosity thirst, I decided to go and live in one of the mountains near me. For your information, I live in the dry state of California. There are no mountains or hills nearby. There are no plateaus or places that I could go to get a glimpse of the top or an experience of being at the top.

There are days when you feel like doing most of the things that you have been planning to do and then there are days when you simply do it without giving much thought. Last Thursday was one such day when I decided to move to Colorado. I have a friend who lives in the mountains. This friend always talks about the perks of living in the mountains. In some way, he had influenced my decision to move to Colorado.


However, the decision was mine and I did move to this new place to see the mountains and know how it feels like living in the mountains. I did a lot of planning and did a lot of research before moving out. From research about the climate of the place to looking for equipment for my survival, I had spent hours on the internet looking things up. While doing my research, I came to know about this website called It has information on the many types of heathers that people use. I had found the suitable one for the place I was moving to.

When I had done all the research and made all the arrangements, I headed out to move to the mountains. The temperature of the place was as I had expected. It was starting to get colder as my friend had told me. There was a lot of reason to not be there. I had a condition that made it difficult for me to breathe. As the days passed, it was getting more and more difficult to live there.

However, there was something that made me stay. The beauty of the mountains was surreal. I could look at them forever and keep myself happy. I decided to be there for a week. The days were very pleasant. The nights became a little painful due to my condition. But, there was something that made me happy in those mountains and I couldn’t hold myself from getting more and more attracted to the mountain.

I had been always planning to live up in the mountains and when I was getting this opportunity, I couldn’t help but wonder if this was happening for real. Living in the mountains had always been a dream for me and it has finally come true. Now I have the experience of living in the mountains and I can tell people about it. Isn’t that interesting? To me, it is. Do let me know your thoughts.

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