Life goes on quotes

Life goes on quotes

This article has amazing quotes that will motivate you.  It doesn’t speak much about philosophy. Its only purpose is to cheer you up. It fits well into IM or SMS forward messages arena. No quotes are good for IM sharing if they are too intimidating. Short, crispy and brainy quotes are need of the hour in internet realm. We thrive to deliver you just that. These quotes are inspired by works of literature and of course, real life scenarios. Some quotes are inspired by modern day culture, especially movies.

This ‘life goes on’ quotes do motivate you in an indirect and sneaky way. It carries anomalies of elements of greatness, fun and even, some silliness. You would see analogies of a river, chess board, viruses and what not. It’s that sudden spurt of encouragement that you get within a couple of lines. Some quotes in this compilation are much shorter. It’s very relatable and to the point. For the most part, it’s the reflection of three magic words – Life goes on. We tried to explain exactly that, without getting too philosophical.

No one likes it when the source of motivation looks so desperate. It has to bring some feel-good effect while staying simple.  You shouldn’t need a dictionary to understand what the quotes mean. It can’t reference to anything sad or cynical. It should be a joy to read and repeat the quotes. Such are the quotes presented here. You can use them as cool shares as well as daily status. If sharing doesn’t fit you, just save it for a relaxing read. Share us, your feedback and suggestions on quotes compilation in comments below.

We have compiled here some of the best life goes on sayings here. Treasure these keep going quotes to find inspiration when it’s needed. Share it with your dear ones, if you like them.

life goes on sayings

Life goes on sayings

Sports and games are proxy wars. Let’s take a leaf out of them for life lessons.

Outdoor sports:

   Life goes on, quick and continuous. For the most part, you would be playing catch up.

Life isn’t a sprint. It is a marathon. The race is always on.

Here’s the indoor game reference:

   Life is so like chess, except it got no endgame. You only prepare for it.

Game of life doesn’t end after the king is down. All it requires are the squares, not the pieces.

As always, Mother Nature can provide invaluable lessons herself

   Nights happen for a reason. They show us that life isn’t always bright.

Life is like Mother Earth. She is round without any ends.

Our four million years old Planet taught us one ultimate lesson – Being alive is awesome.

Here’s something for the movie buffs, especially Spielberg fans

   Cinema is life, written all over it. It’s life, except for the boring parts and no climax.

The best lesson from the original Jurassic Park flick – life finds a way

Here are quotes to reach out for your bravado. Yeah, you can do it

  When you have just hit rock bottom, remember new beginnings are waiting to happen.

Be the brave soul. Make a mistake. Learn from it. And move on.

get going quotes

Get going quotes

Those bravado quotes must cheer you up. Every living soul has the right to believe in new beginnings. From moving places to changing your brand of cigarettes, everything works. The goal is to get going. Simply put, being able to go on is of paramount importance. However, there are always going to be some roadblocks. Addressing the inevitable goes a long way.

We cannot rule out the demeaning facts.

   There’s only a few who live, in the midst of millions who only exists. The only way you make it count is by living to the fullest.

Life is cruel. It gets going, when you don’t want it.

Viruses are excellent when they are alive. For the most part, they are dead as a crystal.

Dead people are the greatest teachers. They show you, life goes on, without them.

Believe it or not, life restores equality.

   There’s always a tomorrow. There’s always another tide. Life just goes on.

For both princes and poppers, the old unruly

Ways to motivate employees without money

Ways to motivate employees without money

Every employer must know these ways to motivate employees without money , like back of the hand. In a lot of cases, the entrepreneur should know ways to do it without money. The long list would include case of start-ups, times when the budget is tight, and more…

Rewarding your employees’ brilliance with cash isn’t actually that motivating. It fattens the wallet, but doesn’t make the heart happy. A heedful employee must look beyond money, when it comes to motivating staff. Employees will be the first clients, your office deals with. You need to treat them with more dignity, than you show with clients.


Beyond cash, there are more meaningful ways to reward your employees. Make people see their purpose clearly, in the organization. That’s the way to get your employees to go the extra mile for you.

Here’s a list of 10 ways to motivate employees without money:

  1. Public appreciation:

As a rule of thumb, praise in public and criticize in private. Appreciating behind the curtains makes your employees disconnected from their peers. It has all the contingencies to backfire. Publicly recognize your employee’s good work. It makes the day for them and encourages others to replicate such performance. Do praise in public frequently, but not too frequently. Don’t compliment them for the work they are supposed to be doing. Delicately, spot the excellence amongst standard performances. You can brag about the performance, but not about the employee.

