Ways to motivate employees without money

Every employer must know these ways to motivate employees without money , like back of the hand. In a lot of cases, the entrepreneur should know ways to do it without money. The long list would include case of start-ups, times when the budget is tight, and more…

Rewarding your employees’ brilliance with cash isn’t actually that motivating. It fattens the wallet, but doesn’t make the heart happy. A heedful employee must look beyond money, when it comes to motivating staff. Employees will be the first clients, your office deals with. You need to treat them with more dignity, than you show with clients.


Beyond cash, there are more meaningful ways to reward your employees. Make people see their purpose clearly, in the organization. That’s the way to get your employees to go the extra mile for you.

Here’s a list of 10 ways to motivate employees without money:

  1. Public appreciation:

As a rule of thumb, praise in public and criticize in private. Appreciating behind the curtains makes your employees disconnected from their peers. It has all the contingencies to backfire. Publicly recognize your employee’s good work. It makes the day for them and encourages others to replicate such performance. Do praise in public frequently, but not too frequently. Don’t compliment them for the work they are supposed to be doing. Delicately, spot the excellence amongst standard performances. You can brag about the performance, but not about the employee.

  1. Honesty and transparency:

You can reward any individual by showing a little honesty. Make them fancy what company did for them, rather than what they did for the company. Be honest about the company’s long term goals and propaganda. Facilitate your employees to access everything except company’s sensitive data. Share as much information as you would share with a venture capitalist or investor. Earning trust with employees, benefits businesses in the long run.

  1. Promote internally:

Do not bring people from the outside, unless your talent pool needs new skills. Build a culture of promoting internally for higher positions. Looking externally for candidates, would miss the prospect of motivating your loyal employees. Promoting internally will make employees believe in progress, given they are committed. Additionally, it saves a lot on recruitment costs. Employees with long histories in the organization don’t have to make efforts to fit into office culture.

  1. Parties and events:

If you want to develop a spirited team, your office atmosphere shouldn’t be all business. To people who help run your business, nothing can serve as a better tribute than office parties. It helps ease up on day to day stress and alleviate pains of mundane lives. When you are throwing an office party, you should be an active participant too. You can ask your employees to take up some responsibilities in party planning.

  1. Boss-like privileges:

Not everyone needs to be made the CEO. But extending some of the boss like privileges to white and blue collar workers goes a long way. It makes anyone desire to join your company. Have sleep pods and relaxation rooms inside the premises. Legalizing the short catnaps doesn’t hurt working hours. Allow employees to bring their pets to office, if it doesn’t disturb office activities. Include more snacks to go with coffee. These are the big, small changes that will make employees feel awesome at office. If it suits the functioning of your organization, allow flexible work hours for employees.

  1. Time-offs:

Time-offs can motivate employees directly. It many sound odd, but it’s true. Managers who don’t give even the most reasonable time-offs, automatically become horrible bosses. No employee likes to work under the reign of horrible bosses. Giving your employees, time off during birthdays and anniversaries is a sure-fire way to win their hearts. To a lot of white collar workers, time offs would be the automatic preference over monetary incentives. A shorter work day on special occasions goes a long way in establishing a healthy employee-organization relationship.

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  1. Learning opportunities:

Committed employees would always desire learning something along the lines of work. Provide them with opportunities to explore seminars and classes. Help them learn the various dimensions of the business. Besides motivation, the benefits include huge spike in intellectual property. You get much smarter and mindful batch of employees. Look for local classes, which fit your promising employees. Allow access to digital libraries and subscription based courses.

  1. Job titles:

What use does a new job title serve? Some job titles wouldn’t change the dynamics of organization structure. Things would be alright, even without existence of such titles. In spite of all that, how do job titles matter in motivating employees?  The answer to that question has got a lot to do with recognition. New job titles would be helpful to precisely recognize every effort of your staff. It serves to duly notify the extra responsibilities, the employee has been given. New titles can boost employee’s confidence too, while motivating them for short period of time.

  1. Extra responsibility:

Trust us, giving your employee, extra responsibilities serves as a huge motivational boost. Imagine what positive impact it will have on the employee’s self-esteem. It directly reflects on the trust, the establishment has on his/her skill set. Giving additional responsibility tells them, you appreciate their efforts. As an entrepreneur or manager, you can build this up very well. Take the time to discuss your employee’s goals within the organization. Find out what they wish to grow into and what they like to learn. The extra responsibility given to the employee, can guarantee him/her about his/her importance in the organization.

  1. Fun quotient:

Every now and then, the top level management has to spice things up at the office. Work and work environment can’t be serious together. Such a setup would negatively impact productivity. Lighten up the floor, thereby limiting the need to hit refresh button.  Hang up employee of the month photographs on the wall. Occasionally watch live sport matches or episodes of top shows in office. Have a few things that tag along with your brand culture.

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