The Use Of Facebook Private Video Downloader

The rise of Facebook as a social media giant has been witnessed by an entire generation of Internet users. From photo sharing to video uploads and the recent trend of live video streaming – Facebook is constantly coming up with new updates. What really makes Facebook the most popular among all social media platforms is that you get to see amazing video content on Facebook. The good thing here is that besides watching these video content, you can share them with others through your Facebook profile. You could also share them on Facebook pages and groups. You can share them through private messages too. However, there is just one thing that Facebook puts a restriction on. You can not download videos from Facebook directly. This is where you need to use third-party platforms like Facebook Video Downloader. In this article, you will understand how to use Facebook Private Video Downloader. But before that let us understand what exactly is Facebook Private Video Downloader.

It is an online platform which lets you download any videos from Facebook on your laptop, MacBook or personal computer. There are two options for downloading videos from Facebook using this website. You can download public videos as well as private videos from Facebook.

Now, let us understand how exactly we can do this.

There are various steps that need to be followed to successfully download a video from Facebook. The steps are mentioned below:

Step 1. The first thing you need to do be able to download a Facebook video is to open the Facebook video and copy the video URL.

Step 2. The next step is to click on the download button. This will take you to another screen.

Step 3. In this screen, you have the option to download the video in different formats. You will need to choose the desired format for downloading the video. On choosing this, the video starts playing.

Step 4. Once you’re done with step 3, you can simply click on the download option at the downwards portion of the video. This will start the download.

This is how you can use the Facebook downloader to download public video from Facebook. Now take a look at the steps for downloading private videos from Facebook.

Step 1. Open the page source of the private Facebook video you want to download.

Step 2. Copy the page source.

Step 3. Paste this page source in the space provided

Step 4. Click on the download button. The download will start immediately.

These were the steps that will let you download Private videos from Facebook easily. Downloading Facebook videos is, in fact, an easy task through this website. Now, you can easily save your favourite videos from Facebook and watch them later whenever you want.

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