  1. Honesty and transparency:

You can reward any individual by showing a little honesty. Make them fancy what company did for them, rather than what they did for the company. Be honest about the company’s long term goals and propaganda. Facilitate your employees to access everything except company’s sensitive data. Share as much information as you would share with a venture capitalist or investor. Earning trust with employees, benefits businesses in the long run.

  1. Promote internally:

Do not bring people from the outside, unless your talent pool needs new skills. Build a culture of promoting internally for higher positions. Looking externally for candidates, would miss the prospect of motivating your loyal employees. Promoting internally will make employees believe in progress, given they are committed. Additionally, it saves a lot on recruitment costs. Employees with long histories in the organization don’t have to make efforts to fit into office culture.

  1. Parties and events:

If you want to develop a spirited team, your office atmosphere shouldn’t be all business. To people who help run your business, nothing can serve as a better tribute than office parties. It helps ease up on day to day stress and alleviate pains of mundane lives. When you are throwing an office party, you should be an active participant too. You can ask your employees to take up some responsibilities in party planning.

  1. Boss-like privileges:

Not everyone needs to be made the CEO. But extending some of the boss like privileges to white and blue collar workers goes a long way. It makes anyone desire to join your company. Have sleep pods and relaxation rooms inside the premises. Legalizing the short catnaps doesn’t hurt working hours. Allow employees to bring their pets to office, if it doesn’t disturb office activities. Include more snacks to go with coffee. These are the big, small changes that will make employees feel awesome at office. If it suits the functioning of your organization, allow flexible work hours for employees.

  1. Time-offs:

Time-offs can motivate employees directly. It many sound odd, but it’s true. Managers who don’t give even the most reasonable time-offs, automatically become horrible bosses. No employee likes to work under the reign of horrible bosses. Giving your employees, time off during birthdays and anniversaries is a sure-fire way to win their hearts. To a lot of white collar workers, time offs would be the automatic preference over monetary incentives. A shorter work day on special occasions goes a long way in establishing a healthy employee-organization relationship.

office space

  1. Learning opportunities:

Committed employees would always desire learning something along the lines of work. Provide them with opportunities to explore seminars and classes. Help them learn the various dimensions of the business. Besides motivation, the benefits include huge spike in intellectual property. You get much smarter …

Motivating yourself with kindness

Motivating yourself with kindness

The thing about motivation is it comes with an expiry date. You need to keep motivating yourself regularly. More importantly, you should motivate yourself with kindness. When you are trying to make it through a tough phase in life, harsh voices inside the head, doesn’t help.

A lot of us would agree on the significance of compassion. Your compassion yields best results, only when it includes you. Don’t be harsh on yourself. Give room for mistakes and accept your personality.

self motivation

Observe how you talk to yourself, especially when going through difficulties. Does your mind speak in a way of patting your back? Does it sound really compassionate and soothes you in? Does it encourage you with positive words only? If you said yes to all the questions, that’s the right way to motivate yourself. If you said no, you need to add some simple mind tweaks.

We tend to believe harsh inner voice would result in self-improvement. A lot of us at least think that way. We are unforgiving of ourselves in our harsh criticisms. Sometimes we tend to go overboard, thereby being brutal to ourselves. What we emphasize in those situations, is to tweak your thinking.

Being harsh in criticism isn’t necessarily the way forward. Would you be harsh in your criticism, if it was your loved ones instead of you? Ideally you wouldn’t be, because it wounds the relationship. Similarly, self-criticisms can make your conscience and heart, distant.

When it comes to self motivation, kind words are more effective than harsh inner voices. You need to gather as much relaxation and hope as you can, especially when you are already down. Inner criticism doesn’t stop you from repeating the mistakes in future. Instead, it develops stress and attacks self-esteem.

Self-criticisms make you conscious about the pitfalls. It doesn’t instill self-confidence, rather gets you nervous. Following procrastination, you are more likely to berate yourself in worst ways. In my personal experience, the more you berate yourself, the more likely you are going to postpone things again. That is how stress works on average human minds.

motivating yourselfThe points discussed above, leads us to one straightforward question – how to stop being harsh on ourselves? Being harsh on ourselves isn’t weakness, its human nature. It can be undone by exercising caution. When you catch yourself red handed for berating yourself, freeze your thought process. Do not try to argue over what you said or play some nasty tug of war in your mind. Instead, take a deep breath and relax.

Do not engage your conscious and inner critic to get into an argument. Understand, self-criticism means to help you. It’s the natural response aimed to deter repeating of specific actions, which lead to failures in life. When it gets harsh, it’s time to acknowledge the help and bid your byes to your inner critic.

Make sure to show kindness to everyone, including you. Don’t consciously motivate yourself with kindness. When your motivation seems harsh, inject kindness into it. Such an approach would do wonders in day to day life.