How To Spoof In Pokemon Go Without Rooting Your Device

Ever since Pokemon GO was first published on Android, we’ve been covering various methods and techniques in order to help you cheat in Pokemon, spot it and capture Pokemon from almost the entire world, while you just sit on the sofa. Spoofing in Pokemon go is not at all a tough task but you need to know some basic things to use this Pokemon Go Hack.

  • If you are continuously jumping from one location to another you can be soft banned from the Pokemon go for some time.
  • Some devices do not require rooting and they can perform the hacking process as mentioned without rooting.
  • Some devices like the latest Samsung devices with the latest security patch may not work with this hack.
  • Rooting your device may result in loss of the warranty of your newly purchased device.

You might be keen to know how this method works for those of you who want to hack your Android devices. The technique we use here is, therefore, to downgrade Google Play Services to the particular version on your Android device, which allows you to use a fake location app using developer options without the Pokemon GO realizing that you have a location spot by using an application.


Follow these steps below and hack the pokemon go within minutes. Read carefully!!

Step 1: For the particular model of your Android phone, you can download an outdated version of Google Play Services. The suggested version here is 12.6.85 or older to be able to spoof without root. A list of versions will be displayed, and each version has a number set in the brackets. You have to find a version with the number already in place on your phone that suits the latest Google Play Services version.

Step 2: The location hacking application of your choice is downloaded and activated. There are a limited number of location hacking applications that currently allow you to target your Pokemon GO location without root permission. Some of the applications are FGL Pro, Fake GPS GO location spoofer and GPS joystick.

Step 3: You will need to disable Find My Device on your Android mobile device, as you can not uninstall or change Google Play Services if this function is allowed. Go to security or simply search in the search bar “Device Administrators”, click on this option and disable the “Find My Device” option.

Step 4: This move guides you through uninstalling your updates on Google Play Services and reverting them back to their default factory edition. This is also an easy task, go to settings, click on apps section, so to system apps and look for google play services, tap on it and uninstall all the updates.

Step 5: Install the version of Google Play services you have downloaded and from developer option choose the mock location application.

Step 6: Open the Mock Location App and insert the coordinates or search of some location and after that open Pokemon Go and start playing from the new location.

This trick is working on many devices and most importantly it is working without rooting the device so you can also use this simple trick to fake the location in your Pokemon go game and enjoy catching pokemons from different regions.

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