How To Buy Your First Motorbike

Bikes are one of the most popular medium of transportation in the world today. These two-wheeler machines are used, loved and adored by people all over the world. Sure. a lot of people prefer cars over bikes. But, there is something about bikes that makes them a different cult. We, at Bulb Magazine, are huge fans of bikes. We are crazy about these machines. So much so that we’ve decided to publish a series of articles about them on our blog. This is the first article in the series and we have decided to weave this into a guide for newbie bikers who are looking forward to buying their first motorbike.

So, let’s get started.

Things to know before buying your first motorbike:

There are 5 crucial things that you need to understand before you buy your first motorcycle.

1. Know what kind of biker you are

Before you make your choice of bike, you need to understand what kind of biker you are. Are you someone who loves to be adventurous or are you someone who just want to use the bike as a medium of commute? Figuring out the kind of biker you are will help you decide the ideal bike you should buy.

2. Don’t be overconfident

One of the things that you as a biker need to be careful about when buying a bike is to not overestimate your ability. Young people have the tendency to overestimate their abilities. Driven by this tendency, they buy a high-powered bike that is beyond their control. If you are a new rider, make sure to buy a bike that is not high-powered. Handling a high-performance bike requires expertise which comes with experience.

3. Go for a bike that suits your body

Ergonomics is a factor that has to be taken seriously when selecting a bike. You have to be very certain that your bike fits your body type. Take test rides or get bikes from bike rental services. Getting a bike from bike rental services is a better option than taking a test ride as you can use the bike for longer to understand if it is actually suitable for your body.

4. Know your needs


There is a certain type of bike for a certain kind of need. If you are a basic commuter, a standard bike will do fine for you. If you are someone who rides for an adrenaline rush, your needs can be fulfilled with a sportbike.

5. Review your options

Choosing the right bike can be a daunting task when there are so many options to choose from. Make sure you follow the best resource for bike reviews before you make a decision.


Buying a bike for the first time can be a task that needs some effort on your part. Sure, you want a bike that you can flaunt in front of your friends. But, make sure that what you get is actually what you need.

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