Teaching Kids How To Write Number In Words

Part of math, numbers, and math proficiency is learning to spell and compose number words. Children should have the option to compose the words subsequent to being given a number written in digits and they should have the option to make an interpretation of the composed form into digits. There are some easy and advantageous ways by which children can figure out how to change over numbers in words.


Learning the Words

The initial step is learning the number words for zero through ten. After these are mastered 

  • spell up to twenty, 
  • then do all the tens up to 90, 
  • then learn hundred, thousand, million, billion, and trillion. 
  • Then figure out how to compose numbers like 34, recall the dash. 
  • Compose and read huge, since quite a while ago confused numbers like 400 5,000,000, 600 fifty-4,000, 700 twenty. 

Finally, figure out how to compose decimal words. When writing number words the main spot “and” ever happens is at the decimal. Like 45.32 is composed of 43 and 32 hundredths. Something else that can be confusing is that you go right to tenths in decimals. There is no one spot. 

Spelling Word Games 

Here is a rundown of game ideas that you can use to work on spelling number words. 

Spelling Tests 

Having the children really compose the words from memory is the main genuine approach to determine if they have learned them enough. Spelling tests are a brilliant learning apparatus. You can simply do a plain spelling test like clockwork where you state the words and they think of them, yet you can likewise make even a spelling test more fun. Here are a few ideas. 

Compose On A Chalkboard 

Writing on the blackboard is a great task and children like to utilize the chalk to compose something on the board, thus, why not ask them to record the spellings of numbers on the board. We took a stab at writing the digits up on the board and allowed youngsters to alternate coming to the board to spell the number words. We let them pick the number word they needed to spell and their siblings remedied any errors. 

Enchantment Spelling 

In Magic Spelling, kids compose the spelling word with a white colored pencil and afterward paint over it with watercolor paints to uncover the word. Amendments are made and they attempt again with the white pastel and more paint. They won’t have any desire to quit practicing. 

Combine Number Words With Reading Big Numbers and Decimals 

If you’re doing this with more seasoned children then you should hop directly in with huge numbers, both reading and writing them, translating from digits to words and back again, and reviewing/re-learning place esteem. Else, you can hold off on this until the third and fourth grades. 

Compose Words in a Math Notebook 

We are keeping math journals through this math basics experience we’re having. So on one of the spelling practice days, we composed the words in our math scratchpad in pencil. They were checked, remedied, and they will be added to with more number words. This will make a reference page that the children can allude to if it slips they’s mind. Ideally, however, they will realize the words sufficiently well to not have to find them.

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