Understand About Heros And Arenas In Smashing Four

Understanding the heroes and arenas in this game is very important as the powers of heroes are unique of their own and the arena you choose is not made for every hero. The smashing four best deck can be based on the type of arena in which you are playing. 

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About Smashing Four Heroes

Unlocking The Heroes

Heroes are unlocked by playing more and more games in different areas. As you progress towards new arenas in the game you get new characters with the new and unique power of their own.

Powers Of Heroes

The heroes that you unlock have different special powers and they fit certainly in a particular arena where their powers work at the best. Some heroes even have some special spells with them that can be both good or bad. To find more about the special spells about your hero, go to the main section below the main indicators about the character after opening the card.

Different Aspects Of Heroes

The main two aspects of the heroes in this game are damage and health. These traits can be changed with time by collecting more gold and cards and upgrading the character. However, there are certain aspects like weight, size, and speed that cannot be changed in the game.

Different Hero Characters

As you grow in this game you get new heroes in your collection and at the end, you can get all your heroes unlocked and after that, you can use any of them at any arena as per your choice. 

  • Mice Bandits
  • Puppet Master
  • Armadillo
  • Warrior
  • Thunder Idol
  • Frog Mystic
  • Phoenix
  • Golem
  • Cultist
  • Striker
  • Kong
  • Sentinel
  • Ice Queen
  • Sorceress
  • Skeleton
  • Vampire
  • Orc
  • Shaman
  • Goblin
  • Treant
  • Wizard
  • Knight

About Smashing Four Arenas

Arena 1 (Farm)

This is the initial stage where anyone can learn how to play the game on a flat surface. You can move forward within the same day without any issues.

Arena 2 (Enchanted Glade)

The second arena has something special to offer as there is a special magic stone in the middle of the arena and once the player breaks the fence each player will get 25 percent more strength until the end of the game.

Arena 3 (Orc Camp)

Here in the orc camp once you destroy the fence you can do some extra damage to others by pushing your opponents into the fiery abyss. This can be done once you reach the center of the arena.

Arena 4 (The Lost City)

The lost city is dark from the corners and has poisonous acids filled in those sides that can cost your hero his vitality. Moreover, it cannot be restored at the end of the turn.

Arena 5 (Foundry)

Arena five offers you to damage your opponents by hitting the faucets. The damage is not so critical but it will be enough to put you on a lead.

Arena 6 (Mountain Peak)

This arena has a dragon living on the peak of the mountain. You just have to wake him up from his dream in return he will reward you by damaging your opponents severely.

Arena 7 (Frozen Lake)

This arena is named ice lake because it has a snowfield that can be found randomly anywhere in the arena. It will slow down your heroes.

Arena 8 (Overgrown Temple)

Hit the forest, find the temple and capture all riches but be aware of traps. You can use the logs of death but hitting the two statues.

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