How to improve your English

One of the things that most youngsters from middle-class families in India find difficult is learning to use English the right way. For most young people in India, not being able to write and speak English properly becomes a hindrance in their career path. Because learning English is so important in today’s world, we have listed below some of the best tips for improving your English. These tips will help you write and speak English proficiently.

1. Learn Grammar and take online tests

There are a lot of books about English vocabulary and Grammar. Make use of those books and learn from them every day. You can even use the best English Grammar apps offline to learn the language. There are so many options for talking English Grammar test online. This is one of the best ways to learn English.

2. Listen carefully

One of the best traits of high performers and learners is the trait of listening well. When you listen well, you learn more and you learn better. This is something that you should apply when learning English. Listen to other people talking. Be observant and try to understand the context of the conversation.

3. Watch English movies


Another way to learn oral English is to watch English movies. You can use subtitles to learn the spelling and pronunciation of certain words. This is a great strategy for learning English while entertaining yourself.

4. Speak up

While reading and watching others speak is great for learning, you can never master a language without speaking it. Initially, you might feel conscious about the way you speak. You might wonder if you are making sense. But, that is normal. You learn by mistakes. That is how it works. Keep speaking and keep learning.

5. Get your pronunciations right

One of the things that make you good at English is getting your pronunciations right. While there are books that help you learn pronunciation, you can do it best by watching videos on YouTube.

6. Think in English

Another effective strategy to get hold of the English language is to think in English. When you start thinking in English and do it all the time, learning becomes automatic. There is a study which shows that thinking in a new language can help in learning the language faster.

7. Read English newspapers, books and magazines

Reading helps you get more familiar with a language. There are so many different things to read. You can read newspapers, magazines, books and online blogs. Just keep one thing in mind when reading. Read it aloud whenever you can. This will help you become a better speaker of the language.


These were some of the most effective tips for learning English. Now, you have to decide which option you want to go with.

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