Being a student is a great feeling, especially, when you perceive learning as fun. But, there can be times when you find it hard to go on with the daily routine. Well, do not worry. We all have been there. It is absolutely normal to feel that way. Most of the times it is a distraction that takes your mind off studies and makes you believe that study is a mundane task. In most cases, the distraction is internet. Research shows that university students spend an average of 8 to 10 hours per day on their gadgets, mostly surfing the internet. With the internet boom throughout the world, the numbers are expected to rise.

While this can be a disadvantage, there are certain factors that can help to replace the content of internet consumption if not reduce it. This can lead to a positive outcome in the students’ life and they may get to learn a lot more than just wasting their time on social networking sites. The following list of top 5 amazing websites for students will help you drift your mind from the useless stuff that you do on the internet and make you a little wiser.


How many times has it been that you come across a word and look it up in your dictionary? Well, some of you may have done it quite often. You might have got your pocket dictionary and waded through pages to get to that word you are looking for. While your effort to do so is appreciable, it is not the only option you have. When you are using the internet to read about stuff, why not use it to improve your vocabulary? Use to learn about any word that holds your attention. Learn and add words to your vocabulary. You will be amazed at how quickly you can learn using this website.

  1. SparkNotes

Learning can be really boring when you do not really understand your teacher and your textbooks do not really make any sense. Well, if you are having such a problem already, you can consider visiting this amazing website called SparkNotes. This site is a great resource to help students understand their books and help them prepare for their tests. The site covers a huge range of topics that can be any student’s delight. If you are looking for some thoughtful advice to balance your student life, SparkNotes has got you covered.


Does your GPA give you a nightmare? Are you constantly worried about making it to the prestigious university you had always wanted to be in? If so, can really help you unwind and leave your worries about calculating your GPA. This site is the place to be if you are willing to know your GPA instantly. It just takes a few seconds to do the calculation for you. Improving your grades become your priority when you keep track of your GPA frequently.


Social Media can be a time-drainer when you use it merely for entertainment. Sites like YouTube and Facebook are great ways to learn about stuff and stay connected with others. But, too much use of these sites can be addictive. You do not even realize how much time you spend on these sites before it gets too late. To help yourself get rid of this problem, use this website called This site helps you to reduce the use of the time-draining sites by letting you bookmark the sites. Once you bookmark the sites you choose, will block your access to those sites. While this lets you limit your usage of the addictive sites, it doesn’t block the sites completely.


Are you a TV addict? This is the website that can help you get rid of your addiction. Instead of spending hours and hours in watching things that add no value to your life, you could use this amazing website to watch videos which are educational and interesting.  Using this website can help you learn a lot more about things that you do not get to learn at any educational institution. You can get a new perspective to your life when you use it as a replacement for your TV.


Being a student involves a great deal of responsibility. Make sure that you are equipped with the best resources to help you fulfil your responsibilities. Make use of the above-mentioned resources to get the best out of your internet experience and make your student life worthy.

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