Shungite Healing Stone

Shungite is the only known magical material that has the healing power of infinity. It has been used in different healing rituals for stimulating chakras, filling with energy and improving health from a very earlier period. Shungite stone is mainly used as a jewel or an ornament which should be placed attaching to our body or is placed near to our working area. Jewels made of Shungite are mainly used for keeping away the harmful negative radiations from our life. Wearing natural shungite stone jewellery on a daily basis keeps away the electromagnetic radiations that are easily emitted from electronic gadgets like mobile phones, computers, tablets, etc. The quality of best Shungite bracelets or pendants is perfect for comprehensive personal protection.


The use of Shungite helps in dealing with stress and anxiety by protecting us from all the negativity of the outside world. Wearing this jewellery helps us to stay focused and lets ourselves be productive and successful at our work despite the harassment, constant pressure and deadlines of the modern competitive world. 

In the modern era of pollution, diseases and viruses our immunity should be strong enough to fight against it. The use of Shungite jewellery boosts the functioning of the immune system, blood circulation and also has a major impact on the cardiovascular and the nervous system. Shungite jewels are a must-have tool if we suffer from headaches, anxiety or insomnia. It is also useful in balancing the chakra that improves our mood and brings back the harmony and stability in our daily life.

Arming ourselves with the best Shungite bracelets, we can feel stable and secure no matter at whatever place we are. Our wrist is considered as one of the most sensible parts of our body with numerous bioactive spots. Therefore wearing a Shungite bracelet heals the resonant energy with the natural energy of our body. Wearing it creates an armour of protection around our body. Wearing a shungite necklace on a daily basis helps improve blood circulation, normalise the blood pressure and helps getting rid of asthma and other problems in breathing.

Shungite pendants have become the most amulet protecting device against EMF. It mostly protects us from the geopathic stress, evil eye and many other dangers. Shungite protective pendants help in dealing with mood swings, numbness as well as massive depressive tendencies.

In order to increase productivity and improve performance of oneself, Shungite earrings are a perfect solution. Due to the close location of the earrings with the brain, it boosts our memory power and helps it stay focused and concentrated during grunt work. Besides, wearing Shungite earrings helps to get rid of insomnia, sleeping disorders and also strengthen the nervous system and reduces the risk of cancer

Wearing of Shungite rings stimulates numerous bioactive spots in our finger that is the source to feel, give and receive energies. The positive healing energy of the stone improves stress resistance, heals emotional blockages and improves overall well being. Therefore Shungite jewellery are considered as the best healing matter on the planet.

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