Tips And Tricks To Develop Brain At Any Age

Brain is said to be the nucleus of our body that governs the entire system and prevents it from collapsing. Brain does not remain the same throughout our lives, it too strolls down the corridor of reformations and changes. Brain is a miraculous gift to every creature dwelling on the earth.

We had a notion that brain cannot be developed after entering the threshold of a certain age. Scientist and psychologist have unflinchingly been working on this peculiar and the most complex sponge.

After performing various experiments based on previously propagated theories and researches, they came up with a theory about brain plasticity or neuroplasticity, refuting the old notion about brain development.

Brains are in fact the most complex and versatile organ of a body. The neuroplasticity theory proposed by scientists proves the everlasting development that it keeps on going through.

We also, by following few techniques and forming a few good habits can stretch the limits of our brain at any stage of life by solving aptitudes and giving maths online tests.

I would like to share 10 most important habits and techniques by virtue of which the brain power can be increased and memory can be tripled in a short span of time.



  1. Meditation

    Meditation is considered to have powers that expand your brain and eliminates restlessness by increasing concentration. This, if performed periodically, is sure to fetch positive results. People who meditate are more focused and productive.

  1. Exercises 

    Exercising regularly supplies an adequate amount of oxygen to your brain for the uninhibited functions of the brain. It improves brain and keeps the body healthy.

  1. Diet 

    Many foods help in keeping our brain healthy. Some foods, such as fruits and vegetables, as well as tea and coffee, have antioxidants that help protect your brain from injury. Others, such as nuts and eggs, contain nutrients and vital minerals that support memory and brain development.

  1. Memory Techniques 

    Memory techniques are the best exercise to improve the brain for retaining information. Chunking techniques, mnemonics, memory palace techniques, the major method and the alphabet list are the techniques that can be used for developing memory.

  1. Solving maths and aptitude  

    Solving mathematical problems and aptitude questions help you to improve attention and brain capacity. You can improve the ability by performing periodic maths online tests for free.

  1. Reading Books: Readers are leaders

     Reading books is a method to plunge inside the minds of the writers through reading their books. Reading books increases our information on various niche which develops our brain.

  1. Skill Acquisition 

    Learning new skills changes the order of your brain and hits its inertia, forcing it to form new nerve cells which ultimately expands our brain.

  1. Learn a New Language 

    When we learn a new language we start feeding our brain with completely different words and expressions. This forces the brain to adapt accordingly to get used to it.

  1. Play an Instrument 

    Playing any instrument improves our muscle memory and perceptual repetitions train our brain. Playing instruments that require both our hands activates both sides of the brain. This is the reason ambidextrous people are considered to be creative.

  1. Playing Brain Games and Solving Puzzles

    Solving puzzles and playing brain games increases the coordination between the body and the makes us more alert and conscious by replacing the old nerve cells with the new ones.

Hope the pitch worked. Kindly let us know if it helped you in your journey to a great brain by commenting below with your honest feedback.

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