Top 10 Things You Can Do In New York City At Night

New York City will be the second wind at sunset. After all, the city never sleeps. But where are the best places to experience New York nightlife?

We’ve put together the top 10 post things to do in NYC at night that include everything from the sky’s high viewing decks to the special Broadway Supper Club. So put on your clothes and storm the city…


Here are things to do in NYC at night:

  1. Catch The Ferry

The Staten Island Ferry runs 5 miles between Staten Island St. George and Whitehall Street in lower Manhattan. The views are stunning, centered on the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. The ferry goes through at night and is completely free. What better way to see the lower Manhattan skyline vividly?

  1. Friday Night Is An Evening Of Art

The best thing in life are for free. So come and enjoy the best entertainment in town on the first Friday of the Bronx Museum of Art. Every month there is something different, so gently turn to the wind and just take your chance. From DJ sets to live jazz bands, from video recording to Q&A, with experts who know what to find.

3 Spend One Night In The Museum

On the first Saturday, you will have the opportunity to explore the Brooklyn Museum until 11:00. On the first Saturday of every month, you can enjoy free art and entertainment or just walk around the current show. If there are movies or classes, be sure to check in early to try and get a ticket. There is also a Michelin-starred restaurant. But if the Saul restaurant is too extravagant, the bar is open all night and the Counter Café serves food. 

  1. Get Some Jazz Into Your Soul

Watch out for KT Friday at the Rubin Museum of Art, where the Naked Spirit and Jazz entertain Rubin, movies, and conversations. Staff regularly select favorites from the museum’s collection to speak. Grab a drink in the K2 Lounge, and maybe some special Pan-Asian tapas. If you arrive here between 6pm and 7pm, you’ll catch Happy Hour with 2-for-1 specials on many drinks.

  1. Be Bowled Over

The Brooklyn Bowl has a music venue, bowling alley, and restaurant. Then why go somewhere else? Enjoy the roast chicken on the blue ribbon and wash it with local beer. Try a lucky strike – the bowling alleys are right on the stage so you don’t have to go far to hear great music. Mention the Sunday night special to reduce bands by 50% after 8pm on a Sunday night.

  1. Find Your Observation

Top of the Rock is a 3 level observation deck at Rockefeller Center. Floor 67 is completely covered, glass 69 has a windshield and 70 is open to the batteries. So if you really want a 360-degree view of NYC at night, go straight to the top. Great shopping area and dining options when you return to the ground.

  1. Check Down NYC

The Empire State Building’s deck is on the 86th floor offers 360-degree views. Ask for a handheld device and it gives you an insight into the view from all directions. You can also rent a high-powered binocular. If you go to the 102nd floor with a hand-operated elevator, you can see up to 80 miles on clear days.

  1. Go For Indoor Rock Climbing

How high can you go? Brooklyn Boulders is a fun and challenging indoor rock climbing experience. The staff here can show you the ropes, whether new or old. And if you haven’t reached the height yet, don’t worry. There are also yoga, capoeira, and numerous fitness workshops.

  1. Cross the water

Imagine the full moon, the crystal clear sky, and all the lights of Manhattan reflected in the East River below you. Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge at night is magical. The pedestrian promenade is 1.6 km (1.6 miles) and takes an hour to cross (including photo stops).

  1. Go Down Below

Experience the nightlife as the New Yorkers do. Feinstein / 54 Below is a selection of world-class dining, elegant ambience and unforgettable performances from the best of Broadway. Just down the street (and down the stairs) from Times Square, it is known as the club’s Broadway lounge, with 3 shows every night. No table is more than 24 meters from the stage, so wherever you sit you get the best place in the house.

You haven’t explored a city until you have experienced its nightlife, so be sure to go to NYC at night. In summer and during special holidays, there are events, festivals, and fireworks to keep you entertained. 

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