The evolution of musical instruments

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From the early man’s age to the modern age of technology, music has been in existence as if it is a part of humans. There is music all around us if you know how to listen. It is the synchronization of sounds of various kinds that create a musical piece. If you have watched the movie ‘August Rush’, you will clearly understand what I’m trying to say.

Sounds, when combined and reproduced in an organized manner make Symphony. This is a concept of the middle period which has passed on to the modern period. However, there were other forms of music arrangement in ancient ages.


If you want to delve deep into the history of musical compositions, you can go and visit historical monuments, caves and archaeological sites. You will find some or other forms of writing that depict the presence of music and musical compositions. There are caves paintings which show the existence of flute in the earliest of civilizations. 

Most modern-day types of flutes have been modified from the ancient ones. One of the earliest of all the types of flutes is the bansuri. It is the Indian wooden or bamboo flute that doesn’t have keys like their Western counterparts. 

The bansuri has been mentioned in the ancient Indian scriptures as well. It is the instrument of Lord Krishna. If you happen to see the image or Idol of Lord Krishna, you will find him holding a bansuri to his lips. It is, in fact, Lord Krishna who symbolized the bansuri as a traditional Indian musical instrument.

Native Americans have used flutes for centuries. They believe that the flute has the power of healing an ailing mind. Even today there is the practice of listening to native American flute as a ritual. It is believed to cure the human spirit and cleanse it from all the misdoing in the world.

Many tribes around the world have the concept of using flutes to welcome guests. They parade through the village playing mesmerizing notes as a kind gesture to the guests. Other cultures have used it as a part of folk music. It makes their compositions more beautiful.

Like flutes, all musical instruments have their own journey from the early man days to the current age. We will certainly talk about some more instruments in the future articles of this blog.

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