How to find a date when you are broke

A common belief about dating is that it is a game for the rich. I believe that this is not entirely true. While being rich may help in getting a date quicker, it is more of a psychological game. I know people who live dirt cheap and have the luxury of dating rich women. Although, I have to say that they have the looks to their advantage. While good look is an important aspect of getting a date, there are other factors too which you will read ahead. In this article, I am going to walk you through the tips for finding a date when you are broke. This article is for men and the tips mentioned here are useful for men. However, some of these can be applicable for women too.

Tip #1. Be confident

There is nothing as attractive as a man with a sense of confidence. This is probably the first trait in a man that women like. If you think you are confident enough to approach any woman for a date, you have a major advantage.

Tip#2. Dress sensibly


Once you have the confidence to approach women, you can go ahead with the next tip which is to dress sensibly. There is a sense of confidence that comes along with proper dressing. You become certain that women are not going to turn you down because of your dressing. This is a major advantage.

Tip#3. Look for online dates

The world of internet is huge. The online dating industry is huge too. You can find dating sites where you get to meet people of your choice. There are thousands of dating platforms out there. You have to decide for yourself which ones you are going to choose. You can find rich women online. There are sugar mummy online dating sites where you can meet women who are ready to look after your financial needs. Online dating is really something that you should try.

Tip#4. Be attentive

Being attentive and listening to the other person is a trait that really works well in dating. Make sure that you pay complete attention to the person you date. This is something that any woman will like in a man.

Tip#5. Develop a sense of humour

If you can make a woman laugh on the first date, it is an indication that the date was worth it. Having an amazing sense of humour is absolutely beneficial for men in dating. If you think that you lack the sense of humour to woo women, you can learn to develop it on your own. Believe me, it will be worth your time.


These were some of the best tips for finding a date when you are broke. Use these tips and you will have the fortune of getting that woman of your dreams by your side. In case you are not very confident about approaching a woman in person, you can always look for online dates. A sugar mummy online dating site will be the perfect place to start with.

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