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This article has amazing quotes that will motivate you.  It doesn’t speak much about philosophy. Its only purpose is to cheer you up. It fits well into IM or SMS forward messages arena. No quotes are good for IM sharing if they are too intimidating. Short, crispy and brainy quotes are need of the hour in internet realm. We thrive to deliver you just that. These quotes are inspired by works of literature and of course, real life scenarios. Some quotes are inspired by modern day culture, especially movies.

This ‘life goes on’ quotes do motivate you in an indirect and sneaky way. It carries anomalies of elements of greatness, fun and even, some silliness. You would see analogies of a river, chess board, viruses and what not. It’s that sudden spurt of encouragement that you get within a couple of lines. Some quotes in this compilation are much shorter. It’s very relatable and to the point. For the most part, it’s the reflection of three magic words – Life goes on. We tried to explain exactly that, without getting too philosophical.

No one likes it when the source of motivation looks so desperate. It has to bring some feel-good effect while staying simple.  You shouldn’t need a dictionary to understand what the quotes mean. It can’t reference to anything sad or cynical. It should be a joy to read and repeat the quotes. Such are the quotes presented here. You can use them as cool shares as well as daily status. If sharing doesn’t fit you, just save it for a relaxing read. Share us, your feedback and suggestions on quotes compilation in comments below.

We have compiled here some of the best life goes on sayings here. Treasure these keep going quotes to find inspiration when it’s needed. Share it with your dear ones, if you like them.

life goes on sayings

Life goes on sayings

Sports and games are proxy wars. Let’s take a leaf out of them for life lessons.

Outdoor sports:

   Life goes on, quick and continuous. For the most part, you would be playing catch up.

Life isn’t a sprint. It is a marathon. The race is always on.

Here’s the indoor game reference:

   Life is so like chess, except it got no endgame. You only prepare for it.

Game of life doesn’t end after the king is down. All it requires are the squares, not the pieces.

As always, Mother Nature can provide invaluable lessons herself

   Nights happen for a reason. They show us that life isn’t always bright.

Life is like Mother Earth. She is round without any ends.

Our four million years old Planet taught us one ultimate lesson – Being alive is awesome.

Here’s something for the movie buffs, especially Spielberg fans

   Cinema is life, written all over it. It’s life, except for the boring parts and no climax.

The best lesson from the original Jurassic Park flick – life finds a way

Here are quotes to reach out for your bravado. Yeah, you can do it

  When you have just hit rock bottom, remember new beginnings are waiting to happen.

Be the brave soul. Make a mistake. Learn from it. And move on.

get going quotes

Get going quotes

Those bravado quotes must cheer you up. Every living soul has the right to believe in new beginnings. From moving places to changing your brand of cigarettes, everything works. The goal is to get going. Simply put, being able to go on is of paramount importance. However, there are always going to be some roadblocks. Addressing the inevitable goes a long way.

We cannot rule out the demeaning facts.

   There’s only a few who live, in the midst of millions who only exists. The only way you make it count is by living to the fullest.

Life is cruel. It gets going, when you don’t want it.

Viruses are excellent when they are alive. For the most part, they are dead as a crystal.

Dead people are the greatest teachers. They show you, life goes on, without them.

Believe it or not, life restores equality.

   There’s always a tomorrow. There’s always another tide. Life just goes on.

For both princes and poppers, the old unruly sun rises every day.

Birds just sing. Not just for the kings, but everyone. Life just flows. Not just for the successful, but for everyone.

Life is like water, it flows

   Even when thrown into the ocean, float like a log of wood. Life goes on, even when you go broke.

In the sea of life, you can never miss the ship. There’s always another one that follows.

Life is like a river. It converges over rocks, smoothens out roughness and keeps going on.

Tide and time wait for none. And so is life

Unless you are Chuck Norris, you can’t do it

    You can’t smash a rotating door. You can’t shut down on life.

We cannot wrap it up before hitting the bar.

   Life is that raunchy crowd that boos at you when you say the bar is shutting down for the night.

And finally, the classic

life goes on quotes

Life goes on quotes

We hope you enjoyed our life goes on quotes. At some parts, the list does a transition. Some of the quotes can be better classified as keep going quotes. Life goes on. It is a fact. To keep going is the necessary action. You can’t build the magnitude of life goes on points without urging on an action. Except for the classic final quote, none of the items need references. The quotes are inspired, not copied.

Life is like a game. Nevertheless, you don’t get a set repertoire. You can always look for moral guidelines. You are bound to get crashed down, once in a while. Take it up on the chin and get back on your feet. You cannot win or lose. There would only be progress to brag off in the end. Play fair and play brave!!! More people didn’t try than individuals who failed. Don’t give up on your shot.

If you got more life goes on quotes, share it in comments. Who wouldn’t like more life goes on sayings to keep them cheered up?

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