The Top Subjects To Opt For After High School

The board exams of the students pursuing higher secondary education have almost been put an end after a long grueling month. There are students who eagerly wait for the exam to get over just to explore the opportunities that the future holds for them. There are some who are constantly pestered by the conventional education ideas hurled upon them by the societies and the parent while few students believe in making their own decisions to make sure that they don’t regret in future for blindly following others decisions as a part of their career.

We all have different interests and niches. There might be some student who would be interested in computers and would love to nail the concepts of XML to JSON converter while others find languages and science more interesting than coding and decoding the programming numbers. Some students prefer creative arts and music over the easy yet insipid concepts of XML to JSON converter.

These students are more into giving vent to their emotions in the form of creative and performing arts and language and literature. The subjects should be chosen entirely on personal preferences rather than being foisted upon by the parents or by the so-called high achiever relatives whom you hated like the Chinese hate democracy.

Today in this article I will be ushering you to the options that can be opted for as a subject according to your interest and niche for pursuing higher education. These subjects either fall in the professional courses or the general courses.


Top courses for commerce student that are mostly career oriented are depicted in the length.

Chartered Accountancy(CA)

Master of Business Administration(MBA)

Chartered Financial Analyst(CFA)

Company Secretary(CS)

Top subjects that can be opted for the students seeking to see a life ahead in the science stream are described in the length. The courses depicted here are mostly professional.

B.Sc. Nursing


MBBS(Bachelor Of Medicine And Bachelor Of Surgery)

BDS(Bachelor In Dental Science)Chemistry

B.Pharma(Bachelor In Pharmacy)


Bachelor in Physiotherapy


D.Pharma(Diploma In Pharmacy)

There are many other individual subjects that can be opted for as an option to pursue the career in a particular subject if you are interested like majors in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Computer Science and so on.

Those who are the enthusiasts of Arts and humanities can proceed with subjects like History, language, and literature, Law, Philosophy, Religion, Performing Arts, Anthropology, Communication, Sociology, Home Science, Psychology and the like subjects.

It is not that we have the paucity of information but craving that hinders us from exploring the options and we finally end up doing things that we never wanted to.

Students after completing their higher secondary education become more prone to confusions and dilemma and seek pieces of advice from others.

No one on the planet knows us the way we know ourselves, not even our parents and our closest friends. So it becomes our responsibility to wisely opt for the subject that interests us.

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