Pros and Cons of Wi-Fi Hotspots

There has been a huge increase is the use of WiFi hotspots over the last few years. These allow people to stay connected to the internet using laptops or other devices when they are away from their office or home. There are a lot of benefits to being able to connect to the internet via WiFi hotspots, but additionally, there are a number of disadvantages too.


  1. Easy availability

The primary advantage is the fact that you can access the internet from various different locations. Most of the time you are not very far from somewhere you can get internet access. If you have to catch up with your emails, for instance, you can. Cafes, airports and on trains are some of the places where you can get access to WiFi hotspots.

  1. On the go coverage

If you routinely travel to your job location, you can make use of the internet while on your commute. Even when you are out for a client meeting or something related to work, you can find access to the internet through WiFi hotspots. This makes you more productive.

  1. Mobile access

People nowadays want access to the internet not just through their computers or laptops. A lot of people use internet on their mobile devices. From reading their emails to checking their social network feeds, mobile devices are being used more than ever to get connected to the internet. WiFi hotspots serve the purpose of keeping you connected to the internet all the time through your mobile devices.

  1. Advertising tool

A lot of companies use WiFi as an advertising medium, offering customers free online access. These include McDonalds and Starbucks. Customers being able to use the internet while drinking their Coffee or having a meal has become one of their selling points. This attracts a lot of customers to visit them again and again.


  1. Limited access and coverage

Access could be restricted and coverage intermittent. You cannot expect to get unlimited access to the internet while on a free WiFi network.

  1. Not reliable

It’s not always as reliable and simple as accessing the internet from home. Public WiFi hotspots¬†have a lot of connections. This makes the network slower compared to your office or home network.

  1. Security issues

There are security issues. Accessing the internet from a WiFi hotspot isn’t always secure, especially when you’re dealing with sensitive info like important passwords and bank details or working over a company network.

While security can be a significant issue with WiFi, there are things that you can do to decrease the risk. All WiFi networks must have security measures in place, like having a Network monitoring software. A Network monitoring software lets you monitor your WiFi network. It can be used it to track IP addresses, MAC addresses & the connected device names.

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