Comparison Between Physical And Digital Gift Cards

Gift cards are provided by the retail stores and the big brands to the customers so that they shop more from them and by using the cards, they get instant discounts on their favorite products. This is a kind of marketing technique that every big brand prefers to do so that customers get attracted towards the offer and buy more often from them and hence they can grow their sales volume. Even the e-commerce site now provides e-gift cards to the users to shop more from their portal regularly.

Both the physical gift cards and the electronic gift cards serve the same purpose to attract customers but using these cards may differ due to their physical nature. A comparison between these two cards might clear your mind regarding the usage of both the cards in the real world. Read more about both the cards below and understand their difference.


Physical Gift Cards

More Secure

Physical gift cards are more secure than digital gift cards as there are no chances of fraud in the physical thing but people who provide digital cards may fraud you and ask you for your details and after that, they can use those details against you. So, physical cards are more secure as they are delivered to your hands and you can actually buy them on your own from the store.

Easy To Use

They are very easy to use, unlike the digital cards that require some special procedures to be done. Everyone knows how to use the physical gift card but using the digital gift card requires a smartphone, a mail id where it is received, and some steps that need to be done. 

Delivered To Your Hands

The physical gift card can be purchased from any store and it is always in your hand since the day you buy it. Even if you buy it for any online store or offline store, the store delivers that physical gift card to your hands and after receiving the card you can use it to buy products.

Digital Gift Cards

You Never Lose Them

Digital gift cards are not like physical gift cards that can be lost or replaced with some other git card. The digital gift card is always saved on your phone and you can access that gift card whenever you are going to buy any product. You actually never lose them because when you buy that gift card, you fill in your details like your mail id and it is transferred to your mail-id from where you can use it anytime.

They Are Environment Friendly

You may know that physical gift cards are made of plastic and plastic is not good for the environment so digital gift cards are more environment friendly here as they do not exist in a physical form and yet they can be used anytime. When they are not in use you don’t have to throw them or destroy them as you do with your physical git card and hence you save the environment from getting polluted. 

They Are Instant

Once you apply for the card in the next few minutes you can use them. The digital gift card can be bought online and it gets delivered to your mail-id from where you access it. The physical gift card on the other hand needs to be delivered to your doorstep which takes time.

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