Is Biteable Worth To Be Used At Professional Level?

Biteable focuses on a wide range of clients, from adolescents looking to support their social media presence to instructors and, obviously, advertisers. With Biteable, you can truly eliminate a ton of the time from the video creation cycle to exploit this fantastic medium. 

Biteable spotlights strictly on making videos. There are no different features to get hindered in. The higher the arrangement you are on, the more you’ll have the option to do like add custom watermarks, commercial utilization rights, and more seeds. 

By and large, it’s an effective and respectably moderate approach to test your hand at adding video content. You can either utilize the free arrangement, however, you’ll have a Biteable watermark on anything you offer or evaluate a month for just $29. Peruse this little Biteable Review if you’re interested in buying a biteable arrangement. 

Features You Get From This Software 


Biteable has videos in 20+ categories like land, advertisement, stories, corporate, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You at that point select the format that looks interesting and begins the editing cycle. 


Biteable gives you limited and easy-to-utilize customizations by allowing you to add text, text impacts, and scenes flawlessly. Like other software in its class, don’t anticipate granular detail over everything. 

Essentially, you can just pick the scenes, text on screen, and length. Yet, that is the general purpose of Biteable to save things simple for you. 


Biteable will likewise give you an open canvas to make a video without any preparation. You can transfer videos and images or utilize the formats to assemble your own masterpiece. At that point simply add your scenes, edit, download, and share at whatever point you’re prepared. 


Video and social media are made for one another. Biteable does not just permit you to edit videos to fit specific screen sizes and stage requirements however have social media layouts built-in. This permits you to give any of your social content that special Biteable flare. 


Biteable has massive sovereignty free music library you can utilize in any event, when you’re on a free arrangement. You can likewise add a voiceover track in the media transfer section. While it would be useful if you could directly do a voiceover from within Biteable, this still is a magnificent preferred position Biteable has over a portion of its competitors. 

Is Biteable Worth It? 

You should add a video to your marketing approach. You can’t generally contend with a fee arrangement that is bundled with easy-to-utilize software. 

However, when you begin to contrast the premium offerings and Biteable’s competitors, this is the place it gets a little tricky. Instruments like Magisto and Reevio both do basically everything Biteable does in a similarly easy-to-utilize bundle. 

With Magisto, for instance, you likewise gain admittance to Vimeo Pro, which makes it easier to share your videos on social. 

The reality is the free trial is, obviously, justified, despite all the trouble. In any case, prior to committing to a paid arrangement, look at the competitors. 


  • Free arrangement 
  • Easy to utilize 
  • Incredible layout library 
  • Flexible aspect ratios for different social stages 
  • Huge music library 
  • Voiceover uphold through the audio transfer 
  • Pleasant UI


  • Limited export options 
  • Limited customization 
  • No analytics 
  • No direct social sharing 
  • Needs more inquiry functions to organize layouts and different materials 
  • The tutorial isn’t built-into software

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